Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Andris the Barbarian

Age: 35
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 268lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Notable Characteristics: Light scars on back from lashings when younger
Penis size: 8.5"
Sexual Position: Top

Andris had lived his whole adult life as a servant of the royal kingdom. To anyone else he would be almost considered a slave but Andris does not see himself as such a thing. Since he was twenty years old he has been the personal guardian of the kings one and only child, Prince Legacy. He has always protected the prince since he was three years of age. Even though at the beginning of his service to the kingdom he tried his best not to become emotionally attached the the prince but over time he grew fond and even started to love the little red headed boy. Andris taught the many things to the prince that only a barbarian would know. He taught him ways of survival, how to sharpen blades and how to fight with a sword the way a great barbarian warrior would. The prince was never the best at fighting but over the years of training Andris saw great improvement in the freckled face boy.
Andris always knew that the young prince looked up to him as a father figure. He understood why, for the king was rarely in the boys life and had never shown him any type of fatherly affection. The prince received all of his fatherly guidance and love from Andris himself. The prince would often call Andris "his father". Andris would scold the boy not to say such things but every so often he would allow the prince to call him his father and sometimes he would even find himself referring to the prince as his son. He loved the boy dearly but he knew that he could never be his father.
As prince Legacy grew into his teens and began to shed his childish appearance, Andris started to notice him in a different way. He no longer saw the little boy that looked up to him with loving eyes but rather as a attractive young man. Andris fought and repressed his new feelings toward the prince. He would struggle with the thoughts of how he could be attracted to a boy that saw him as his father? A boy that he had called his own son? A boy that was born fifteen years before him? No matter how much he denied it or how much he fought it, Andris had fallen in love with Prince Legacy.