Sunday, September 25, 2011


Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Penis Size: 8.5
Sexual Possition: Top

Far to the east, past King Legacy's rule, lies the land of the land of the Great Plains. These seemingly endless grasslands are the home of many fractures of tribes. Maalik is the eldest son of the chief of the largest of the tribes. Even though the tribe's traditions and laws are different from that of King Legion's kingdom, Maalik would be considered a "prince". Maalik is known among all the tribes as the best hunter and tracker that anyone has ever known. He is very skilled at tracking any kind of animal and has occasionally tracked a human that had become lost, kidnapped or had run away after committing a crime.

For years now, The Great Plains have been suffering through a drought. Crops could not be grown and many herds of animals have either died out or left the pains in look for water. All the tribes have become desperate and many have thought to leave the plains all together. Maaliks tribe became so desperate that they did something they have never done before; they asked the large kingdom to the west for help. A group of guards from the western kingdom came to all the tribes of the Great Plaines. They offered to supply them with food and water. They did all this under one condition that all the tribe’s best hunter and trackers must go to the west and assist in the search for the prince that has been "abducted". The guards recruit at least one man from all the tribes except Maalik's. The guards have pacifically requested Maalik because they heard he was the best of them all. Both Maalik and the chief refuse but after the guards threatened that if he did not go with them that they will no longer assist any of the tribes. Maalik has no choice; he reluctantly leaves the Great Plains for the large Kingdom to the west.

Maalik has never been past the borders of the Great Plains. He is one of the few of his tribe to ever do so. The people of the kingdom have never seen a person with a skin color like his. Most of the time people would look at him with curiosity and sometimes surprise. Maalik was also intrigued with the how the kingdoms people look. He has never seen so many varieties of hair colors, textures and eye colors. He had never seen brown eyes before. All the people of the Great Plains have eyes in shades of blue and green.

Maalik spends months tracking the prince with two soldiers; who he does not care much for, by his side. The two soldiers have grown wary of their long travel and believe that Maalik has failed tracking the prince. Little do they know that Maalik has found the prince’s trail and believes he is not far from catching up to him.

The three follow the path to a smaller city of the very southern end of the kingdom. Maalik is sure this is as far as the prince has come. After interrogating people around the town Maalik notices a big burley man ease dropping their conversations. Maalik confronts the man who turns out to be Barron, the town’s blacksmith. Maalik asks him about a red-headed boy they are looking for. Barron pretends that he knows nothing of such a boy but Maalik can immediately tell the man is lying.

Maalik watches the blacksmith without his knowledge. For a while he does not see any sign of the prince. One night Maalik decides to look into the blacksmith home, where he sees Barron and the prince in the middle of a sexual act.

The next day while Barron and Legacy are taking a stroll around the city; Maalik and the two soldiers confront the pair. Barron tries to protect the prince but after fighting failing to defeat Maalik in the fight, the three forcefully take Prince Legacy away.

Maalik and Legacy do not get along well at all. Maalik finds the prince to be very arrogant and spoiled and Legacy is always trying to outsmart Maalik and the soldiers so he can escape. Maalik does not let Legacy out of his sight, even when sleeping or even when Legacy has to use the bathroom. There is too much at stake to do otherwise.

The two start off disliking each other but after a while the two ends up warming up. They spend long nights talking about their different kingdoms and life experiences. Maalik tells about the Great Plaines and its tribes and Legacy tells of his journey and meeting the race of the Earth Dragons. After the two realize that the other is not as bad as they first thought, they ended growing romantic feelings for each other. Not soon after does their relationship become sexual as well.

One night while the new couple and the two soldiers are sleeping they are attacked by small unknown creatures. The group tries their best to fight them off but there are too many. In the end the two soldiers are killed and Maalik is injured. Maalik tried to protect the prince as best as he could when a gigantic horned figure charges in and knocks Maalik out. In a haze Maalik can see the giant horned figure dragging a screaming Prince Legacy off with the small creates following not far behind. Maalik knows that for his people’s sake he must hunt the horned figure and rescue the prince from its clutches.