Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bryson IRL?

Have you ever looked at models, actors, or singers and said you yourself. "Wow they look like that character if they were real"? Well I have found a couple of people that I thought just that. I recently had job at a retail store that sold young men's and women's cloths. The job was short lived and for good reason. We will not go into that since it really has nothing to do with what I am talking about. While I worked there I saw advertisements with a young male model that I could not help noticing. Right away after looking at him I thought that we would make a good Bryson if he was real. Some things that would not be totally Bryson is that the model does look pretty tall. Bryson is not meant to be tall at all. His height it somewhere around 5'8" or so. I think this adds to his innocent look.

The image of him looking over his shoulder is perfect! It captures the cute innocent nature that Bryson has. All I could say when I saw this picture was,"How cuuuuute!"
There were a few more images of him but I really could not get my hands on them. It was a hard time just getting these flyers with out anyone noticing.

The next model I chose for Bryson is a little bit different. This model had much more of a sexual look then a "innocent" look. This models name is Joseph Sayers. He is quite the attractive lad. From what I can tell from the images he is on the short side. I am not quite sure if he is too short though. He has the right hair and the perfect build for Bryson. His butt is not quite up to my standards for representing Bryson's ass. Bryson is know for having a larger, round butt. In other words he has a "ghetto Bootie". Other then that Joseph does capture a lot of Bryson's look.
I am on the lookout for more models that look like my characters. I am a little picky but I am sure I will find more. Keep posted to see more!!!

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