Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Concept for the Yoma

This is the first concept for the leader of the clan of Yoma that are the villians in the Saito Benkei storyline. On first glance, the Yoma resemble a little of my designs for Dragons. Differences are that the Yoma come in skin tones of purples and blues. The Yoma are a bit smaller then Dragons are and they do not bare a tale or scales. They also can have hair on their heads, shades of white, silver and gray. They also tend to have pubic hair as well. The yoma have fangs that sometimes protrude from their mouths when closed and their ears are a but longer and pointier then a Dragon's are.

The yoma come in three forms. Their normal form (same as image above), their human form (appearance taken from the last human who's heart they ate) and a more monster-like form that only happens when a yoma has not eaten a human for a long time or when they become completely enraged.

I will have more images of the Yoma eventually. Overall I like this very first concept so it's not likely much will change.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sketch Dump Vol. 1

My sketch book has quite a good amount of drawings I have done that have been collecting dust. I do not always go though with inking and coloring all my drawing but I thought it would be a real waste not to share them with the world. I am spiting up the images into different post because I have not taken the time to scan them all. More sketches will be on posted later on so stay posted everyone! ;)

This is a sketch of my favorite barbarian Andris from my Renaissance series. I was playing with how I drew his chest muscles. I was toying around with trying to give the chest a more "chiseled " look or a more "bubbly" look. Andris has a more chiseled look to his chest muscles in this drawing. I do like a really big chest so I think I prefer the more bubbly look.

This is a sketch I did of one of the hottest video game characters ever! This is the only and only super zombie killing stud, Chris Redfield. The RE5 version of course! Chris has a bubbly chest in this image and I would have it no other way! LOL

This is one of the first images I have done of my newest character Saito Benkei. His build is not at large as he is suppose to be and there have been some changes to the way his face looks, even though they are a bit subtle. His chest is not as big and round as it's suppose to be, but after all it was the first time I drew his chest.