Thursday, July 28, 2011


Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Penis Size: 7.5" (very thick)
Sexual Position: Versatile/Top

Barron lives in a midsized town on the very southern edge of the kingdom. Because the town is so far away from the main city they often don’t hear about any issues that the kingdom is facing until way after the fact. The people of his town have not yet heard anything regarding the prince or the rise of the Dark Wizard.

Barron is the town’s main blacksmith. His shop has been in his family’s possession for many generations. He has been trained as a blacksmith since he was able to remember. He is very skilled at crafting armor and weapons but he has not had to make any for a very long time. Since there has been no issues with war, the town has been very peaceful, so these day Barron mostly crafts tools, carts, wheels and horseshoes. It is not a very exciting job but Barron is very contempt with this type of work.
Barron is a very mellow and kind man. He often takes in stray cats and dogs and keeps them as pets. He also gets along with many of the children that live by his shop. They often visit him and keep him and his many pets company. Barron is not only a good blacksmith but also a very good cook. He loves food and it shows. Being a blacksmith helped him get a very strong, large muscular physic but his love of food attributed to him having a bit of a belly, which he is not too ashamed of. Barron has more of a chubbier “baby-face” look and he comes off as being younger then he actually is.
One day come back to his shop to find a young man had been hiding in it while he was gone. A few townsfolk came to ask if had seen the boy because he was caught stealing food from a farmer's market stand. Barron lies to them and says he has not seen any such boy. The boy looks dirty and hungry and is very defensive. The boy does not say much but Barron offers him food and a place to stay for a few days. The boy wears bandanas and hats over his hair at all times and Barron cannot figure out why.

The boy stays very quiet and closed off for a while but eventually he starts to warm up to Barron. The boy gives Barron a fake name and tells him a lie on where he is from and why he does not have any place to go. After a while the boy takes off his bandanna revealing that he has red hair. Barron finds the hair color interesting because he has never really seen anyone with that type of hair. He thinks nothing more of it.
The two eventually start to develop feeling for each other. It’s is not soon after that they become both sexually and romantically involved. Prince Legacy becomes very comfortable and content in the possibility of settling down in this town with Barron and forgetting his past. Although Legacy has strong feelings for Barron, not matter how hard he tires he cannot get over his lost love Andris. Barron falls in love with Legacy but cannot fight the feeling that something is keeping Legacy’s full heart away from him.

One day while Barron is running errands around the town he comes across a group of three soldiers from the main city. Their armor and weapons make them standout from everyone else. Barron is curios on why the soldiers are there since it is a rarity that any type of official from the city visits his town. On closer inspection Barron sees that the soldiers are showing a scroll with an image of a boy with red hair. There is no doubt that they are looking for Legacy.

Barron tells Legacy that there are soldiers looking for him. Barron demands that Legacy tell him the truth who he is and why the soldiers are looking for him. Legacy reluctantly tells him everything, including that he is the prince. Barron is overwhelmed with learning the truth but he understood why he had to lie. Barron promises to hide Prince Legacy from the soldiers and protect him at all costs.

The soldiers heard of a boy that was new in the town that was seen many times with the blacksmith. The soldiers come to Barron's shop to question him about the rumors of the newcomer. Barron lies and does a good job of it but one of the soldiers is very sharp and can tell that Barron is hiding something. The soldiers pretend that they believe Barron and go on their way. The same solider that did not knew Barron was lying stays behind and spies on Barron. He does not see any boy with him at first but one night when looking into the window the blacksmiths house he witnesses Barron and the Prince in the middle of a sexual act.

The next day when the Barron and Legacy are walking on the edge of the town, they are confronted by the soldiers. The demand that Barron hand over the prince or he will be arrested for kidnapping. Barron does not give in and eventually fights one of the soldiers. Barron is subserviently a strong fighter but this soldier is very skilled in combat and defeats Barron but not before Barron can cause some injury's the soldier. The soldiers tell Prince Legacy that if he does not come with them peacefully that they will not hesitate to kill the blacksmith. Barron tires to fight more but Legacy reluctantly goes with the soldiers. As Legacy is taken away the battered and bruised Barron yells out that he will find Legacy someday and take him far away. Soon after Barron leaves his life as he once knew and set off to follow the soldiers and to hopefully take the prince far away from them.

Chapter 2

The second part of the story line is where all the drama begins and secrets are reveled. Legacy and Andris finally admit their true feelings for each other. Sadly their new found relationship does not last long before tragedy strikes. The castle has unknowingly been infiltrated by the Wizards spies and henchmen. King Legion is also no longer the man that his son once remembered. Everyone’s lives are about to drastically change with the coming events.

Prince Legacy:

After a climatic even that occurs at the castle, the prince is taken away by his two Knights. The knights tell him to go as far away from the city as possible. They instruct him to not let anyone know who is truly is and to hide his hair for it is a feature that any one searching for him will use to find him. He sets off alone, afraid and not knowing where to go with only the clothes on his back and all the money the knights could give him. He fears that he will never be able to return or see the people he loves ever again.
In this arc of the story the reasons why the Wizard is so desperately seeking the Prince is revealed. The reason why the Wizard has had such a hard time achieving this and why someone who had such vast magical abilities has to send his minions to do his bidding is also answered. The truth of the Prince’s importance and who his mother the Queen truly was will also be touched upon.


After the major even Andris sets off to search for Prince Legacy. Andris has no idea where to begin his search and Legacy had no idea that Andris is searching for him. He is determined to find the Prince and keep him safe no matter the cost.
Andris will struggle with his need to find the Prince and his true feeling toward a new man that he has crossed paths with on his tireless search. More of Andris’s past is revealed and the real reason why he was caught breaking into the castle so many years ago will be exposed.

The Knights (Donovan & Grayson):

The two know that something is not right with the King but they cannot make any accusations. They must find out the truth of what’s going on without raising any suspicions about their knowledge. The Wizard has spies throughout the city. They are determined to save their kingdom and keep the prince safe at all costs.

The Dark Wizard:
The Dark Wizard will finally show himself in physical form. During the first part of the storyline he is seen as a shadowy figure or he is covered with a black cloak with his face covered. The story of his past will be told in more detail and the reasons why he is so obsessed with the prince, his true magical abilities and his limits on the magic he can wield. His secret of how he has been able to cheat death will be told toward the end of the storyline.

Barron: (introduced on next posting)

Barron sets off away from his hometown, the only place he has ever known, in search Prince Legacy. His journey becomes something more then he ever expected when we finds a group of Fire Dragons that are on the hunt for the prince as well.

****The telling of the plot line from this point on will be a bit vague. I do not want the revealed secrets, plot twists and such to be known at this time. I never know if I will ever actually write this storyline completely out but I do want to keep some of it secret just in case I ever do so. ****