Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!

My Christmas everyone! As a special holiday gift I drew an image of Bryson dressed as a holiday elf showing off this best ASS-set! LOL. I hope for everyone to have a great holiday season and a wonderful new year. As a special treat for anyone that reads my blog, well I have a nude version posted only here. The clothed version will be shown on Y!galley. Enjoy everyone!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I saw a bunch of these vector type chibis here and there on the internet. I think they are super cute, so I decided to make one of my own characters. My first choice was Raylgon, since his design stands out a bit more from my human characters. He was pretty easy to draw but it was kind of difficult making a very large muscular dragon stud to be seen as a cute little character, but I like how it turned out. :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

At The End

This was just a small outline of some of the main points and backgrounds of the characters of the overall story. There are more characters but most of them are minor to the storyline. In the future I may flesh out those characters as well. There are some characters that I added into the storyline that I am not sure I am going to keep intact at the moment. All the characters I have shown are defiantly going to be in the storyline even though some details about them may change.

Some of you might notice that there are many holes in the plot. Well of course there are. I do not want to give out everything about the storyline otherwise if this does get written out there will be no surprises. Also there are some aspects of the story I may alter in some way. Overall the story I have plotted out will not change much, just some of smaller details will.

This storyline is the most complex one I have made so far. That’s why it has taken me a while to get through all the characters. These are just the main characters. There are many more that I have not shown but they are not as important to the overall plot.
Renaissance is a gay erotic story but I want it to be more than just that. I want the plot to be more than just about sex and the characters to be more then sexual objects. There is more than sex exchanged between characters. There is love, heartache and friendship. If I was to take all the sexual aspects of this story or to even make all the characters female or even mixed genders, I would hope the plot to still work and be entertaining. No worries that will not happen. The men will all stay men and there will still be sex all throughout it!

Overall I would like the story to not be mainly about sex. My goal is to tell a story that is placed in a fantasy setting that when it comes down to it is a story of a boy who transitions to a man. Who experiences love and heartache and becomes a stronger and more mature person because if it.

Thank you for those you read and enjoyed some of this. I am not much of a writer so putting all my ideas into words was no easy task for me. I am going take a break on this and concentrate more on my art work. Thanks for visiting my blog!

The Dark Wizard

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220lbs

Eyes: Red with yellow rim

Hair: Black

Penis Size: 8.5"

Sexual Possition: Unknown

For most of the storyline, the Dark Wizard is shown as a shadowy figure whose face is concealed under the dark hood of his robe. No one knows of his true form for he has the ability to change it at will. When his face is revealed, in the later part of the storyline, it is of a young man no older than his mid twenties. Because is still living a thousand years after his first rein his exterior does not reflect his true age.

The Wizard’s powers are strong and nothing to scoff at by any means. Even so his powers are only a fraction of what they used to be a thousand years ago during his reign of the land. He is desperate to have Prince Legacy brought to him at any cost, for reasons only know to him. He is driven to have this prince to almost to the point of madness. For some reason his powers seem very limited when it comes to the prince. He cannot find the prince himself, let alone go anywhere near him or into the city walls where the prince’s castle lays. It is unknown to any of the wizard’s followers why this is, and no one would ever question it in fear of the wrath. Because of this the wizard uses his minions to do his bidding. He has requited not only humans but the Fire Dragons and monsters from the ancient world that have been long forgotten.

The minions are very careful when in the presence of the Dark Wizard. They are not only afraid of him only because of his ability to use magic, but also because his personality changes often and no one known for sure how he will react. Sometimes the Dark Wizard can be soft spoken and reserved but he can also become witty and sarcastic. He can change from being very hot headed, aggressive and loud to almost a child like playfulness. It is almost as if he has many people living inside him at any given time. Even so, his demeanor is always sinister and frightening underneath, no matter what personality trait he currently expresses. His smile and laughter can me more bone chilling then any time he is displeased.

Throughout the story, only folklore and rumors about the Dark Wizard are talked about. His past and his true motivations on why he desperately needs Prince Legacy are not reveled till toward the end of the storyline.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Brown
Penis Size: 7.5"
Sexual Position: Bottom

Zerrik has lived a hard life to say the least. His mother died while giving birth to him and since that day his father has always blamed him for her death. His father developed a drinking problem to deal with his pain all the while being very emotionally and physically abusive to his son. When Zerrik reached the age of thirteen he could no longer take his father’s abuse, so he ran away from home. For a year he wondered from town to town, living off the streets trying his best to survive. One day Zerrik meets a very friendly man that offers him a job. Being as young, na├»ve and desperate, Zerrik accepts the job with little hesitation. The man not only turns out not to be as kind as he first came off as but also to be the leader of a prostitution ring. The man and some of his goons beat and scare Zerrik into submission when they begin to sell him for sexual purposes. Zerrik was only fourteen when he was sold to the highest bidder to have his virginity forcefully taken away.

Zerrik worked for the man as a prostitute for a few years before he could find the courage to run away. Zerrik fled, never staying in one place for too long in fear that the man and his men would find him. He knew that he was the most popular with the clients and the man would not let his money making property leave so easily.

Zerrik traveled from town to town still having sex with men for money. It was the only thing he knew how to do to make a living. He eventually came to a larger town that was built on the crossings of two rivers. Many travelers came through this area so it was the perfect place for him to settle down for a bit and make a good living pulling tricks with the constant new comers.

One day Zerrik over heard people talking about a large strange man that came into town. They said he looked like a barbarian, which is strange because no barbarian has been seen in the area for decades. Zerrik is very curious to see a barbarian in person, so he goes looking for the strange man. He finds the man at a pub and he is immediately infatuated with his at first sight. The barbarian is the most handsome man he has ever seen. Zerrik has never had sex with a man without money being involved but he is more than willing to give a free ride for someone so attractive.

Zarrik shows off his best flirting skill to the barbarian but with not much of any response. The most Zarrik could get from the stranger was his name….Andris. Eventually Zarrik leaves the man alone and heads back to working the streets with a bruised ego.

That night when Zarrik is making his last rounds after a rather a day of slow business, a man attacks him from the shadows. The man turns out to be one his previous employer’s henchmen who had found him. Zarrik struggles to get away from the man but he is too strong to fight off. Suddenly someone comes to Zarrik’s aid and knocks the man out cold. The hero turns out to be the barbarian Andris.

After that, Zarrik follows Andris like a puppy and ends up falling hard for him.. He believes that his new protector is his only way out from a life of selling himself on the street. Andris starts to like the boy as well, and in some ways he reminds him of Prince Legacy, at least how they look. The two could not be more different in personality. Zerrik is very bold, sarcastic, opinionated and quite sexually aggressive. Andris tries his best not to let his new feelings for Zarrik keep him from his search to find Prince Legacy. He feels immense guilt for having such feelings when he is still so in love with Legacy. Eventually, after fighting his guilt, Andris lets go and gives in to his feeling for Zerrik. Andris finds himself feeling love for the boy and even contemplates ending his long search and making a life with Zerrik instead. But Andris’s love for Legacy is still much stronger than his love for Zerrik and he decides to keep searching for Prince Legacy, even if it’s with Zerrik by his side.

Zerrik eventually learns of Andris’s search for his lost love. Andris does not tell Zerrik the full story or even that the person he is looking for is the prince. Zerrik does not care that Andris still keeps the truth from him. All he knows is that no matter what he has to make Andris love only him and to never want to leave his side. No matter what the cost.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Age: Unknown

Height: 6'11 (top of head) 7'10 (top of horns)

Weight: 310lbs

Eyes: Golden brown

Penis Size: 13"

Sexual Position: Top

The Minotaur race lived side by side with the Dragons during the world’s ancient times. It is not exactly known why, but over the centuries the race of Minotaur began to die off. Eventually their presence became so scarce that humans ended up regarded them only as creatures in old stories and folk-lore. The Dragons how ever have records of the Minotaur’s civilizations and even a very few of the older Dragons remember encountering one during their youth. The Earth Dragons and Minotaur traded and socialized often. The Earth Dragons knew that something was causing the Minotaur population to decrease but the reason why was never known. After many centuries, the Earth Dragons did not see or hear of any Minotaur and they came to the assumption that the race had sadly become extinct.

Asterion has been searching for any sign of another one of his kind’s existence for many decades. He searched all the old abandoned cities and dwellings or any place he thought he would find another Minotaur, but each place he looked had no signs of there ever being occupied for years.

The last Minotaur Asterion had encountered, was his mate. The two search for more of their race for years before the sickness took his mate away from him. Since then he has been on a seemingly endless and lonesome search.

Asterion had tried his best to fight it, but eventually he knew the he was also infected with the sickness. His body eventually gave in to the illness. As he lied in a strange place ready to die a strange cloaked man came to him. The man was obviously human. Asterion had not seen a human so close but he did know a little about them. The man told him he was a wizard and that he could help bring back the Minotaur from extinction. The Wizard heals Asterion of the sickness he suffered from. Asterion knew humans could will the art of magic but he thought the art form was long lost.

The cloaked wizard showed Asterion proof that he can bring the race of Minotaur back to life. He showed creatures that he had resurrected from the ancient world that has been long extinct. After seeing these creatures still living and his sickness being taken away, he believed that what the wizard said was true. Asterion promised his servitude to the wizard in exchange for him to bring back his people from extinction.

The wizard commands Asterion to find a young human male with red hair to be brought back to him unharmed. The wizard tells him that he is not able to do the deed himself, for reasons he would not say. The Wizard had spies that have found the boy but he was being guarded by four soldiers. Asterion and some of the wizard’s creatures found the groups camp and attached it during the night. The boy was abducted and all the soldiers were all killed, so Asterion thought.

Asterion sees that the boy is scared. He does not blame him after meeting a Minotaur for the first time and seeing the small creatures from the ancient world. Asterion feels bad for the boy because deep down he knows that the wizard has bad intentions for him. Asterion is so desperate to be able to help his race and to see his mate again that he ignores the guilt he feels for the boy.

Asterion despised the small creates that the wizard had sent with him. He sees them as vicious, disgusting and unintelligent beings. They harass the boy and try their best to get a taste of his flesh. Asterion has to fight them off often but after he easily kills a couple of them they learn not to come close to the boy when Asterion is around. Therefore Asterion keeps the boy close at all times.

The boy sees how protective Asterion is and he soon become more open. He tells him that he is a prince and that if Asterion lets him go his father would greatly award him. Asterion has no use for money and refuses the offer. Prince Legacy soon gives up on the notion of bribery and decides to give himself to the Minotaur physically, in hopes that he can gain the his trust so that he could either persuade him to be released or find a opportunity for escape. Asterion rejects Legacy’s sexual advances at first but soon after his loneliness gets the better of him. He has been alone for so long that he greatly desires any affection, even if it’s coming from a human with alternative motives.

Asterion tries his best to play if off that he is using the boy only for sexual purposes, but eventually he starts to show the boy the type of kindness one shares with a lover. The two learn much about each other’s lives. Legacy now knows that this once scary giant is actually very kind hearted. He starts to believe that if he can show Asterion kindness and love that he will eventually let him go. Asterion has grown to care for the boy but deep down he knows that he will have to hand him over to the wizard, no matter what.

The small creatures, in actually, are much more intelligent than Asterion has ever imagined. The creatures have been working on a plan to get rid of the Minotaur so that they can have the prince all to themselves. One night the creatures viscously attack Asterion. He does his best to fight them off but even with his size and strength they are too fast and too many for even him. Some of the creatures start to come after the prince. Asterion tells Prince Legacy to run as he fights off the creatures. The prince hesitates, he wants to help the Minotaur, but he has no choice but to run. The prince runs into the wilderness with a few of the creatures not far behind. The prince loses his breath and starts to stagger. Just as the creatures are about to attack him a shadowy figure jumps out and slaughters them. The figure reveals himself to be an injured, but still alive Maalik. Maalik had tracked them and was watching from afar for days for the right moment to rescue the prince. Maalik takes to prince on horseback to ride away from the creatures. Prince Legacy knows that he and an injured Maalik could not fight against all those little creatures. As the two quickly ride off Prince Legacy closes his eyes and begins to chant words of a language he has never heard. He does not even know where he learned such a chant. After he completed the words the two hear the screams of all the small creatures in the distance. They were screams of pain. Then suddenly all the screams stopped. The two continued to ride off not knowing what has just happened.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Penis Size: 8.5
Sexual Possition: Top

Far to the east, past King Legacy's rule, lies the land of the land of the Great Plains. These seemingly endless grasslands are the home of many fractures of tribes. Maalik is the eldest son of the chief of the largest of the tribes. Even though the tribe's traditions and laws are different from that of King Legion's kingdom, Maalik would be considered a "prince". Maalik is known among all the tribes as the best hunter and tracker that anyone has ever known. He is very skilled at tracking any kind of animal and has occasionally tracked a human that had become lost, kidnapped or had run away after committing a crime.

For years now, The Great Plains have been suffering through a drought. Crops could not be grown and many herds of animals have either died out or left the pains in look for water. All the tribes have become desperate and many have thought to leave the plains all together. Maaliks tribe became so desperate that they did something they have never done before; they asked the large kingdom to the west for help. A group of guards from the western kingdom came to all the tribes of the Great Plaines. They offered to supply them with food and water. They did all this under one condition that all the tribe’s best hunter and trackers must go to the west and assist in the search for the prince that has been "abducted". The guards recruit at least one man from all the tribes except Maalik's. The guards have pacifically requested Maalik because they heard he was the best of them all. Both Maalik and the chief refuse but after the guards threatened that if he did not go with them that they will no longer assist any of the tribes. Maalik has no choice; he reluctantly leaves the Great Plains for the large Kingdom to the west.

Maalik has never been past the borders of the Great Plains. He is one of the few of his tribe to ever do so. The people of the kingdom have never seen a person with a skin color like his. Most of the time people would look at him with curiosity and sometimes surprise. Maalik was also intrigued with the how the kingdoms people look. He has never seen so many varieties of hair colors, textures and eye colors. He had never seen brown eyes before. All the people of the Great Plains have eyes in shades of blue and green.

Maalik spends months tracking the prince with two soldiers; who he does not care much for, by his side. The two soldiers have grown wary of their long travel and believe that Maalik has failed tracking the prince. Little do they know that Maalik has found the prince’s trail and believes he is not far from catching up to him.

The three follow the path to a smaller city of the very southern end of the kingdom. Maalik is sure this is as far as the prince has come. After interrogating people around the town Maalik notices a big burley man ease dropping their conversations. Maalik confronts the man who turns out to be Barron, the town’s blacksmith. Maalik asks him about a red-headed boy they are looking for. Barron pretends that he knows nothing of such a boy but Maalik can immediately tell the man is lying.

Maalik watches the blacksmith without his knowledge. For a while he does not see any sign of the prince. One night Maalik decides to look into the blacksmith home, where he sees Barron and the prince in the middle of a sexual act.

The next day while Barron and Legacy are taking a stroll around the city; Maalik and the two soldiers confront the pair. Barron tries to protect the prince but after fighting failing to defeat Maalik in the fight, the three forcefully take Prince Legacy away.

Maalik and Legacy do not get along well at all. Maalik finds the prince to be very arrogant and spoiled and Legacy is always trying to outsmart Maalik and the soldiers so he can escape. Maalik does not let Legacy out of his sight, even when sleeping or even when Legacy has to use the bathroom. There is too much at stake to do otherwise.

The two start off disliking each other but after a while the two ends up warming up. They spend long nights talking about their different kingdoms and life experiences. Maalik tells about the Great Plaines and its tribes and Legacy tells of his journey and meeting the race of the Earth Dragons. After the two realize that the other is not as bad as they first thought, they ended growing romantic feelings for each other. Not soon after does their relationship become sexual as well.

One night while the new couple and the two soldiers are sleeping they are attacked by small unknown creatures. The group tries their best to fight them off but there are too many. In the end the two soldiers are killed and Maalik is injured. Maalik tried to protect the prince as best as he could when a gigantic horned figure charges in and knocks Maalik out. In a haze Maalik can see the giant horned figure dragging a screaming Prince Legacy off with the small creates following not far behind. Maalik knows that for his people’s sake he must hunt the horned figure and rescue the prince from its clutches.