Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sexy Greek Daddy

Here is a quick colored sketch I did for another one of Bryson's love affairs. I have sketch him a few times but have not finished anything worth showing. So here is a first look at this character and a bit of info about him. (I need to stop making up new characters and concentrate on doing more images of the ones I already have.)

Name: Undecided but he is Greek decent....so have to think about this one.
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 280
Penis size: 12" (yes biggest Bryson has ever seen)
Eyes: Hazel
Sexual Preference: Top

Well I will keep this one short since I tend to ramble about my characters. This stud used to be a professional bodybuilder when he was younger. He still has a huge built body but since he is no longer doing competitions he has gotten thick around the waist. He does not have a big belly like Trevor has though. When he was a bodybuilder he tried to go into the celebrity life but starring in some really bad "B" movies based on the Oddessy. His acting career did not pan out as planed. Instead he started up his own company for bodybuilding supplements. His company grew and now he is the CEO of one of the largest chains of gyms and bodybuilding supplements. He is pretty much a multy millionaire.
He got married when he was a teenager after he got his girlfriend at the time pregnant with their son. His son is a bit older then Bryson and actually attends the same college. This becomes part of the major drama that happens between Bryson and himself.
He has only had sexual relations with his wife and never dealt with his sexuality until he decided to get a divorce. Bryson is actually the first man he has ever had sex with.
He comes off as shy but is very eager to sexually explore. He defiantly gets into sex when it is happening. Tends to get a bit verbal abut never to aggressive...well sometimes he gets pretty aggressive. He likes to have Bryson call him "daddy" when they are having relations.

This is just a bit of his back story. Enjoy the pic! I hope to draw more of him soon.


Abs said...

wow! So hot!! O.o

FMX said...

I am glad u think so!

Anonymous said...

Marcello is a good name and greek. just some random helper person lol

FMX said...

Hmmm Marcello....maybe even called Marcel for short. It has a nice ring to it. I'll have to keep that name in mind for sure. :)