Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cafe Press Comming Soon!
A few months or so ago....maybe even more now that I think about it, I posted a image of DemonRed9 that I will be using for merchendise on cafepress.com. I wanted to give a second example of one of the images hat I will also be using. I had drawn this image of DemonBlue6 before and then I went back and redrew it again. It had been sitting in my pile of unfinished works for months. I pulled it out one day and decided to go ahead nad use this for cafepress. I have not opened my store just yet. I still want t create few more images before I do. (This seems to be turning out to be a slow process.) I hope to open it really soon! Stay posted!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finish Him!

This is the first commissions I have done since I opened up my blog. I was happy to read that my first request was for a old favorite video game of mine, Mortal Kombat. When I first got this request I could not help but think how difficult it was going to be to fit everyone on the page. I tend to have troubles fitting more then a couple of characters on on piece of paper. When I have to much going on I have to draw each character on a different piece of paper. I also have troubles drawing my characters to large. For Liu Kang and Kung Lao I drew most of their bodies on one page then had to draw the bottom of there legs and feet on another piece of paper. I then go into photoshop and merge the two images together. It seems like a lot or extra work, and it is! I just can never seem to fit a whole character on one piece of paper.
If you follow the game at all you will notice a mistake.....well ones that were intentional. The three characters are standing in front of a portal. This is one of the stages from MK2 and both Liu Kang and Kung Lao are wearing their MK2 costumes while Johnny cage is wearing a costume form the later games. (When the changes from using live action models to 3D rendered characters) I did this cause I thought this was a hot costume for Johnny to be in.
I actually thought the background cam out a lot better then I expected. I must admit that I had a bit more fun coloring the back ground then I usually do. Maybe I will get better at drawing them....anything is possible. ^_~