Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saito Benkei
part 2

Benkei’s Personality:

Saito Benkei is a man that everyone should want as a friend and not an enemy. He is a very loyal and takes any of his responsibilities in life very seriously. He cherishes anyone close to him and despises anyone that would cause the people he cares about harm.

Benkei comes off as a shy, mellow and quiet person, which for the most part is true. He does surprise people on how quickly he loses his temper. When he loses his temper he is becomes quite aggressive and a bit scary. He tends not be get angry for very long and a simple friendly gesture can help cool him down. Benkei is also very fond of alcohol. His big and scary demeanor melts away when he is drunk. He becomes a very happy and cheerful person that loves to laugh. Even so, if someone ends up enraging him when he is drunk, which is a little harder to do, he is ten times angrier and aggressive then he would have been sober and calming him down is almost impossible.

Benkei tends to make himself look like a very rough and tough, cold and uncaring person, but when it comes down to it he is quite the softy.

Benkei’s self-conscious issues:

Benkei was always much larger than everyone else around him. As a baby he was so big he almost killed his mother during birth. Not much is known about his father so many people made rumors that because of his size that his father must have been an ogre. His nick name throughout his entire childhood was “Oniwaka”, which means “ogre child”. Benkei always hated that he was so much bigger than everyone else. Other children would either make fun of him for being half ogre and the others were very fearful toward him even though he was never violent unless someone pushed him too far.

Benkei lived a lonely childhood with no true friends. He became very self-conscious of his size and wished he could be normal like the other children. Not until he started to become an adult did he feel any self-worth. Benkei was not only large but he was also incredibly strong, so people all over would ask for his assistance in any type of farming or construction work that a normal person would struggle with. People he worked for praised him and his strength and this gave him a sense of pride he had been lacking for such a long time.

There is even more Saito Benkei on the way. Stay posted!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Saito Benkei
part 1

Age: 28
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 290lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Penis Size: 13"
Sexual Position: Top (sometimes bottom when it is forced upon him)

This storyline is bit simpler then some of my others. There are not as nearly as many characters like in My Renaissance series. Even though there are some dark and serious moments in this story; overall the plot is more lighthearted then some of my other works. This storyline is very new and Saito Benkei is the only character that has been designed so far.

Benkei or also known as Saito (which is a name he only allows a select few to call him) is the main character in this series. The storyline pretty much revolves around him and people that he meets.

The world the Benkei loves in looks like ancient Japan but it is actually an alternate universe. There are other country's that look more like Europe, Africa ext.


Benkei is the main muscle of a very well known and powerful organized crime syndicate. His main responsibilities are to do the intimidation, to be the bodyguard for other members of the syndicate and to rough up people that are not being very cooperative. Benkei does not like to be violent but he takes his job very seriously so when someone needs to be roughed up he does with no hesitation. Luckily because of his size most people take one look at him and become very cooperative.

The crime syndicate and many other powerful groups have secretly been under attack by a unknown race of Yoma (demons). The Yoma kill and eat people and then they change themselves by taking that persons form. The Yoma want to take over the most powerful people of crime, politics and religion so that they can rule over the human race.

Slowly Benkei’s crime syndicate has unknowingly been infiltrated by the Yoma. The Yoma are few in numbers so their efforts have been slow but talking over this large crime syndicate will be their greatest accomplishment so far. Benkei is one of the last members that the Yoma have not yet killed. One night Benkei is abducted by the Yoma. The Yoma underestimated Benkei’s size and strength, so right before they were to kill him Benkei fights the Yoma off and is able to escape.

The leader of the Yoma desperately wants to find Benkei. Not only because he has seen who they really are but also because having a Yoma take the form of such a large and powerful man might be very useful. It is also not good for Benkei that the leader of the Yoma has grown quite the obsession over him.

Benkei travels as far away from his home as possible. He decides to disguise himself as a traveling monk as to not raise suspicions. Even so his size makes him stand out not matter where he goes. The monk disguise helps but people can’t help but notice such a large man. He occasionally meets men along his travels and takes many of them as lovers. Eventually Benkei comes to a abandoned and secluded temple that he decides to make his new home.

There will be more info and images posted about Saito Benkei soon. So stay posted!!!