Monday, November 09, 2009

Fan art for Patrick

I figured that I don't do enough fan art of my fellow gay artists characters. I decided one night to do a sketch of my favorite red head. You guys might recognize him from Patrick Fillion's Naked Justice. If not check out his site at
I am pretty sure all of you know his work anyways but just in case I added a link.
I had no idea what to pose him doing so I decided to have him giving everyone some attitude. It's only a torso shot so we don't get to see his best attributes but hopefully I can so some more "naughty" fan art in the future. I kind of don't like this drawing any more but I am still gonna share it.

Trevor's Backside

This is a sketch I did of my beloved Trevor a month or two ago. My scanner broke so I was never able to post it. Now I got me a really spiffy scanner and printer combo! It may have cost me over a $100 for it but now I can share with the world the chubby muscles of Trevor. You can see some of his beer gut popping out from under his arm. I just think that is so cute!