Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He is Gay but he is not Hentai

I have noticed that over the past year or two my non "hentai" characters have been ignored. Not saying that I don't love my hentai characters....I do, but these guys deserve some attention from me. LOL
I decided to draw a character that I have not drawn in years. His older character design was quite different then this one. I actually came up with his new costume on a whim. It is suppose to look like a modern version of a Roman soldier. Which fits him well cause he is the "God of War", well a "God of War in training". He is from the same series as my Hades character. HERE
Is there a gay relationship between the two??? Well actually no there is not...Hades is not gay...but this god of war is. Perhaps something could happen between the two is a spin off.
I am glad that now that the anime convention has passed I have a little more time do work on some of my art. Just a little time....about an hour and a half three days a week. That really is not a lot of time but I will try my best to keep my blog and gallery updated.

What A Weekend!!!

Well it was my 11Th year of going to the local anime convention and I must say it was a good one! Me and my friends costumes were a big hit with the con goers. They did get more attention then I did...which is to be expected due to the fact they were cute furry animal mascots. It was sad that a good amount to people did not know what series we were from. Come on Tenchi Muyo is a classic! I hears some people calling them "Bunny's" and even people even called them "Digimon". I wanted to slap my forehead so many times that weekend. More of the older con goers knew who we were and they even noted I was Tenchi. I got a lot of comments of how I made a good Tenchi. Which was good since I am not even Asian.

We did not win any prizes for the costume contest. I felt some people got jipped cause there were some freaking awesome costumes!!! I guess there were too many good ones to give prizes to them all. I was so worn out from the weekend. Who knew wearing a costume was so draining. I feel sorry for my friends costumes. They were incredibly hot! I am so cosplaying next year. My first year cosplaying went so well I am sure my second time will be just as great. Who knew this could be so addicting.

The art show and auction went very well. I won 2ND place digital for my Sailor moon piece. I had three of my art work displayed at the show and all of them sold. My Sailor moon one sold for $40, my Winter Goddess sold for $35 and my Harry Potter sold for $140. That was a nice prize to top off a wonderful weekend. (look below for the images I had in the art show)