Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I am not dead!!!

I am not dead but this blog is most likely! I have decided to move on to bigger better things. Right now I am slowly working on my won website. I have been busy with my normal Monday - Friday job, Con season and just life in general. 
I plan on getting back into the habit of actually doing my own art work as well as taking some commissions!

For the time being this site will be dead. I will be using my new tumblr account to post any new info or random art I want to share. Please follow me on my Tumblr account and feel free to use the "ask me" feature. Once I figure out how to ad one! haha

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dreamerboy6 said...

So glad to see you post again, even if it's to tell us this blog is dead, haha! I check in every Wednesday to see if you've posted anything new, so I'm super happy to have a Tumblr to follow you at! You should get a follow from heavenandhale aaaany minute now, lol.