Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have just started keeping a sketch book for all my bara boys. I thought that after I have done a few images I would share them with everyone that reads my blog. I am not sure if I will ever post these images on my Y!gallery site but rather just keep them on my blog to bring more people to actually visit my blog. It just seems to be really quiet in this blog.

The first images I am going to share are that of my barbarian character. (He has yet to be given a name) He is from my Renaissance series. He was created in the last year but this is the first time I have ever really sketched him out. His costume will most likely go through some changes. Somethings I will not change is his fur loin cloth and the fact he has a shaved head. Not every one can pull off a shaved head but I think it fits him nicely. I am still debating on whether to give him a fully shaved head or to have his head show a shadow where the hair is growing back. Once I make a better version of his costume I will have to make a colored image of him. I just think he is so dang hot!

This is some of the background story that I have come up with so far. For character references please visit my Y!Gallery site. There are images of all the major characters from the series.

In the world where this story lines takes place Barbarians are considered to be savages. This of course is not a good representation of how Barbarians really are. They are just regraded this way by people that don't know much about them. None the less Barbarians are quite feared and looked down upon. They tend to keep to themselves in their villages in the mountains to avoid others.
This Barbarian actually spent most of him life working for the royal family. He was captured by the royal army when he was in his 20's for war crimes against the kingdom. By the mercy of the king his life was spared, but he was imprisoned.

After spending close to a year in the prison, a small boy around the age of five snuck into the person and took a liking to the Barbarian. When the king tried to take the boy away he cried and pleaded with his father to have the barbarian as a friend. Being soft hearted when it came to hims son, the king allowed the Barbarian to be set free. The one condition was that he had to be a servant to the kingdom and be the prince's bodyguard and protector.

The two became very close over the years. The Barbarian was more of a father to the prince then the king could ever be. As the prince got older and started to mature into a man the Barbarian started to have feeling for the prince. No matter how hard he tried to deny it the Barbarian had fallen in love with the prince. The Barbarian never acted on his feeling due to the facts that he was twice the age of the prince and was also the closet thing to a father to the prince. He knew that any type of romantic relationship between a barbarian and a member of the royal family was forbidden and could be punishable by death.

The prince himself had grown feeling for the Barbarian as well. He kept his feeling secret for the same reason. Farther along in the story line both the prince and the Barbarian reveal their true feeling to each other. They end up having a relationship with each other and have sex....LOTS OF IT! LOL

This is just the real basic story line that I have come up with so far. There are still a lot of details that I have not plotted out. I do plan on making a blog entree on a lot of my character and giving you all a little incite on their backgrounds and story lines. Keep checking out my blog to see what character will be next!

It has taken really long but after five long years I have finally graduated college. It is sad to think that I spent over a year longer in college then I did in high school. Although I actually liked college over all and hated all four of my high school years.
I graduated with a bachelors of Media Arts and Animation. I am wondering how well this degree is going to help me in finding a good job. I am shockingly $79,000 in debt with my student loans. All of my payments are going to start in January. I saw a evening news cast that some former students are paying back so much on interest that all they pay off at the end of each month is just the interest alone. They were not making a dent in the actually money owed. This totally freaked me out! I am hoping that my payments will not be all that bad....only time will tell.
If any one wants to send me a graduation gift please do so! No I am just kidding with you all. Sadly enough I have yet to get a graduation gift from any one. *sob*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bryson IRL?

Have you ever looked at models, actors, or singers and said you yourself. "Wow they look like that character if they were real"? Well I have found a couple of people that I thought just that. I recently had job at a retail store that sold young men's and women's cloths. The job was short lived and for good reason. We will not go into that since it really has nothing to do with what I am talking about. While I worked there I saw advertisements with a young male model that I could not help noticing. Right away after looking at him I thought that we would make a good Bryson if he was real. Some things that would not be totally Bryson is that the model does look pretty tall. Bryson is not meant to be tall at all. His height it somewhere around 5'8" or so. I think this adds to his innocent look.

The image of him looking over his shoulder is perfect! It captures the cute innocent nature that Bryson has. All I could say when I saw this picture was,"How cuuuuute!"
There were a few more images of him but I really could not get my hands on them. It was a hard time just getting these flyers with out anyone noticing.

The next model I chose for Bryson is a little bit different. This model had much more of a sexual look then a "innocent" look. This models name is Joseph Sayers. He is quite the attractive lad. From what I can tell from the images he is on the short side. I am not quite sure if he is too short though. He has the right hair and the perfect build for Bryson. His butt is not quite up to my standards for representing Bryson's ass. Bryson is know for having a larger, round butt. In other words he has a "ghetto Bootie". Other then that Joseph does capture a lot of Bryson's look.
I am on the lookout for more models that look like my characters. I am a little picky but I am sure I will find more. Keep posted to see more!!!