Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look-A-Like - Trevor

Well I could not help but use this guy as a look a like for the one Italian stallion, also known as Trevor. I had found a few images of this guy but he was all clean shaven. This one was the only one that he had some scruff on his face which totally helped him look like Trevor.
I did a really quick morph to the image. The guy was not quite the right build to be Trevor. I gave him some nice bulk to his body and a more fuller face and jaw line. I added an comparison of the old image to the morphed one. The changes are subtle but I think it helps a lot in the look.

New - Original


Anonymous said...

so cute!! what is his real name?

Michael Linn said...

o.o yeah that's definately trevor, nice morph by the way, i couldn't tell when looking at him next to Trevor

JC said...

that guy is smokin hot. any more pix of him?

FMX said...

Oh thanks for liking him. Oh by the way the models name is Steve Christman. He looks a bit different with a clean shaven face that he tends to have. But still a hottie b all means.