Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leather Man Commission

It is official!!! Now that I am out of school and have a full time job in my career field, I have finally become one of the many people who does not seem to find time to do the things I enjoy. The request for this commission was sent to me about two or so months ago. I had finally got around to finishing it last week. I feel so bad taking so long on this commission but when I get home after work and get situated I get about an hour to work on any drawings....that is if I don't have other things on top of my list to do. After a while of working or doing whatever, it is time for me to head off to the gym. By the time I get home and get ready for the next day it is time for me to go to sleep.
I am only home two-three nights a week if I am lucky. I spend the rest of the week at my boyfriends house. I could do some work there but he only has a lap top and him and his roommate are always on it. So it would be rude of me to hog it all to myself every time I am over. I really need to get a lap top so I can take my work with me where ever I go. Sadly I cannot afford one right now....not sure I ever will to tell the truth.
Well any how enough with all the bitching. It is almost time for me to head off to the gym. Luckily I have a late start at work tomorrow so I don't have to go right to bed.
Enjoy the new art!!!! ^_^

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Queen is Back!!!

After Confessions on the Dance Floor came out one of my first thoughts is how hard it is going to be for the next album to be as good as this one. I heard a few tracks for the album that were leaked out and although I liked what I heard I did not feel it was going to be as good as Confessions. The whole idea of Madonna working with "hip-hop" producers had me a little worried/ I was afraid her Cd her CD was going to be a carbon-copy of all the other crap that is out there. I am not a fan of rap music at all and another on of my fears was that all the songs were going to be butchered by having some musically untalented rapper in them. Well I am glad to say that did not turn out to be the case.
The first single "4 minutes" turned out to be a very catchy song. I could not help but have the melody constantly in my head. One thing I really did not like is how Justin seems to be in the song more then Madonna. What the hell was with that?!
The whole CD is absolutely awesome! Madonna has yet to disappoint me. There is a real hip-hop feel to some of the songs but the Madonna does stick to her pop and dance roots. This cd turned out to be way more then I expected. I must recommend this Cd to everyone that reads this. Oh and don't down load this one. It is worth the buy! Trust me.

Recommended Tracks:

- 4 minutes
- Give it 2 me
- Heartbeat
- Miles away
- Beat goes on
- Devil wouldn't recognize you
- Voices