Friday, December 26, 2008

A Look at the new Sentury

Here is a screen capture of the new Sentury. I took off all his cloths, for one reason being he looks hot naked and also because he is still a low level and I have yet to get any cool looking costumes.
At the moment he is a level 15 Paladin.

I often make a back story for my online characters. I don't know if anyone else does this or I am just a bigger dork then I first thought. Since this Sentury is on a different game from the original one I had to pretty much remake his back story and personality. Here is a little insight to this sexy Blood Elf.

Sentury is quite the free spirit compared to a lot of his fellow Blood Elves. He is often getting in trouble with his elders and does not follow rules well. He has been studying to become a great Paladin and has great amount of natural talent to become a strong warrior but Sentury is quite lazy and he would rather eat and sleep under a tree then train. Sentury tends to come off as an over confidant and cocky guy. But behind close doors he is very self conscious and lonely. He often feels like a black sheep among the other elves.

One day after having enough of the other Blood Elves rules and criticism, Sentury decides to leave SilverMoon to explore the rest of the lands. Being as naive as he tends to be he ignores the warning of dangers from the other elves and goes on alone. Sometime after his journey begins he is ambushed by a group of humans. He was no match for them and was severely injured and almost killed. Luckily at the last minuet he was saved and rescued by the Hunter Draenei Zenocide.(info on his coming soon.)

Zenocide hides Sentury and tends him back to health. Sentury resents Zeno because he is for sure he is an enemy because of his association to the Alliance. He often tries to attack Zeno and runaway. But because of Zeno's size and strength and Sen's injury's he fails miserably.

After being nursed to health Sen starts to realize his miss conceptions of Zeno and the Draenei. He starts to realise Zeno's kindness. The two decide to travel together and not soon after Sen finally realises that he has fallen in love with Zeno.

Isn't that just so sweet. The two become a couple, ignoring the obstacles that their races and war with the Alliance and Horde has set between them.

(Bootie Shot!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GymGuy - 1
I have been tyring my best to be more healthy the last year so I have been going to gym in attempts to look better. After going for this time I have seen quite a few good looking if not absolutely hot guys. My gym is filled with so many of them. At any time of the day you are going to see at least 5-10 really hot guys...if not more. I must admit I am quite envious at times LOL
In the past few months there has been the absolutely hot muscle stud that has been working out the same time as me. He is extremely massive in build. One of his pec muscles could feed a family for Thanksgiving....if they were cannibals of course. He is bout in his 20's possibly early 30's. He has a cute face but not a total super model...which is good in a way. He is always quite tanned...which I hope is spray on cause I would not want him to get all old and leathery when he gets older. Even though he is tan he always has such Rosy cheeks. Just another cute thing about him. He totally shaves off his body hair cause he is smooth all over...even his legs. (Way hot!) The boy loves to not wear too much when he works out. I love it when he wears his skimpy loose muscle shirt when his pecs bulge out. His shorts are rather tight and kind of...well short. Almost to his mid-thigh. Got to love his legs. He sometimes walks into the gym in scrubs....which probably means he works in the health care industry. A nurse? That would be cute.
Okay that is enough for now. i am starting to sound like and old pervert. Enjoy the drawing I did of the hot gym guy. More to come!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dragon Ball Evolution = Crap!

I ran across this movie trailer earlier today and I was shocked. My jaw was on the floor as I watched the preview. Now this was NOT a good thing. I could not believe that they are making a live action Dragon Ball movie. I am not really a fan of the series....I did at one time like to draw the characters in bara style but that was about it. I tried to watch the anime but I just could not get into it. I guess it is not my cup of tea.

I personally don't think it's a bad idea to make live action movies based on anime but this one looks horrible! Usually the trailer is suppose to show some of the best scenes to draw people to go see the movie but this one fails to do anything like that. It looks just so DUMB!

What do you all think?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Hades - First Line Art
At work I mostly use Adobe Illustrator and Flash to draw out art work. I have gotten so sure to these programs that when I come home and do some of my own art work I forget how to use photoshop. It takes me a few tries to remember the hot keys and such. I never liked the idea of doing the ink work on the computer....I always would rather do it by hand. In a lot of ways I still like to do it that way. I never have done this extensive of an ink job at work. Most of the characters are more simplified and have the same line weight. Doing the line art for this image of Hades took a bit of time. I am sure there might be a better way of inking that is faster but I will have to find that info someplace.
What I like about inking this way is that I have much more control. I can go and edit the lines and erase any mistakes. The lines are so much more cleaner and that help out slot when I add color. It just takes a bit too long....oh well you got to give time to get quality.
Oh and I am realizing more and more how much of a sexy beast Hades is. He was not created to be a Bara/yaoi character. He is an actual villain in one of me non-hentai series....still he is a nice piece of hotness. I love how his chest came out in this pic. Yummy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Works Of DracheaRannak

I have three major websites that I post my art work. One of them being DeviantArt.Com. This is where I post my non-hentai works. I wanted to take some time to write a blog about some of the amazing artists I have found on the site. Of course I want to talk about the artists that are more Yaoi/Bara friendly. One of these artists goes by the name of DracheaRannak. I am not quite sure if this is a male or female artists as sometimes people to not express their gender. I am pretty sure that this artists is a male.

Mr. Drachea is a exceptional artists! He has a great eye for color. His work is always so bright and fluid and very soft and clean. His style of characters is also very pleasing to the eye. They are quite pretty....even the male characters are pretty. He defiantly has a more shoujo style to his work. That is a good thing!!! His art is very pleasing to the eye and quite beautiful. I love the one I posted above of Sailor Cosmos. It is just so gorgeous!!!

Oh and the fact that he is as big of a Sailor Moon fan as me is a definite plus! He does a lot of fan art for the series that only major Sailor Moon fans would recognize. I love the one of Saban Moon and Zoicite in drag as Sailor Moon. I need to re-watch that series... I love it so much. *Fangirl Squeal*

If you get a chance check out his gallery....and leave a comment if you like what you see. Oh and his Bara/Yaoi drawings are not bad either. *wink wink* (The guy loves to draw some sexy guys in their undies....yum.)
Here is the link to his gallery.

*note* He is male! I totally did not see that it was posted on his profile. Now I feel stupid. LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FFXI is no longer....Welcome to Warcraft
I had played Final Fantasy XI off and on for about two years. I did enjoy the game very much during that time period. I can remember late nights when I would stay up and do group quests and level up my abilities. The last few months or so the game became quite boring. It was not because there was nothing for me to do in the game, the problem was that at my current level all the things I could do required to be done in groups. This turned out to be a real drag. I could rarely find a group at all! There are many times that I sat around crafting stuff to kill time and was never able to find a group. Because of my schedule I only had about a couple of hours to most a day. There are times I would be looking for a group an hour or more. That does not leave much time to do anything once the group was formed. I had been waiting to get my airship pass for about 6 or so months cause I could not find people to help.
I transferred to different servers a few times but each server had the same problems. When it costs $25 to switch servers...well it was not wise for me to keep doing that. I played for about two years and I was only at a level 38. I know that I played off and on but that is really low for the amount of time. The game is pretty awesome but it was setup to depend way to much on groups....and that can be fun but it can suck.....A LOT!
I have only been playing Wow for about two months now. I remember I tried the demo of it but I found that the male characters were rather unattractive and that was a turn off. The FF characters are so attractive that I got so used to looking at pretty things. Even so I decided to play Wow anyway. I found that some of the male characters are really kind of hot. The Blood Elf's most of all. That is why I made Sentury into a Blood Elf. I also have a Draenei character (drawings of him coming soon).
So far I am liking the game. I do enjoy the fact that characters can actually fight each other. Being able to solo more is defiantly a plus for me. I am excited to get further in the game and see what exciting things it has to offer. Hopefully it will turn out better then FFXI did.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Character - The Blacksmith

Age: 30

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 260lbs
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

My more recent storyline, Renaissance, does not have many characters. So far there is the Prince, the Warrior King, the Dragon King and the Barbarian. I don't think that is enough characters to have! More hot guys is always a good thing. Especially with a fantasy type storyline. There are so many different kind of characters I can create with that type of storyline.

My most recent creation came out out of my head all of the sudden. I thought a cute beefy type of guy would be a nice addition. I have said before that i think it is cute when a guy has a built body and a belly at the same time, so I decided the blacksmith would be hot with that look. He has a really large build, big muscle, shoulder and what not, but he is not too tall. The Prince often tells him he is "built like a Dragon" but just lacking their height.

*note* The Dragons are quite large. Much larger then even larger humans. They can weight over 500lbs and be around 7 feet tall.

The blacksmith is a kind, gentle and soft spoken man. He is very mellow and rarely shows and anger or aggression. He lives by himself in a large town on the edge of the Prince's kingdom. He lives a lonesome life but finds comfort in taking care of the local stray cats and dogs.

The blacksmith meets the prince one day when the prince hides in his shoppe when trying to hide from the kingdoms guards that are looking for him. The prince has been running away from them because they are tyring to take him back to the castle so that he can be forced into a marriage he wants no part of.

The prince stays with the Blacksmith for a while and the two end up getting into a relationship with each other. The blacksmith has only had sex with one person, a young man that worked across the street but ended up being killed by a group of thieves. The Prince was his second sexual partner and the second person he has fallen in love with. The prince though has had a lot of loves before and after the blacksmith. How the relationship ends....I have not decided yet. LOL

Oh and I cannot think of a name for him. So if anyone has any ideas....let me know!!!

New Character - Bryson's Dad

Age: 42

Height: 5'11

Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Blue


I have always had an image of this hot Daddy in my head but this is the first time that I have ever drawn him out. Bryson come from quite the jock family. His eldest bother was the star quarter back in both high school and college. His father was also the star quarterback in his high school and college days. Sadly for him he was injured during a college game and was never able to head off to the pros. Because of this Bryson's dad had developed quite the drinking problem. This was the reason that led to the divorce of Bryson's parents.

Mr. Daddy here coaches peewee football as a hobby. He tends to live trough Bryson by pushing him to play football. Bryson of course is not to interested but is quite a good kicker for the team. Daddy is often quite verbally abusive to Bryson when he does not live up to his standards.


Bryson's dad can be quite the homophobe. He often trows around the "faggot" word. Daddy of course acts this way because of his own homosexual confusion. He became a father at 16 when he got Bryson's mother pregnant. He then had his second son a few years later then Bryson. His whole life he had attractions to men but tried to convince himself he didn't by having relations with women.

When Bryson comes out to his father he becomes so angry at the idea that his son is gay that he pretty much beats the crap out of Bryson and kicks him out of the house. At this time period Bryson is in a relationship with Trevor. He leaves his house and lives with Trevor for the time being.

Now here is where all the crazy "soap-opera" stuff starts to happen!!!

Trevor...trying to be the best boyfriend he can, decides to confront Bryson's dad and try to reason with him about how he is treating his son. Trevor goes to a local bar where Bryson's dad has had one to many drinks. To make a long story short Trevor and Bryson's dad end up having sex!!! (I told you this was drama). Well Trevor and Bryson's dad end up telling Bryson....after fucking many many times. (Trevor took Daddy's Man-virginity) LOL. Well as you can expect Bryson was not very happy! Poor thing he always gets his heart broken.

Well sorry to drag this on but I never really get to talk much about my plot lines. Oh and if anyone has a good name to give to Bryson's dad please let me know. I am drawing a blank on name ideas.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Absolutebleu Has a Blog!
Good news everyone, Absolutebleu has just opened a new blog!!! I am pretty excited about this one. I am not sure if he opened one of his own free will or if everyone took my advice and heckled him to open one. Either way I am glad that he has decided to start one! Oh and there is a new very hot drawing he has posted. Go check it out!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is why I love Absolutebleu!

Mr. Aboslutebleu has recently posted another amazingly HOT piece of work. His new addition...comically titled "Hot, Hung and a bit Dumb" is another great reason why I like this artists so much. In fact of other fellow artists that I have seen on Y-Gallery, he would be one of the top three. I really enjoy all of hims characters. These studs are the type of guys I like to find drawings of. Cute faces....big built body's and a sexy attitude to match. I love his use of soft lines and color. His style is definitely something I am very attracted to. I like the use of "over exaggeration" on his characters anatomy. The larger hands and feet. The wide shoulders and bubbled out Pec muscles. His tendency to draw large round nipples. (did I eve mention I like a nice set of nipples?) Oh and of course his attractive looking penises. LOL
If you have not seen this artists work before....I don't see how anyone could not have seen his work before....but in case here is his Y-Gallery page.

Oh and I been trying to convince Aboslutebleu to start up his own blog so we can see more of his work and get to know a bit more about him and his characters. I think that he needs a little more convincing. So while you are visiting his gallery why don't every one write him a note to open up a blog. Perhaps with a bit more convincing he just might do so. ^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Jackson Rock with U tour ROCKED!!!

Okay so it has been a while since September 19Th but I still wanted to post a blog about Janet's AMAZING concert! This was the second major concert that I have ever attended. The first one was Gwen Stefani's latest tour. Let me fist say if you are a Janet fan and you are able to go to her concert then BUY A TICKET AND GO! This is a show you do not want to miss. It is not stop energy and fun. This truly was her "greatest hits" tour. She performs at least 2 songs from each album she has ever done. She did a good amount of songs from her Discipline album...which i was glad to hear cause I just love that album. She even performed a couple of songs from her very first two album. For all your Janet fans they were from her "Janet" and "Dream Street" albums. These came out before the "Control" album and were not very big....but it was still cool for her to perform them.
This whole concert is nothing but dance. Miss Janet only took a break when she performed a hand full of ballads. Other then that she was dancing her ass off! For being 42 she rocked the house and looked hot doing it! Her costumes and hair were way cool as well.

There has been some heath problems that Janet has has the last couple of weeks. She had to unfortunately cancel and reschedule some of her shows. From what I last found out she is feeling better and back on to her tour schedule. I wish her the best of health and a great rest of her tour. Don't let the previous reschedules scare you from buying a ticket. You must go see the show! You won't regret it!

*note* One month until I go see Madonna!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He is Gay but he is not Hentai

I have noticed that over the past year or two my non "hentai" characters have been ignored. Not saying that I don't love my hentai characters....I do, but these guys deserve some attention from me. LOL
I decided to draw a character that I have not drawn in years. His older character design was quite different then this one. I actually came up with his new costume on a whim. It is suppose to look like a modern version of a Roman soldier. Which fits him well cause he is the "God of War", well a "God of War in training". He is from the same series as my Hades character. HERE
Is there a gay relationship between the two??? Well actually no there is not...Hades is not gay...but this god of war is. Perhaps something could happen between the two is a spin off.
I am glad that now that the anime convention has passed I have a little more time do work on some of my art. Just a little time....about an hour and a half three days a week. That really is not a lot of time but I will try my best to keep my blog and gallery updated.

What A Weekend!!!

Well it was my 11Th year of going to the local anime convention and I must say it was a good one! Me and my friends costumes were a big hit with the con goers. They did get more attention then I did...which is to be expected due to the fact they were cute furry animal mascots. It was sad that a good amount to people did not know what series we were from. Come on Tenchi Muyo is a classic! I hears some people calling them "Bunny's" and even people even called them "Digimon". I wanted to slap my forehead so many times that weekend. More of the older con goers knew who we were and they even noted I was Tenchi. I got a lot of comments of how I made a good Tenchi. Which was good since I am not even Asian.

We did not win any prizes for the costume contest. I felt some people got jipped cause there were some freaking awesome costumes!!! I guess there were too many good ones to give prizes to them all. I was so worn out from the weekend. Who knew wearing a costume was so draining. I feel sorry for my friends costumes. They were incredibly hot! I am so cosplaying next year. My first year cosplaying went so well I am sure my second time will be just as great. Who knew this could be so addicting.

The art show and auction went very well. I won 2ND place digital for my Sailor moon piece. I had three of my art work displayed at the show and all of them sold. My Sailor moon one sold for $40, my Winter Goddess sold for $35 and my Harry Potter sold for $140. That was a nice prize to top off a wonderful weekend. (look below for the images I had in the art show)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Long Needed Update!

I know I have not been updating my blog lately but there is a good reason...well two good reasons. First off I had nothing to really update my blog with....I have not had a chance to work on my hunks in a while. The other reason is that I have been busy getting ready for the upcoming anime convention. It takes place the second weekend of September. What is sad is that with only a few weeks left I have no art work ready for it and my costume is not even started yet. I have about half or the pencils done for my main art piece but nothing else. I am planing on doing a large drawing and then two smaller ones. The image above is a sample of what I am planing of doing....any guesses on what it is? LOL There is a lot more to the image, I thought I would just show you all a little piece of it since I have not posted anything in a while.

In case you are wondering what I am dressing up as....and yes this will be the first time I ever dressed up. Which is odd cause this is the 11Th year I have been going to this con. Me and a few other people are doing a Tenchi Muyo theme this year. I am going to go as Tenchi himself. Here is the outfit I am going to be dressed in. It's not a full view and in black and white but you get the idea. ^_^

Since my job is heavily involved in animating in Flash I am planing on animating some of my characters. So stay posted to see the progression of the project.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wacom Bamboo Fun?

It has been close to five or maybe even more since I bought my Wacom Graphier tablet. It still works just fine but to be honest it has seen better days. I have been looking up reviews on other tablets and most of them have said positive things. I have read a good amount of positive feedback for the Bamboo. I don't really know if the feedback is from other artist or just normal people that like to use a tablet. I hear that the higher level of tablets are better but when they cost $300 or more, that seems to be too much for me to spend on a new tablet. My Graphire never gave me any problems.

One of the selling points that makes me want to get a Bamboo is the face that the service is textured to give more of the feel that you are drawing on paper. I hate the feeling of drawing on a plastic surface. That has always been on the problems when coloring on the computer.

If any one has a Bamboo or has any advise on a new tablet, I would appreciate it!

p.s. Art updates will be coming soon. Maybe even a sneak peak at my art book. *wink* Wink*

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2008 The Year of the DIVAS!

So I was excited when I found out that Madonna was going to bring her Sticky and Sweet tour here to Colorado. I don't know if she has ever done a show here but if she has it sure has been a long long time. It has to have been close to 20 years or so. I was lucky enough to get presale tickets and its a good thing that I did because her show sold out in about an hour so less. It sold out so fast that she added a second show and that one is sold out as well! I spent a good amount of for decent seats. They are not the best but they are pretty good. I know they will be worth ever penny though! This is my very first time ever getting to see Madonna in concert....I am so excited!!!! Her Confessions tour rocked when I saw it on TV and on the DVD. I know I shall not be disapointed.

This is just to much to handle in one year but in September I am off to see Miss Janet Jackson in Las Vegas for her Rock witchu tour! I missed out on her All for You tour back years ago. I guess now I can make up for my mistake. My Janet tickets were about half the price of Madonna's but of course I have to pay for the plane ride and my stay in Vegas for the weekend. So over all I am paying way more to see Janet. Its ok though I love Las Vegas. I went there for the first time in less then six months and I am already going back. LOL

Well now that I am on the topic of Las Vegas I must tell you all that after I go see Janet I will also be going to see Cher perform! I did not gt to see her farewell tour even though it came to Colorado twice. I am so excited! Three of the most famous gay icons in the world all in the matter of months! The title explains it all....2008 is the year of the DIVAS!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real Life Hottie Vol. 1
Brad Star

I came across a compilation of solo porn videos a while back. Most of the videos were not all that interesting because I did not find any of the guys staring in them all that cute. After looking and deleting all the other videos I notice one I missed. Luckily I did not delete it because it was hiding the hottie known as Brad Star. (I wonder where he gets the "star" part of his name from? hehehe)

I love Brad star cause he has looks like the boy next door. He would fit in any college campus in the country. He does not have a total ripped or built body but he still has a nice body by all means. I love his ass!! It is nice and big, round and it looks nice and soft and squishy. Did I forget to mention he had a nice dick and nice low hanging balls! No body hair on any of them. so sexy. (ok I am starting to sound really perverted.) LOL I love also love his hair...but lately he has been doing the shaggy look. It looks alright but I like his old hair better. I fits him better.
I think he looks a bit like Bryson....with his old hair. He had Bryson's ghetto booty for sure. Maybe that is why I like him so much.
I just wanted you all to know this hot star. Look up some of his videos some time. You will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leather Man Commission

It is official!!! Now that I am out of school and have a full time job in my career field, I have finally become one of the many people who does not seem to find time to do the things I enjoy. The request for this commission was sent to me about two or so months ago. I had finally got around to finishing it last week. I feel so bad taking so long on this commission but when I get home after work and get situated I get about an hour to work on any drawings....that is if I don't have other things on top of my list to do. After a while of working or doing whatever, it is time for me to head off to the gym. By the time I get home and get ready for the next day it is time for me to go to sleep.
I am only home two-three nights a week if I am lucky. I spend the rest of the week at my boyfriends house. I could do some work there but he only has a lap top and him and his roommate are always on it. So it would be rude of me to hog it all to myself every time I am over. I really need to get a lap top so I can take my work with me where ever I go. Sadly I cannot afford one right now....not sure I ever will to tell the truth.
Well any how enough with all the bitching. It is almost time for me to head off to the gym. Luckily I have a late start at work tomorrow so I don't have to go right to bed.
Enjoy the new art!!!! ^_^

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Queen is Back!!!

After Confessions on the Dance Floor came out one of my first thoughts is how hard it is going to be for the next album to be as good as this one. I heard a few tracks for the album that were leaked out and although I liked what I heard I did not feel it was going to be as good as Confessions. The whole idea of Madonna working with "hip-hop" producers had me a little worried/ I was afraid her Cd her CD was going to be a carbon-copy of all the other crap that is out there. I am not a fan of rap music at all and another on of my fears was that all the songs were going to be butchered by having some musically untalented rapper in them. Well I am glad to say that did not turn out to be the case.
The first single "4 minutes" turned out to be a very catchy song. I could not help but have the melody constantly in my head. One thing I really did not like is how Justin seems to be in the song more then Madonna. What the hell was with that?!
The whole CD is absolutely awesome! Madonna has yet to disappoint me. There is a real hip-hop feel to some of the songs but the Madonna does stick to her pop and dance roots. This cd turned out to be way more then I expected. I must recommend this Cd to everyone that reads this. Oh and don't down load this one. It is worth the buy! Trust me.

Recommended Tracks:

- 4 minutes
- Give it 2 me
- Heartbeat
- Miles away
- Beat goes on
- Devil wouldn't recognize you
- Voices

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Wheel of Time - Perrin
After reading all of the Harry Potter books for the first time in the matter of months, I needed to find a new book series to get into. (I read all the HP books right after the Order of the Phoenix Movie came out...took only four and a half months.) Someone at work recommended the "Wheel Of Time" series by Robert Jordan. After reading the first book I was pretty much hooked! Right now I am only on book three and there are eleven all together. Soon there will be twelve which will complete the series. Sadly Robert Jordan died before he had written the last book. Fortunately he did leave an outline of the whole book and how he wanted it to end before he passed away. Another fantasy author is currently writing the book and it should be out in 2009.
If you like fantasy story lines then I defiantly recommend this series. It is really long series though! A little to long for my taste. I do think the author could have cut out a lot of the useless parts and shortened it up. Still it is a great read.
Now on to the best part of the series. There are actually some hot guys in it! Well at least from the description of the the characters. One of the main characters is named Perrin. He is a teenage blacksmith that is from a small village. He is described as being very large and muscular and a little on the gentile side. Hot bara-boy any one? Yummy. He fights mostly with a Ax and later on has some interesting things happen with him and Wolves....but I will not spoil it for you. In the story line he has trouble understanding women and does not seem to comfortable thinking of them romantically. Hmmm closet case maybe? LOL well maybe not but one can wish. In my mind I find him to be quite a more masculine way then some of the other male characters. I guess that is why I decided to do a drawing of him. This is how I picture him whenever I am reading the book. I hope it does the character justice.
I think this this book series would make a fantastic anime! Someone tell a production company in Japan to get it started! I am sure both Japanese and American anime fans would love this if it was animated. For more information on the series and characters you can visit the link below.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What the Hell!!!
So I just went through hell to get my stolen FFXI account back. (See post below this one for all the drama.) Well after a week or so everything was going fine. They were able to recover half of my stolen items..none of my gold, but it was still better then nothing. I really did not want to give up the game. One day when I left for work I came home to find that someone changes my password on me again. It was 11 at night so I had to wait till the next day to call customer service. It was to late it all my stuff got stolen yet again!
I did a virus scan and a ad-ware scan and it did not turn up anything. I got a better ad-ware removal program and it did find a "keylogger". To be on the safe side I deleted the whole game off my hard drive. I am going to have to load the program back on t m computer and test it out to make sure no one logs into my account again before I ask to have my items restored.
I am currently waiting to get my account back. I had to do another fraud report for the mishap. In the mean time I was looking for an alternative game to play. I have heard a lot about World of Warcraft. I downloaded the trial and from only ten minuets of playing I knew I did not like it as much as FFXI. Main reason being that none of the male characters is HOT! Its a dumb reason I know...but still. LOL
My other alternative is Phantasy Star Online.
The characters here awesome looking and you have ton of options to make your character look different. There is a free trial to play the game. I may just have to try it out soon. Any one else know anything about it?

Friday, April 11, 2008

What are you doing Superman?!

I am proud to show off my latest commission piece. This is surprisingly my first image of Superman I have ever drawn. I always wanted to do a naughty image of the muscle-bound superhero. He always had such good sex appeal to me. A nice body, tight clothing that showed off all his muscular proportions and he as blue eyes and black hair. That is always Hot!
I am not too familiar with the GreenLantern series at all. I did not read many DC comics when I was younger. I was more into X-men, Gen13 and LadyDeath. Every so often I would pick up one of the DC /Marvel cross overs. If fact I think I still have them all in a box in the basement.
I know one of the complaints I get from people is that I do not draw enough "sex" pictures. That is mainly because they are difficult or me to do. I always have trouble fitting two characters on one piece of paper. (I tend to draw my images a bit large.) I also have trouble drawing out the body positions. This picture was good for practice for me. It took a few tries on getting the body positions right, and I still think it could have been done better. Over all I do like how this piece turned out. I hope you all like it!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Anime Hottie Vol. 1


I remember back in the day I was a proud a Sega Genesis gaming system. At that time was when I was really able to play the classic game Street fighter. Even though at the time I was still pretty young and not honest to myself about my homosexuality, I still could not help but find Ryu quite the sexy man. He had that tall, dark, handsome and mysterious look to him.
Even though he is wearing a standard karate outfit, for some reason his outfit is still pretty revealing. His shirt is sleeveless to show his muscular arms and this top is open pretty wide to show off his hot chest. Okay I think I am getting a little too excited about a character that is not even real. LOL

As the games titles and graphics advanced so
did how hot and sexy Ryu got. He damn sexy in the Street fighter movie! He was given a more "cute and younger" look for the Alpha series but he was still dang hot. Personally I prefer the more mature Ryu but I would never turn away the younger one. Hehehe

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite Street Fighter character is and why. I would be very interested to hear what people have to say.

Here is a video of some of Ryu's greatest animated moments. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was Robbed!

As some of you might know I currently play Final Fantasy XI online. I have been playing this game off and on for about two years now. In early January I was logging on my account and my passwords did not work. I tried a number of times to log in but still was not successful. I planed on calling customer service but they are not open on weekends. (which is when all this was happening) On that following Monday I called the customer service line. What they told me was a total shock! They told me that my credit card number and password was changes. I of course did not do this my self by any means. I was not expecting for someone to have broken into my account.
After fileing fraud with the company and having to sign and get paper work notarized two months had passed. It was a longer process then I thought it would have been. Well it did not help that the first time I sent the paper work I forgot to put my player ID. So I had to send it again. Hehehe
When I was finally able to log back in I had about half of all my items and all of my money stolen and I was on a different server. I was super upset and very irritated on all the things I had to do just go get every thing back to normal. (it was a long process) After all the time I spent on fixing everything they were only able to give back half of the items that were stolen and non of my money.
If they were not able to retrieve any of my items I was going to give the game up and start playing World Of Warcraft. If any of you play online games like this you know how much time it takes to progress in the game and get items and money. To lose all of that would make the game pointless to pick back up. I did not play for two years to start back at square one.
Well since I was able to get some of my things back, I decided to keep playing the game. I had to post a blog and rant about my problems. I feel much better now. LOL


Mark requested to see the full image of Sentury. So here it is! Enjoy Mark!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Buy this CD!!!!
Janet Jackson has been the second most famous female singer of all time, right behind Madonna of course. Even though she has had many hit albums lately it seems that she is not having much of a impact on the music scene as she used to. Owning all her albums I have no idea why this has happened. I personally think every one of her albums is great. Perhaps it was the whole super bowl "controversy" that turned some people off. I still to this day do not know why it was such a big deal. Accidents happen to all people, even celebrities.
Well all that is besides the point that this CD just rocks! If you are a Janet fan you will defiantly tell there is a very different sounds and feel to this CD. I am guessing that is because she worked with all new people on this album. Even though it is quite different Janet's style still shine through. This CD is very upbeat and danceable, which I love. The ballads are okay but not really as good as her ballads from previous Cd's. Even though you might not own any Janet albums I do recommend this one for any one that likes good pop music. I am sure you will have troubles not wanting to dance while you listen to this CD.
Recommended Tracks:
1. Feedback
2. Luv
3. Rollercoaster
4. Rock With You
5. 2Nite
6. So Much Betta
Here is the the music video for Feedback. It has a slow start but it gets better toward the end. Janet looks so hot in her red outfit!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rocket Man!

Can you tell who drew the image above? Well when I first saw it I could not believe my eyes to see that a drawing I had done could look so different when someone else colored it. This was commission piece I did for someone not too long ago. He asked me to just do a line art image because he wanted to color it. I was pleasently suprised to see the final result. I never thought by having someone else color my work that it would give it such a different look. My style still shows through on how the muscles are drawn....I tend to have my own style when it comes to drawing them. Other then that I think it would be quite difficult to tell that I was the original artist. Maybe you all can be te judge of that?
I think the artist that colored this image (He shall remaine nameless) is quite talented. I definatly like he futuristic background. If you read any of my blogs you know I am not too confident on my background drawing abilitys.
I added the original line art of the drawing so that it can be compared to to colored one. I still think they look way different. Let me know what you all think?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cafe Press Comming Soon!
A few months or so ago....maybe even more now that I think about it, I posted a image of DemonRed9 that I will be using for merchendise on I wanted to give a second example of one of the images hat I will also be using. I had drawn this image of DemonBlue6 before and then I went back and redrew it again. It had been sitting in my pile of unfinished works for months. I pulled it out one day and decided to go ahead nad use this for cafepress. I have not opened my store just yet. I still want t create few more images before I do. (This seems to be turning out to be a slow process.) I hope to open it really soon! Stay posted!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finish Him!

This is the first commissions I have done since I opened up my blog. I was happy to read that my first request was for a old favorite video game of mine, Mortal Kombat. When I first got this request I could not help but think how difficult it was going to be to fit everyone on the page. I tend to have troubles fitting more then a couple of characters on on piece of paper. When I have to much going on I have to draw each character on a different piece of paper. I also have troubles drawing my characters to large. For Liu Kang and Kung Lao I drew most of their bodies on one page then had to draw the bottom of there legs and feet on another piece of paper. I then go into photoshop and merge the two images together. It seems like a lot or extra work, and it is! I just can never seem to fit a whole character on one piece of paper.
If you follow the game at all you will notice a mistake.....well ones that were intentional. The three characters are standing in front of a portal. This is one of the stages from MK2 and both Liu Kang and Kung Lao are wearing their MK2 costumes while Johnny cage is wearing a costume form the later games. (When the changes from using live action models to 3D rendered characters) I did this cause I thought this was a hot costume for Johnny to be in.
I actually thought the background cam out a lot better then I expected. I must admit that I had a bit more fun coloring the back ground then I usually do. Maybe I will get better at drawing them....anything is possible. ^_~