Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Art Trade...Finally

A while back I did an art trade with the one and only Mr. Absolutbleu. I felt a bit guilty about how long it took me to do my part of the art trade. After I graduated I had some new found free time. I unfortunately suffer from constant drawing dry spells. I finally got to drawing the image and over all I like the way it turned out. The exception would be the background. I am just so horrible at drawing them! The theme of the image was to of two business men getting it on in a hotel room. I am not sure if I captured that theme all that well. (got to get better at backgrounds!)

Now I no a good amount of people have stated the fact that I don't really draw a lot of "sex" images. Yes, I would have to admit that this is a true statement. I find it a bit difficult to draw them for a couple of reasons. One being that is hard for me to fit two or more characters on one piece of paper. I don't like the draw super small. I also tend to need a picture for reference to draw from. I just have troubles with the body positions. I was surprised because I drew this image with now picture references at all!!

I am going to start to post a lot of my new drawings on here first so that the people who actually visit my blog gets the first look. So be sure to bookmark this blog and keep an eye out for new posts! ^_^

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Trevor - The Italian Stallion

I really don't know how this would would come off to people, but I kind of have a crush on Trevor. Okay, it is not a "normal" crush, but if he was a real person I think I would be head over heals for him. Is that strange?

Trevor is based off a few guys I liked when I was younger but as time passed he began to grow his own individual personality and now there is little similarities to him and the guys he was first based on.

Why do I call him the Italian stallion?
Well it is obvious, he is ITALIAN and HOT! I know that images do not the ability to talk unless they become animated but Trevor would absolutly have a "New york/Brooklyn" accent. I just think a guy with that kind of accent is so cute and it most defiantly fits Trevor's personality.

Trevor's Past and Present:

Trevor and his younger brother grew up in the same neighborhood and young Mr. Bryson. Trevor is around ten years older then Bryson....that would make him 26. Trevor did not ever go to school with Bryson but he did with his eldest brother.

Trevor left home when Bryson was just around 10 years old. So Bryson does not recall much about him just from what all the bad things Trevor's younger brother has said about him. Trevor and his brother are both gay but that is the only thing they have in common. Trevor does not hold a job for long, drinks far to much,does his share of drugs...taking and dealing, he is quite promiscuous and has no regard for rules. He is quite the bad boy.

After spending a year in jail for possession of drugs he moves back into his parents house. He come time find out that Bryson and his younger bother are dating. He also sees how Bryson has become, well, rather hot. He does not waste any time to try and steel Bryson away from his brother.

Trevor's intent was to just have a sexual relationship with Bryson but after a while he begins to get feeling for Bryson and eventually falls in love. The relationship between Trevor and Bryson is the longest relationship both have ever have. (now isn't that sweet, bad boy gone good.)

What a Kinky Man!

Trevor is quite the sexual being. He can be very egotistical and proud of his looks, body, sexual performance....and penis size! He is more of a top but he does like to bottom as well. When he does bottom he goes all out. He is very sexually aggressive, very verbal in bed, he loves dirty talk. He is into group sex, public sex, toys, some bondage, water sports, body name it and he likes it!

His Belly...?
After some thinking, I thought it would be a cute idea to give Trevor a belly. He is still really buff and had a large build, just has some extra packaging in that area. Trevor is not really the type to diet and is quite the drinker. So it would normal for him to have a beer belly. I personally think guys will little belly's are cute. ^_~
I added a image to the right that is quite old. It is in fact the first drawing I ever did of Trevor. To me it is just horrible to look at. I swallowed my pride and posted it so that I could share it with my blog readers.