Saturday, July 25, 2009

WoW Sketches

I still have a couple of sketches that I scanned with the last batch that I posted recently. I decided to spread the wealth and save some to post at a later time. Well that time is now. LOL
I wanted to save my Wow sketches to be posted together. There are only two of them and they are not all that great but I still want to share them with you few people that read this blog. ^_^

Sentury being his sexy blood elf self.

My attempt at drawing Zenocide nude. I could not get his fawn like legs to look right so I gave up on this one.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Old Sketches. Time to Share!

My art work production had been a bit limited these days. Or so I think it has been. So just t keep all of you interested in the site and myself I dug up some old art work from last year that I did in a sketch book. Now most of these are not complete and I really don't like them any more. But If I did not post art I did not like or took it down once I started to dislike it I would have only a few images on the site. So here they are in all their crappy glory. LOL

This is a pic I did of Captain Hero from the Drawn Together series. I of course drew him in my style. If you are not familiar with this guy...well he is quite interesting. He is a drama queen and loves to get naked and have sex with....well anyone!!! LOL I love this show.

This is not Mr' Sexy Greek from a few posts ago. This is actually his younger brother. The two look pretty similar but this guy is not as clean cut as his brother. He tends to have stubble on his face and his hair is a bit more messy. The sexiness does run in the family.

This is on of the first concept drawings I did of the Black Smith. This was done before I decided to give him his cute belly.

This Sketch of the Prince was turning out cute but I ended up forgetting about it.