Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I made my last Christmas post. It just seems like I made it a few months ago. Time seems to be passing by faster as I get older. (That's not a good thing.)

I wanted to tell all my FEW blog readers to have a merry Christmas! I posted another image of Trevor as a naughty Santa. I thought he makes a good Santa cause of his cute belly. His belly has become more popular then I thought it would have! I am so glad that it did cause I think he is hotter with it.

So if you have not already seen this image on my Y!-gallery, then enjoy! :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Shao Khan The Evil Hottie!

The first commission that I had on my list had a great Mortal Kombat theme. I will not disclose to much info on the piece...I want it to be a surprise. As I was looking up references images for the Mortal Kombat image I came across some old memories of my gaming days.

When I was a pre-teen/teenage, I was quite the gamer. I am still one but no where as big of a gamer as I was back then. Two of my favorite fighting games was o0f course Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Both games had some hot male characters that we not wearing much. I remember how HOT Shao Khan when he made his first appearance in MK2. Huge muscles, hot costume and he barley wore anything!!! Very homoerotic if I must say.....and how did I not come out of the closet until I was 18 when I lusted at all the MK characters at the tender age of 13.

It was also hot to think that there was a buff guy out there that had the actual costume. I wonder if he ever wore it during sex? Wow I need to stop that is just to much for me to visualise! *drool*
The CG version of Shao Khan is still hot as well. They still kept his hot body and did not cover him up any more at all. So sexy. I think I may just have to do some fan art of him after I finish some commissions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Commissions Now Available!
I have begun to take commissions. Please visit the link on the top right-hand tool bar for more info.
Thanks For The Donations!
Thanks are due for a couple of people that were so kind to make a donation to me. It made me very happy when a week ago I was looking at my paypal account and saw someone made a donation to me. It was made in October but I had no idea until recently that someone donated. I want to give a big thanks to Robert Jackson for being the first person to make a donation! I am sorry I did not give you thanks sooner.
I also want to thank Reinard Krohn of for his kind donation as well. I am very pleased to have you to reading my blog and following my work. As a thanks I did this sketch for you two. Hope you like!

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Baby Got Hurt!

I got my first new car in June or so of this year. This was my first actual new car that I have ever owned. My old car was a 1974 Ford Bronco that was constantly breaking down. My old car had no AC and no working radio system. I always drove around with my ipod earphones in. In the summer when it got around 100 degrees was the worst. I would step out of my car with my back all wet with sweat. (Pretty gross)

My new car is the one of the most adorable cars ever made. It's a 2007 Toyota Yaris! It is great on gas and had a working radio system and a AC!!!! That made this summer so much easier to live through.

Well on the weekend before Halloween I did something stupid. I was driving back home from the club all dressed up in my Halloween costume. As I was pulling into my spot in front of my old Bronco and I guess I pulled in too close and the bumper or my Bronco grabbed the metal by my passenger door and pretty much ripped it. I seriously was about to cry when I saw the damages! The sad thing was that I was not even drunk! Not even a little bit!

The estimate to fix my car was close to $3000! I am lucky that my insurance is paying for most of it. My deductible is sadly $750! I might have to save up for a bit to fix my little baby. If anyone is feeling giving lately....*wink wink* (points to donation button to the top right)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Art Trade...Finally

A while back I did an art trade with the one and only Mr. Absolutbleu. I felt a bit guilty about how long it took me to do my part of the art trade. After I graduated I had some new found free time. I unfortunately suffer from constant drawing dry spells. I finally got to drawing the image and over all I like the way it turned out. The exception would be the background. I am just so horrible at drawing them! The theme of the image was to of two business men getting it on in a hotel room. I am not sure if I captured that theme all that well. (got to get better at backgrounds!)

Now I no a good amount of people have stated the fact that I don't really draw a lot of "sex" images. Yes, I would have to admit that this is a true statement. I find it a bit difficult to draw them for a couple of reasons. One being that is hard for me to fit two or more characters on one piece of paper. I don't like the draw super small. I also tend to need a picture for reference to draw from. I just have troubles with the body positions. I was surprised because I drew this image with now picture references at all!!

I am going to start to post a lot of my new drawings on here first so that the people who actually visit my blog gets the first look. So be sure to bookmark this blog and keep an eye out for new posts! ^_^

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Trevor - The Italian Stallion

I really don't know how this would would come off to people, but I kind of have a crush on Trevor. Okay, it is not a "normal" crush, but if he was a real person I think I would be head over heals for him. Is that strange?

Trevor is based off a few guys I liked when I was younger but as time passed he began to grow his own individual personality and now there is little similarities to him and the guys he was first based on.

Why do I call him the Italian stallion?
Well it is obvious, he is ITALIAN and HOT! I know that images do not the ability to talk unless they become animated but Trevor would absolutly have a "New york/Brooklyn" accent. I just think a guy with that kind of accent is so cute and it most defiantly fits Trevor's personality.

Trevor's Past and Present:

Trevor and his younger brother grew up in the same neighborhood and young Mr. Bryson. Trevor is around ten years older then Bryson....that would make him 26. Trevor did not ever go to school with Bryson but he did with his eldest brother.

Trevor left home when Bryson was just around 10 years old. So Bryson does not recall much about him just from what all the bad things Trevor's younger brother has said about him. Trevor and his brother are both gay but that is the only thing they have in common. Trevor does not hold a job for long, drinks far to much,does his share of drugs...taking and dealing, he is quite promiscuous and has no regard for rules. He is quite the bad boy.

After spending a year in jail for possession of drugs he moves back into his parents house. He come time find out that Bryson and his younger bother are dating. He also sees how Bryson has become, well, rather hot. He does not waste any time to try and steel Bryson away from his brother.

Trevor's intent was to just have a sexual relationship with Bryson but after a while he begins to get feeling for Bryson and eventually falls in love. The relationship between Trevor and Bryson is the longest relationship both have ever have. (now isn't that sweet, bad boy gone good.)

What a Kinky Man!

Trevor is quite the sexual being. He can be very egotistical and proud of his looks, body, sexual performance....and penis size! He is more of a top but he does like to bottom as well. When he does bottom he goes all out. He is very sexually aggressive, very verbal in bed, he loves dirty talk. He is into group sex, public sex, toys, some bondage, water sports, body name it and he likes it!

His Belly...?
After some thinking, I thought it would be a cute idea to give Trevor a belly. He is still really buff and had a large build, just has some extra packaging in that area. Trevor is not really the type to diet and is quite the drinker. So it would normal for him to have a beer belly. I personally think guys will little belly's are cute. ^_~
I added a image to the right that is quite old. It is in fact the first drawing I ever did of Trevor. To me it is just horrible to look at. I swallowed my pride and posted it so that I could share it with my blog readers.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have just started keeping a sketch book for all my bara boys. I thought that after I have done a few images I would share them with everyone that reads my blog. I am not sure if I will ever post these images on my Y!gallery site but rather just keep them on my blog to bring more people to actually visit my blog. It just seems to be really quiet in this blog.

The first images I am going to share are that of my barbarian character. (He has yet to be given a name) He is from my Renaissance series. He was created in the last year but this is the first time I have ever really sketched him out. His costume will most likely go through some changes. Somethings I will not change is his fur loin cloth and the fact he has a shaved head. Not every one can pull off a shaved head but I think it fits him nicely. I am still debating on whether to give him a fully shaved head or to have his head show a shadow where the hair is growing back. Once I make a better version of his costume I will have to make a colored image of him. I just think he is so dang hot!

This is some of the background story that I have come up with so far. For character references please visit my Y!Gallery site. There are images of all the major characters from the series.

In the world where this story lines takes place Barbarians are considered to be savages. This of course is not a good representation of how Barbarians really are. They are just regraded this way by people that don't know much about them. None the less Barbarians are quite feared and looked down upon. They tend to keep to themselves in their villages in the mountains to avoid others.
This Barbarian actually spent most of him life working for the royal family. He was captured by the royal army when he was in his 20's for war crimes against the kingdom. By the mercy of the king his life was spared, but he was imprisoned.

After spending close to a year in the prison, a small boy around the age of five snuck into the person and took a liking to the Barbarian. When the king tried to take the boy away he cried and pleaded with his father to have the barbarian as a friend. Being soft hearted when it came to hims son, the king allowed the Barbarian to be set free. The one condition was that he had to be a servant to the kingdom and be the prince's bodyguard and protector.

The two became very close over the years. The Barbarian was more of a father to the prince then the king could ever be. As the prince got older and started to mature into a man the Barbarian started to have feeling for the prince. No matter how hard he tried to deny it the Barbarian had fallen in love with the prince. The Barbarian never acted on his feeling due to the facts that he was twice the age of the prince and was also the closet thing to a father to the prince. He knew that any type of romantic relationship between a barbarian and a member of the royal family was forbidden and could be punishable by death.

The prince himself had grown feeling for the Barbarian as well. He kept his feeling secret for the same reason. Farther along in the story line both the prince and the Barbarian reveal their true feeling to each other. They end up having a relationship with each other and have sex....LOTS OF IT! LOL

This is just the real basic story line that I have come up with so far. There are still a lot of details that I have not plotted out. I do plan on making a blog entree on a lot of my character and giving you all a little incite on their backgrounds and story lines. Keep checking out my blog to see what character will be next!

It has taken really long but after five long years I have finally graduated college. It is sad to think that I spent over a year longer in college then I did in high school. Although I actually liked college over all and hated all four of my high school years.
I graduated with a bachelors of Media Arts and Animation. I am wondering how well this degree is going to help me in finding a good job. I am shockingly $79,000 in debt with my student loans. All of my payments are going to start in January. I saw a evening news cast that some former students are paying back so much on interest that all they pay off at the end of each month is just the interest alone. They were not making a dent in the actually money owed. This totally freaked me out! I am hoping that my payments will not be all that bad....only time will tell.
If any one wants to send me a graduation gift please do so! No I am just kidding with you all. Sadly enough I have yet to get a graduation gift from any one. *sob*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bryson IRL?

Have you ever looked at models, actors, or singers and said you yourself. "Wow they look like that character if they were real"? Well I have found a couple of people that I thought just that. I recently had job at a retail store that sold young men's and women's cloths. The job was short lived and for good reason. We will not go into that since it really has nothing to do with what I am talking about. While I worked there I saw advertisements with a young male model that I could not help noticing. Right away after looking at him I thought that we would make a good Bryson if he was real. Some things that would not be totally Bryson is that the model does look pretty tall. Bryson is not meant to be tall at all. His height it somewhere around 5'8" or so. I think this adds to his innocent look.

The image of him looking over his shoulder is perfect! It captures the cute innocent nature that Bryson has. All I could say when I saw this picture was,"How cuuuuute!"
There were a few more images of him but I really could not get my hands on them. It was a hard time just getting these flyers with out anyone noticing.

The next model I chose for Bryson is a little bit different. This model had much more of a sexual look then a "innocent" look. This models name is Joseph Sayers. He is quite the attractive lad. From what I can tell from the images he is on the short side. I am not quite sure if he is too short though. He has the right hair and the perfect build for Bryson. His butt is not quite up to my standards for representing Bryson's ass. Bryson is know for having a larger, round butt. In other words he has a "ghetto Bootie". Other then that Joseph does capture a lot of Bryson's look.
I am on the lookout for more models that look like my characters. I am a little picky but I am sure I will find more. Keep posted to see more!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Art Trade

It has been many years since I first seen the works of the artist known as Absolutbleu. We have done an art trade once upon a time. Recently asked Absolutbleu if he would like to do another long over due art trade. I was very excited to hear that he was willing to do so. The first character that came to mind for him to draw was none other then my character DemonRed9. I left the concept of the drawing very open ended for him. I really wanted to see his creative take on my character. I was really glad that I let him draw DemonRed any way he wanted.

When I opened my email that contained the image for the first time, I was completely lost for words. The drawing was absolutely beautiful! DemonRed is just do damn sexy! I just love how he took one of my costume designs and made it his own. His Body is just so hot, his face is hot and he has a gorgeous cock!!! I just love all the cute little bats flying all over the place. It was a very nice touch. I like the addition of the toe rings to the costume's design. (Did I ever mention I like guys with nice hands and real life and with my characters.)

I know that Absolutbleu is eventually going to post this image online but i thought I would show it off to the very few....if any people....that ready my blog. The image I am doing for Absolutbleu is going to have to be put on hold for a while until my hectic schedule lightens up. I hope you all enjoy this drawing as much as I do. I am already looking forward to our next art trade.

My Trip to Seattle and Vancouver

It is a sad fact of my life that I never get the chance to go any where. So when my cousin told me he was going to Seattle to visit some old friends of ours...well I just could not pass the opportunity up. Of course I really was not financially able to go on such a trip but I told myself, "you only live once". So thank god for my credit card with a large limit.

This was the first time that I had experienced a lot of things. First off it was my first time on a air plane....yes first time ever! It was also my first time out of the country. To be honest I was expecting the plane ride to be a scary experience. I have been on scarier roller coasters.

Seattle was a very very pretty city. There were trees every where on could see. I just absolutely loved it! It did not rain once the whole time we where there. There were a couple of cloudy days but the weather was over all just perfect.

Vancouver was also an awsome looking city. The one thing that I did not like about Vancouver was that it was just so huge. There were just people everywhere at all times of the day and night. A really cool place to visit but not one I would want to live in.

I went to the gay pride in Vancouver and it was just amazing. There were so many people and so much going on. The gay neighborhood was much bigger then the one in my hometown. There were a lot of attractive people living in the city as well.....a lot!

I was hoping to meet Patrbeach perhaps?ick Fillion because he live in the nice city of Vancouver. Sadly on my trip I had no access to the Internet so I was not able to keep in contact with him. So that was a sad part of the trip. How often will I ever be in Vancouver? Oh well....I did buy one of Patrick's art book at a gay store. I can't find any of his works here in my hometown.

I just loved this whole trip. It was a very good experience but I must admit there were many times I was considering not even coming back home. Now I got to plan my next trip.....hmmm someplace warm and with a

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hilary Duff - Dignity

Hilary Duff has put out some really catchy songs in the past. I have to say it was not enough for me to want to get one of her Cd's. Her newest CD, Dignity, is a rather good one. The whole CD is a much more upbeat and danceable. You get the feeling right away from listing to it that she has had some relationship problems. (I Wonder how she feels about Nichole Ritchie being pregnant with her ex's baby?)
The songs I feel are ones to recommend a listen to are, With Love, Dignity, Stranger, Outside of You, and Gypsy Woman.

If you are looking for a good listen then get this album!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Madonna - Confessions on the Dance Floor

So I don't want to sound too gay but there really is no way around it when I say that Madonna is my all time favorite singer! When I was a child my sister was into her music, but as for myself I loved her movies. I used to watch "Who's that Girl" over and over again. How did no one know I was gay back then?
It was when Madonna came out with her "Ray of Light" album that I really started to get into her musically. "Ray of Light", held the title of my favorite Madonna album of all times. That is until "Confessions on the Dance Floor" came out.
If you like dance or electronica music, then this is a CD for you. I would love to put a list of all my favorite tracks but honestly.....all of them are good! The music videos for the album are way awesome too!
If you have not heard this CD yet....then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! Do it now now NOW!
If you get a chance try to find some additional tracks that were not included on the main CD. They are worth a listen to. The missing tracks are, "History", "Super Pop", "Fighting Spirit".
Have a good time listening to this one!!!

I thought that It would be a good idea to review music Cd's on my blog. I always love finding good music to add to my Ipod collection. Every So often I run across a group or artists that I have never heard before. I wonder to myself, "how did I not know about them until now"? I thought I would give a glance to you all on my taste in music. So keep reading my blog and see new music reviews. I would also love to hear some recommendations from everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Rise of the Silver Surfer

I recently went to go see Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer. Overall it was a okay movie. I did not think it was bad but at the same time it was not great. I wanted to see if any other people thought the Silver Surfer was HOT! You can't go wrong when there is a guy who is metallic silver and always flying around butt naked. He has the perfect body and perfect facial features and a sexy voice.
I know the first half of the move the Silver Surfer was CG, so of course he would be perfect, he is not real. This question is for anyone that seen the movie. Was the Surfer CG after he lost his board or was he a actually person? If he was CG they did a good job of making him look real. If he was real they did a good job with the make-up.

We can't also forget the rest of the eye candy the movie as to offer. No I am not talking about Jessica Alba. Although a very beautiful woman, I am more interested in the actor that played her brother Jonnny Storm, a.k.a the Human Torch. Chris Evans is certainly easy on the eyes and brings no complaints from me. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of body hair but for some reason I actually like his chest hair. Perhaps it is because of who the chest is on.

I think the producers were really smart on the casting. Not only do they attract the straight male audience by showing Jessica Alba almost naked but they also attract the gay audience buy having Chris Evans walk around in nothing but a towel in both movies. Good job guys!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well I have to give myself a big "congratulations"! I was glad to see that the next day after school ended that I had received a email from my teacher that I passed my class. I was so relieved to hear that I did. I was really on the fence on if I would pass or not.

The class started off with 28 people in it. It was a very full class that we had trouble getting enough computers for everyone to use. At the end a few people dropped out of the class, but for the most part almost every one stuck out to the end. The email I received was a group message. I counted all the return addresses and there were only 15 other then mine!!! That means so many people did not pass. One of my friends has taken the class three times already. I was sad to see that her email was not included on the list.

Well this is it boys and girls! I will be a college graduate by the end of September. That is if every thing goes in my favor. Don't forget to send me some graduation gifts! j/k

Monday, June 11, 2007


OMG! Has it been that long since I posted on here!!! Well I must apologize for taking so long to write anything. I go in and out of my spurts of interest on things.
I actually have been really busy with school lately. I on in one of my final two classes that I have to take to graduate. The class is I am in is one of the hardest. There is about a 50% ratio of people who fail. What we need for the class is at least 1 minuet five seconds on animation that we have done durring out time at school. It is a lot harder then it sounds. Your reel has to go through a commity of teachers. They are the ones that decied if your animation it good enough to go on to the next class. I know they are doing this to make sure you have good enough work before you go on to graduate but still it is quite stessful!
Well to make up for my absence I am going to give you all a sneak peak at a drawing of mine that is way long over due for me to finish. This is my gift to you all that actually read this blog. (I know there are so little of you) THAAAANKS!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What A Horrible Month!!!
Well besides all the personal problems I have been having with school, my relationship and my car, things always seem to turn for the worst....even more so. Well the first thing that happened was that my virus protection charged me $39 on a checking account that only had $8 in it. Lucky for me I was able to get a refund and get all the over draft charges reversed. Of course I am very forgetful and I did not renew my virus subscription., so stupid me got a virus that kept me from loading windows.
After being on the phone with customer service for two hours and after practically taking my computer apart I was told that I should re-install Windows. Of course the one disk I was missing was my Windows disk. So I have to fork out $35 for one to be sent.
After waiting 5 days for me disk I called Tech Support again to help so that I did not erase my personal files. Sadly I had no choice and most of my files were lost. Some of them were backed up but most were not. I lost a lot of my files that I was working on for my internship too. When I was rebooting my computer I found my Windows Disk!!! It was hidden in a pile of Cd's! I spent $35 on a disk I already had!!!
I spent all day reinstalling all my programs and getting my computer back to its normal self. I am finally able to get back on. So far 2007 has been a horrible year....and its just started.