Monday, November 09, 2009

Fan art for Patrick

I figured that I don't do enough fan art of my fellow gay artists characters. I decided one night to do a sketch of my favorite red head. You guys might recognize him from Patrick Fillion's Naked Justice. If not check out his site at
I am pretty sure all of you know his work anyways but just in case I added a link.
I had no idea what to pose him doing so I decided to have him giving everyone some attitude. It's only a torso shot so we don't get to see his best attributes but hopefully I can so some more "naughty" fan art in the future. I kind of don't like this drawing any more but I am still gonna share it.

Trevor's Backside

This is a sketch I did of my beloved Trevor a month or two ago. My scanner broke so I was never able to post it. Now I got me a really spiffy scanner and printer combo! It may have cost me over a $100 for it but now I can share with the world the chubby muscles of Trevor. You can see some of his beer gut popping out from under his arm. I just think that is so cute!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drawing of Bryson & Darnell that shall never be

This drawing has been sitting on my computers hard drive for months now. Before I could finish it I got all wrapped up in doing art work for an anime convention. After that I was all worn out from doing art work. When I did sit down to finish this image I took one look an said, "ewww". I do not like this drawing any more. I see so many mistakes! For one Darnell's anatomy is all off. His for arm and hand are way too big. Bryson looks ok but I think I still could have drawn him better. I am not good at doing sex scenes and this is a good example of why. I won't give up though! Practice makes perfect.
I was not sure if I was going to post this image but I thought that it would be good to show what Darnell looks like naked and the diefference between the two in body size. Hopefully its a treat for all you that read my blog. (all five of you. LOL)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix saga

For a time now I felt a little out of the loop when it came to the anime fandom. It was quite some time since I have bought or gotten much interest into an anime titles. I just never knew what was good and worth my time to watch. I don't think Naturo and Bleach are gonna be what I am looking for, so I have been avoiding watching those series. Luckily I recently came across a pretty cool anime podcast, Anime World Order. The three hosts of this podcast are very knowledgeable and like to do reviews of older or obscure anime titles. All three are Osamu Tezuka fans and the often review his titles. (you know the guy who made Astro Boy)One of them being the Phoenix series.
The version I bought was the 13 episode TV series that was done in 2004. There were many different adaptations and a manga as well but they are much older and a lot of them have never been released in the states. The 2004 version is a great release! The box set is very high quality and it comes in very nice looking packaging.
The animation for this series is very good. You can tell for a TV series that it had quite a large budget. There are about four different self containing story lines with in the series. The art style changes a bit depending on what story line is taking place. They all still retain Tezuka's art style though. Each storyline has a lot of tragic things that happen to the characters. Sometime I would think to myself, "man that's fucked up"! I wont say much about this cause I don't want to spoil anything.
I am trying to buy more of Tezuka's stuff. I want to support his work so that more of it will be released in America. I think we need to support the "father of manga" and other artists like him. I think Naturo and Death Note are doing just fine and wont be hurt by deflecting some of the attention from them.
I am recommending this series to any and everyone! I think if you like anime, old school or new, that you will like this series. I do not think you can buy in stores any more but it is available online. Please buy this not download...that does not help the series get recognition when you do that. The full box set is really cheap to buy!!! It is $20 on and $22 on So for that price for a full TV can you go wrong????

So if I convinced any of you to try this series out please let me know what you thought about it.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Real life - Warrior King

Some of you might know or seen this hot guy known as Franky G. He is a small time actor and has only been in a few things. One was one of the Saw movie and he has a short lived show on Fox. Even though he has not gotten much exposure, he is defiantly still a hot item. The guy not only has a sexy face but a large hot body! Perfect for being one of my characters. I have not payed much attention to the Warrior king. I feel he needs a make over on his costume. Perhaps I should get around to that sometime.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Zeke - Fan Art

I was in the mood the other day and posted on Twitter I was in the mood to draw and did not have any idea who to draw. So I got a couple of people telling me to draw a Anti-Heroes character. I did a image of Zeke per the creators request. If you are not familiar with Anti-Heroes, there is a link to the blog on this site. There is not only a blog with tons of hot drawing but also a full website. I am sure anyone who reads this blog is well aware of the site but just in case you are not I recommend checking it out!
One of my weaknesses in drawing is that I have a hard time placing my character in a cool body position. This is something that I really need to work on. I think my drawing can look a bit stiff and the poses can be kind of boring. So that is why this one kind of sucks. I hope JC likes it though!!! Gomen!!!

More Bishonen the Bara

There have been a lot of my original characters of mine that I have extremely neglected to pay any attention to over the years. So the other day i decided to do some sketches of some of them. There are many of my male characters from my non-bara/hentai series that I have never drawn in the nude. So this was kind of fun. The character I drew is from a vampire series I came up with in high school. Yeah I know these days the vampire thing has been way over done.
This character is not gay at all but in the story line his twin brother is and has a gay relationship with another character in the series. He is not a totally bara type character as you can probably tell from the drawing. He is more of a bishonen but still a masculine one. No frail yaoi boys for me!!! LOL
Below is a old pic of him. My style keeps changing over the years!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Real Life Bryson

Ok so I know I have been posting a lot of these lately instead of art, but I get really excited when I find someone that looks like one of my characters. I have found a few guys that represent Bryson really well and this is defiantly one of them. Now this was the only pic of this guy I found and from this angle he so looks like Bryson. He is showing off his ass which is Bryson's best assest. (pun intended) He also has the same exact hair style and color. He is muscualr but not super big. I have changed Brysons build over the years and decided on giving him a smaller frame compared to some of my other characters. I can't tell for sure if he is tall or not from the pic but Bryson is not a very tall guy. Other then that I think he is spot on! If any one knows who this guys is or has more pics of him let me know! I would love to see more and compare.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DemonRed9 Look-A-like

It has been a while since my last post and since I have not finished any actual bara artwork I decided to update with another look a like. So this is no better time then to show a look a like for one of my favorite characters DemonRed9. Now I have been quite picky about the person I pick to represent this character and because of that I was not finding many images to my liking. While browsing some blogs I ran across this stud named Aaron Santiago.
There are a few chractristics that DemonRed needed to have. First off he is suppose to be hispanic looking. He is also kind of younger looking. Even though he is about 400 years old his phisical age is some where around 23. Now this model is not buff enough to be DemonRed but he does have a good face for him. I am sure in a couple of years the model will be much beefier. This guy does have the right type of hair and the shape of his eye brows is spot on. So for the most part I think I found a good choice. What do you think??
Oh and excuse the crappy modifications I did to the top image. Changing a persons hair color always come out crappy. I did like how his eyes turned out thought.

Enjoy more sexy images below!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

WoW Sketches

I still have a couple of sketches that I scanned with the last batch that I posted recently. I decided to spread the wealth and save some to post at a later time. Well that time is now. LOL
I wanted to save my Wow sketches to be posted together. There are only two of them and they are not all that great but I still want to share them with you few people that read this blog. ^_^

Sentury being his sexy blood elf self.

My attempt at drawing Zenocide nude. I could not get his fawn like legs to look right so I gave up on this one.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Old Sketches. Time to Share!

My art work production had been a bit limited these days. Or so I think it has been. So just t keep all of you interested in the site and myself I dug up some old art work from last year that I did in a sketch book. Now most of these are not complete and I really don't like them any more. But If I did not post art I did not like or took it down once I started to dislike it I would have only a few images on the site. So here they are in all their crappy glory. LOL

This is a pic I did of Captain Hero from the Drawn Together series. I of course drew him in my style. If you are not familiar with this guy...well he is quite interesting. He is a drama queen and loves to get naked and have sex with....well anyone!!! LOL I love this show.

This is not Mr' Sexy Greek from a few posts ago. This is actually his younger brother. The two look pretty similar but this guy is not as clean cut as his brother. He tends to have stubble on his face and his hair is a bit more messy. The sexiness does run in the family.

This is on of the first concept drawings I did of the Black Smith. This was done before I decided to give him his cute belly.

This Sketch of the Prince was turning out cute but I ended up forgetting about it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Darnell - Look-A-Like

So i came across this hot chocolate stud and thought,,,,hey he kind of looks like Darnell. He very much has his build. Very big beefy and muscular. Although Darnell is a bit thicker in the waste region and does not have such chiseled abs. He also looks like he is a bit older then Darnell is but his over all look is very close. You have to imagine him with his hat or bandanna covering his eye brows and I think it would be pretty much a perfect match. What do you all think? Oh and by the way this studs name is Victor Martinez.

Male Boding

Just chilling with this shirt off

Show off them huge guns!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look-A-Like - Trevor

Well I could not help but use this guy as a look a like for the one Italian stallion, also known as Trevor. I had found a few images of this guy but he was all clean shaven. This one was the only one that he had some scruff on his face which totally helped him look like Trevor.
I did a really quick morph to the image. The guy was not quite the right build to be Trevor. I gave him some nice bulk to his body and a more fuller face and jaw line. I added an comparison of the old image to the morphed one. The changes are subtle but I think it helps a lot in the look.

New - Original

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look-A-Likes - The Blacksmith

Just thought it would be a cool idea to upload some images of guys who resemble my characters. First one I found was of this hot beefy guy that kind of looks like my blacksmith character. Note that not all the guys I find will look exact like my characters. Pay more attention to the face and over all look. This guy would look more like the blacksmith if he had the same hair. I still think he looks kind of like him though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dante - Commission

Here is another commission I did a couple months back. This is suppose to be Dante from Devil May Cry. I know it does not look like him. I guess he would be more recognizable if a little color was added. I was suppose to have his cloths being ripped of by the tentacles but I forgot to draw cloths on him. Oh well. I don't really care for the way this image came out but I still wanted to share it with everyone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Commission - Dark Matter

I was thinking of stuff I could update my blog with and I forgot that a couple of months ago I took a couple of sketch commissions. Now that I look back at them I don't think they came out all that good. Well to give me some credit these were some of the first drawings I did directly on the computer. Usually I draw them on paper and scan them in. Guess practice will make perfect.
Oh this characters name is Dark Matter, just in case you are wondering.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hottie Alert!

I never heard of this comic series called "Iron and the Maiden". I looked up some more images from it when I first saw this massive bara hottie Michael Iron. I think it was love at first site! Love his tattoo that runs down his whole arm and chest. Just to sexy for words. So I wanted to share this stud with evey one.

Here it the link to the officaial website where you can see a few more images of this hunk.

(wow...just yummy)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sexy Greek Daddy

Here is a quick colored sketch I did for another one of Bryson's love affairs. I have sketch him a few times but have not finished anything worth showing. So here is a first look at this character and a bit of info about him. (I need to stop making up new characters and concentrate on doing more images of the ones I already have.)

Name: Undecided but he is Greek have to think about this one.
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 280
Penis size: 12" (yes biggest Bryson has ever seen)
Eyes: Hazel
Sexual Preference: Top

Well I will keep this one short since I tend to ramble about my characters. This stud used to be a professional bodybuilder when he was younger. He still has a huge built body but since he is no longer doing competitions he has gotten thick around the waist. He does not have a big belly like Trevor has though. When he was a bodybuilder he tried to go into the celebrity life but starring in some really bad "B" movies based on the Oddessy. His acting career did not pan out as planed. Instead he started up his own company for bodybuilding supplements. His company grew and now he is the CEO of one of the largest chains of gyms and bodybuilding supplements. He is pretty much a multy millionaire.
He got married when he was a teenager after he got his girlfriend at the time pregnant with their son. His son is a bit older then Bryson and actually attends the same college. This becomes part of the major drama that happens between Bryson and himself.
He has only had sexual relations with his wife and never dealt with his sexuality until he decided to get a divorce. Bryson is actually the first man he has ever had sex with.
He comes off as shy but is very eager to sexually explore. He defiantly gets into sex when it is happening. Tends to get a bit verbal abut never to aggressive...well sometimes he gets pretty aggressive. He likes to have Bryson call him "daddy" when they are having relations.

This is just a bit of his back story. Enjoy the pic! I hope to draw more of him soon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Darnell Williams - Profile

I came up with this sexy black character a while ago. He has gone through many changes but I never stuck with any of them until now. So now that his look is fleshed out I can go into his personality and background.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 279lbs
Eye color: Light brown
Hair: Dark brown
Penis size: 10 inch
Sexual preference: Top (for the most part)

Big rough and tough Darnell has not had the easiest time being open about his sexuality. He has been involved with football since he was a kid. His father is a retired quarter back from a professional team. His older brother is a current member of the same professional team that his father was a part of. So one can see how it would be difficult for him to be comfortable expressing his sexuality. He has been a star line backer ever since his high school years and now he places for the same university that Bryson attends.
He comes off very threatening to most people. He does not smile or talk much when around people. He defiantly keeps up the "tough boy" act when around his friends and team mates. Secretly, is quite different. He is a very laid back and fun loving person. He loves to laugh and has quite the sense of humor. He is very protective but still acts like a big teddy bear. He is a total jock on the outside but on the other side he is comfortable with him self. He is kind of a dork at time. He like video games and comic books. A big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight, but he does not tell many people that. his favorite singer is Brintey Spears and his favorite movie of all time is Steele Magnolias. Oh and he love the Sex & the City series. I guess he is quite gay behind closed doors. LOL

immediately catches Darnell and Bryson first meet when they are both in the same Sociology class. BrysonDarnell's eye. Darnell keeps staring at Bryson all during class. Bryson is quite scared cause Darnell is twice his seize and does not seem like the nicest guy. Later in the class they are teamed into pares for the classes first project. Bryson and Darnell are teamed up. During the week the two meet up to work on the project. Slowly Darnell lets his guard down and starts to be himself. Bryson starts to see the Darnell is not the big scary guy that he once thought. Bryson had been very attracted to Darnell the second he saw him but now he has developed quite a big crush.
before. Darnell was a senior when In the university's library, while they are working on their project, Bryson asks why he kept giving him the evil eye in class and Darnell said it was because they had met before. Turns out that Darnell is from the same county and his high school football team played against BrysonsBryson was a junior, so they only played against each others team once before Darnell graduated. Bryson was just the kicker for the team but Darnell remembers him quite well. Darnell slips up and says that he thought Bryson was the cutest guy he has ever seen. Bryson is cough off guard and very surprised to hear that coming from Darnell. He had no idea that he was gay! The two sit in quite for a minuet, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Darnell then asks Bryson if he would like to go to his apartment. (He is obviously asking him to go have sex but Bryson is quite innocent minded and does not think that.)
The two of course end up having sex and a relationship blooms between the two. Darnell has not had a huge amount of sexual partners so he has only been a top. Never has he has any ass play or rimming. Bryson pretty much takes Darnell's "anal virginity". Though Darnell is a top he ends up liking being rimmed and fucked a lot. Guess he becomes versatile.
The relationship ends up having some problems. Because of Darnell's situation he does not show any type of affection out of private toward Bryson. He pretty much ignores him when they are around people. He put back up his "tough" guy image. Bryson is hurt by this but accepts it because he cares deeply for Darnell.
does not go well at all. After a long and heated argument Darnell's dad does not accept the idea of his son being gay and tells him if he keeps up with this During Christmas break Darnell goes back home. He decides to tell his family that he is in a relationship with another man. He tells his siblings first and they totally accept him for it but tell him not to tell his dad. It will be a huge mistake. He does not listen and tells his dad any ways. Itnonsense he will disown Darnell and cut him off financially. Turns out that Darnell received a fully payed collage scholar ship for playing foot ball. Because Darnell did not do well academically in college he lost his scholarship. He still had good enough grades to stay on the team but he had no money to pay for his tuition. So his father has been supporting him. After his father threatens him with this he over whelmed by not being able to be a professional foot ball player and decided to take back everything he has said about being gay. He sadly goes back into the closet.
After Christmas break is over Bryson has not heard from Darnell for weeks. He sees in on campus and confronts him. Darnell tells him they can no longer be together and that he can not even talk to him. Darnell ignores Bryson from this point on and pretends that he wants nothing to do with him, but inside Darnell is dieing of a broken heart. Bryson is crushed and takes a long time to recover from his wounded heart. Poor Bryson has such problems when it come to men. *sob*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Black Stallion - Redo

A few posts back I posted some concept sketches for a black character I wanted to add into my "In Love This Way" series. I had not drawn out many images of him so far and I was not sure about his persona so nothing was really set in stone. So the other day I came up with a new revamped version of him. I knew I wanted to keep the idea of him always wearing some sort of hat or bandanna that covers his eye brows. I just think this is a cute idea for him to have.
I revamped him to be a collage jock. Since he does not come into the storyline until Bryson is on college, this works out perfectly. I am thinking of making him a line backer. I want him to have a thicker more bulky, but muscular build. I am going to work on a full body view....a clothed one and a nude one for sure. So stay tuned to the chocolate goodness! LOL

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Any one else this Brian Pumper is A hottie?

I came across this str8 chocolate stud a few years ago. I think he is pretty damn hot. He has himself a nice set of lips and a nice smile. I love his thick muscular body. He has a nice package as well If i must say. Not to mention that ghetto butt of his. He is not into guys...that I know of, but he does do a good amount of sex sense with another guy. He also likes to be rimmed by the female co stars. Way sexy! So I just thought I would share some pics of him for you all that do not yet know of this stud. Enjoy!

My Trip To Disney World

I just got back yesterday from the most wonderful trip I have ever had to opportunity to take. i had been to Disney Land back when I was twelve, but this is my first time to go to Disney world. Florida was also the farthest east I have ever been. It seems sad that at my age I have not been to may places.
The hotel I stayed at was rather nice but before we got there I was a bit worried cause I saw some images online of the rooms...and well they were hideous! They had furniture painted lime green and yellow. (Gross) When we first saw our rooms we were relived to see that they were completely remodeled. Nice updated, dark wood furniture. Thanks god! LOL
We got to visit all the four parks and one of the water parks. We did not get to spend too much time at the water park and Animal Kingdom. My favorite rides have to be the Everest coaster and the Tower of Terror. But there were a lot of cool rides and attractions.
We got to see a lot in the five days we spent there. I know that we still missed a lot though. There is just so much to see and not enough time and energy to do so. I have never been so sweaty and gross before. The temperature was close to 90 and in the sun and humidity I had a sweaty back the whole time. It was quite uncomfortable.
I saw a few mascots around throughout the whole trip but they were either surrounded by people when I cam across one. We got lucky and at 2am when Magic Kingdom was closing we ran across Pluto. It was way cool to take some pics with him. It was quite a way to end the evening.
I had quite the hook up for the whole trip. My hotel was 50% off and all of the theme parks were free for me and my three friends. I also got a good discount on merchandise and every so often on food. I took about $800 with me for spending money and I ended up only spending $350 dollars. So with that, my share of the hotel room and my plane tickets....well it was a really cheap trip! Got to love that employee discount! ^_^

So for any of you that has not been to Disney world I highly recommend it! It was a blast and I would love to go again!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Interview

My pal Adam G has posted an interview I did for his blog. He also has interviewed other great artists that you might recognize. So go and check out his blog and read up on all the awesomeness.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zenocide - The Hunter

I don't know what took me so long to upload some images of Zenocide. It seems like ages ago I uploaded ones of Sentury. Well He are some of this blue hunk and also a little info on his background.

Zenocide is a well renown hunter among the other Draenei. He come from a long line of highly honored hunters. He has been trained all his life on tracking and taming of beast. He is one of the best cross bow shooters around.
Although he is exceptional on all this he is against violence. He does not take the life of any animal unless it is necessary. He often likes to tame many different animals and keeps them as pets. His main and favorite pet is a brown bear name "Cuddles". He had found Cuddles alone sleeping nest to his dead mother that was slaughtered by member of the Horde. Since that day Cuddles has never been far from Zeno and is always very protective of him from strangers.

Zenocide meets Sentury for the first time when he rescues him from a group of Humans. He takes him to his country home and mends his wounds. Zenocide immediately is drawn to Sentury. He has only met Night Elves and never even seen a Blood Elf. He finds Sentury to be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
During the time that Zeno is taking care of Sentury's injury's, Sen repeatedly tries to run away. Though because of his injury's he does not get far. Sentury is quite frightened of Zeno at first. He has never seen such a large creature. Sentury has quite a temper and when Zeno tries to stop him from running away he gets physical and calls Zeno harsh words such as "monster". Zeno is quite sensitive and hearing this from Sen crushes him and breaks his heart. Sen eventually warms up to Zeno and realises the bad things he has done to a person who has only shown him kindness. The two end up falling for each other and start their relationship....which eventually leads to a marriage....???

Little thing to know about Sentury is that he is a gentile giant. He is very king and tends to be soft spoken. He is also very calm and very intelligent. While Sentury is a lot more implosive and a bit hot headed.
Zeno also has quite the foot fetish. Oh yes he is extremely attracted to Sentury's feet. This is because Zeno and all Draenei don't have feet...they have hooves. So why wouldn't' he not like feet? LOL

*Dosen't Zeno have such a sexy back? Yummy*

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Introducing - The Fire Dragons

In my Renaissance story line I have had a group of villains thought out but I have not drawn any of them out. This guy above is the first concept of the "High Master" , in other words the king of the race of dragons referred to as the Fire Dragons.
There are three different races of dragons. The main race and the most known to humans in the Earth Dragons. The Earth Dragons are the race that my character the Dragon King is the leader of. The Earth Dragons come in mostly greenish coloring. Sometimes some dragons will have a bit more brown to them.
The other race and one that is not known to human other then old tails are the Sea Dragons. The Sea Dragons live far into the ocean and rarely come to land. That is most likely why humans know very little of them. They have a teal or blueish coloring. Their skin has more of a smooth and translucent look to it. They look quite different from the Earth Dragons.
Last of the three races is the feared Fire Dragons. The Fire Dragon have red skin tones and live in the Volcanic Fields. That would be most likely how they got their name. Fire Dragons and ruthless and very hungry for violence. They are complete carnivores and they have quite a taste for human flesh. They also are known for being cannibals . They will eat a Earth Dragon they can capture and kill but they occasionally eat other Fire Dragons. They are also very sexual and do not have a problem of rapping their victims before they devour them.

I have not plotted out everything, but so far what I have in mind is that the Fire Dragons abduct the prince from the Earth Dragons. The High Master of the Fire Dragons pretty much is the arch rival of the Dragon King. He finds out the prince is his lover and decides not to eat the prince as first planned. Instead he keeps him as a sex slave. The prince is referenced to as the "High Master's pet". He is ket in a leash and is chained to to the High Master at all times. The Prince is always kept compleatly nude. The reason is because the High Master believes that "pets never wear cloths". What happens after all this I am still contimplating. I guess stay tuned. LOL

Saturday, April 04, 2009

More DemonRed?

I did a simple sketch of DemonRed about 4 or 5 months ago to practice inking digitally. He got inked about half way before I got detracted by other projects. When I came back to this image I did not like the way the inking was going and I did not like the drawing that much any more. Don't get me wrong I still think he looks hot in this image. I like to do full body shots cause you can look at every part of his nekkid body all at once. I thought I should post this even though it's not going to be finished. Enjoy! LOL

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey all I am not sure about this but I decided to join Twitter. I am not sure what the whole craze is but I added one to my blog. Lets see how this pans out. LOL
(Look on the right side)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

DemonRed from the Archives

Oh yet another "vintage" drawing I came across on my hard drive. 2005 does not seem all the long ago but looking at this drawing it looks like it was decades ago. I really am not sure if I posted this online at all. I can tell that I had a bit of trouble fitting him on the piece of paper, cause he looks a little squished in. I defiantly love to pose....but I consider myself an "ass man" so of course I would like it. Yet again I like almost everything about the male anatomy. If you pay attention to my art work closely enough you can tell what part of the anatomy I do not care much for. LOL

Blast From The Past - Sailor Nemesis

I was going through my old files and I came across quite an old character. I used to make up Sailor Moon fan-fictions and this guy was one of my characters I made. I always wondered if Nemesis is the tenth planet of our solar system, then why was there no senshi for the planet? I decided to make a hot bara type male senshi. I know that all sailor senshi are female but I thought it would be cool to see a sexy male senshi.
Argggg I do think this drawing looks horrible. It was probably drawn about 6-5 years ago. So that pretty much explains why it looks so bad. I used to have a thing of drawing lots of flowing ribbons. I still like that look but I have not used that in a while. LOL it's kind of fun looking at older works that I have forgotten about. Ahhhh memories.