Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Wheel of Time - Perrin
After reading all of the Harry Potter books for the first time in the matter of months, I needed to find a new book series to get into. (I read all the HP books right after the Order of the Phoenix Movie came out...took only four and a half months.) Someone at work recommended the "Wheel Of Time" series by Robert Jordan. After reading the first book I was pretty much hooked! Right now I am only on book three and there are eleven all together. Soon there will be twelve which will complete the series. Sadly Robert Jordan died before he had written the last book. Fortunately he did leave an outline of the whole book and how he wanted it to end before he passed away. Another fantasy author is currently writing the book and it should be out in 2009.
If you like fantasy story lines then I defiantly recommend this series. It is really long series though! A little to long for my taste. I do think the author could have cut out a lot of the useless parts and shortened it up. Still it is a great read.
Now on to the best part of the series. There are actually some hot guys in it! Well at least from the description of the the characters. One of the main characters is named Perrin. He is a teenage blacksmith that is from a small village. He is described as being very large and muscular and a little on the gentile side. Hot bara-boy any one? Yummy. He fights mostly with a Ax and later on has some interesting things happen with him and Wolves....but I will not spoil it for you. In the story line he has trouble understanding women and does not seem to comfortable thinking of them romantically. Hmmm closet case maybe? LOL well maybe not but one can wish. In my mind I find him to be quite a more masculine way then some of the other male characters. I guess that is why I decided to do a drawing of him. This is how I picture him whenever I am reading the book. I hope it does the character justice.
I think this this book series would make a fantastic anime! Someone tell a production company in Japan to get it started! I am sure both Japanese and American anime fans would love this if it was animated. For more information on the series and characters you can visit the link below.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What the Hell!!!
So I just went through hell to get my stolen FFXI account back. (See post below this one for all the drama.) Well after a week or so everything was going fine. They were able to recover half of my stolen items..none of my gold, but it was still better then nothing. I really did not want to give up the game. One day when I left for work I came home to find that someone changes my password on me again. It was 11 at night so I had to wait till the next day to call customer service. It was to late it all my stuff got stolen yet again!
I did a virus scan and a ad-ware scan and it did not turn up anything. I got a better ad-ware removal program and it did find a "keylogger". To be on the safe side I deleted the whole game off my hard drive. I am going to have to load the program back on t m computer and test it out to make sure no one logs into my account again before I ask to have my items restored.
I am currently waiting to get my account back. I had to do another fraud report for the mishap. In the mean time I was looking for an alternative game to play. I have heard a lot about World of Warcraft. I downloaded the trial and from only ten minuets of playing I knew I did not like it as much as FFXI. Main reason being that none of the male characters is HOT! Its a dumb reason I know...but still. LOL
My other alternative is Phantasy Star Online.
The characters here awesome looking and you have ton of options to make your character look different. There is a free trial to play the game. I may just have to try it out soon. Any one else know anything about it?

Friday, April 11, 2008

What are you doing Superman?!

I am proud to show off my latest commission piece. This is surprisingly my first image of Superman I have ever drawn. I always wanted to do a naughty image of the muscle-bound superhero. He always had such good sex appeal to me. A nice body, tight clothing that showed off all his muscular proportions and he as blue eyes and black hair. That is always Hot!
I am not too familiar with the GreenLantern series at all. I did not read many DC comics when I was younger. I was more into X-men, Gen13 and LadyDeath. Every so often I would pick up one of the DC /Marvel cross overs. If fact I think I still have them all in a box in the basement.
I know one of the complaints I get from people is that I do not draw enough "sex" pictures. That is mainly because they are difficult or me to do. I always have trouble fitting two characters on one piece of paper. (I tend to draw my images a bit large.) I also have trouble drawing out the body positions. This picture was good for practice for me. It took a few tries on getting the body positions right, and I still think it could have been done better. Over all I do like how this piece turned out. I hope you all like it!