Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Works Of DracheaRannak

I have three major websites that I post my art work. One of them being DeviantArt.Com. This is where I post my non-hentai works. I wanted to take some time to write a blog about some of the amazing artists I have found on the site. Of course I want to talk about the artists that are more Yaoi/Bara friendly. One of these artists goes by the name of DracheaRannak. I am not quite sure if this is a male or female artists as sometimes people to not express their gender. I am pretty sure that this artists is a male.

Mr. Drachea is a exceptional artists! He has a great eye for color. His work is always so bright and fluid and very soft and clean. His style of characters is also very pleasing to the eye. They are quite pretty....even the male characters are pretty. He defiantly has a more shoujo style to his work. That is a good thing!!! His art is very pleasing to the eye and quite beautiful. I love the one I posted above of Sailor Cosmos. It is just so gorgeous!!!

Oh and the fact that he is as big of a Sailor Moon fan as me is a definite plus! He does a lot of fan art for the series that only major Sailor Moon fans would recognize. I love the one of Saban Moon and Zoicite in drag as Sailor Moon. I need to re-watch that series... I love it so much. *Fangirl Squeal*

If you get a chance check out his gallery....and leave a comment if you like what you see. Oh and his Bara/Yaoi drawings are not bad either. *wink wink* (The guy loves to draw some sexy guys in their undies....yum.)
Here is the link to his gallery.

*note* He is male! I totally did not see that it was posted on his profile. Now I feel stupid. LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FFXI is no longer....Welcome to Warcraft
I had played Final Fantasy XI off and on for about two years. I did enjoy the game very much during that time period. I can remember late nights when I would stay up and do group quests and level up my abilities. The last few months or so the game became quite boring. It was not because there was nothing for me to do in the game, the problem was that at my current level all the things I could do required to be done in groups. This turned out to be a real drag. I could rarely find a group at all! There are many times that I sat around crafting stuff to kill time and was never able to find a group. Because of my schedule I only had about a couple of hours to play...at most a day. There are times I would be looking for a group an hour or more. That does not leave much time to do anything once the group was formed. I had been waiting to get my airship pass for about 6 or so months cause I could not find people to help.
I transferred to different servers a few times but each server had the same problems. When it costs $25 to switch servers...well it was not wise for me to keep doing that. I played for about two years and I was only at a level 38. I know that I played off and on but that is really low for the amount of time. The game is pretty awesome but it was setup to depend way to much on groups....and that can be fun but it can suck.....A LOT!
I have only been playing Wow for about two months now. I remember I tried the demo of it but I found that the male characters were rather unattractive and that was a turn off. The FF characters are so attractive that I got so used to looking at pretty things. Even so I decided to play Wow anyway. I found that some of the male characters are really kind of hot. The Blood Elf's most of all. That is why I made Sentury into a Blood Elf. I also have a Draenei character (drawings of him coming soon).
So far I am liking the game. I do enjoy the fact that characters can actually fight each other. Being able to solo more is defiantly a plus for me. I am excited to get further in the game and see what exciting things it has to offer. Hopefully it will turn out better then FFXI did.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Character - The Blacksmith

Age: 30

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 260lbs
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

My more recent storyline, Renaissance, does not have many characters. So far there is the Prince, the Warrior King, the Dragon King and the Barbarian. I don't think that is enough characters to have! More hot guys is always a good thing. Especially with a fantasy type storyline. There are so many different kind of characters I can create with that type of storyline.

My most recent creation came out out of my head all of the sudden. I thought a cute beefy type of guy would be a nice addition. I have said before that i think it is cute when a guy has a built body and a belly at the same time, so I decided the blacksmith would be hot with that look. He has a really large build, big muscle, shoulder and what not, but he is not too tall. The Prince often tells him he is "built like a Dragon" but just lacking their height.

*note* The Dragons are quite large. Much larger then even larger humans. They can weight over 500lbs and be around 7 feet tall.

The blacksmith is a kind, gentle and soft spoken man. He is very mellow and rarely shows and anger or aggression. He lives by himself in a large town on the edge of the Prince's kingdom. He lives a lonesome life but finds comfort in taking care of the local stray cats and dogs.

The blacksmith meets the prince one day when the prince hides in his shoppe when trying to hide from the kingdoms guards that are looking for him. The prince has been running away from them because they are tyring to take him back to the castle so that he can be forced into a marriage he wants no part of.

The prince stays with the Blacksmith for a while and the two end up getting into a relationship with each other. The blacksmith has only had sex with one person, a young man that worked across the street but ended up being killed by a group of thieves. The Prince was his second sexual partner and the second person he has fallen in love with. The prince though has had a lot of loves before and after the blacksmith. How the relationship ends....I have not decided yet. LOL

Oh and I cannot think of a name for him. So if anyone has any ideas....let me know!!!

New Character - Bryson's Dad

Age: 42

Height: 5'11

Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Dirty Blond

Eyes: Blue


I have always had an image of this hot Daddy in my head but this is the first time that I have ever drawn him out. Bryson come from quite the jock family. His eldest bother was the star quarter back in both high school and college. His father was also the star quarterback in his high school and college days. Sadly for him he was injured during a college game and was never able to head off to the pros. Because of this Bryson's dad had developed quite the drinking problem. This was the reason that led to the divorce of Bryson's parents.

Mr. Daddy here coaches peewee football as a hobby. He tends to live trough Bryson by pushing him to play football. Bryson of course is not to interested but is quite a good kicker for the team. Daddy is often quite verbally abusive to Bryson when he does not live up to his standards.


Bryson's dad can be quite the homophobe. He often trows around the "faggot" word. Daddy of course acts this way because of his own homosexual confusion. He became a father at 16 when he got Bryson's mother pregnant. He then had his second son a few years later then Bryson. His whole life he had attractions to men but tried to convince himself he didn't by having relations with women.

When Bryson comes out to his father he becomes so angry at the idea that his son is gay that he pretty much beats the crap out of Bryson and kicks him out of the house. At this time period Bryson is in a relationship with Trevor. He leaves his house and lives with Trevor for the time being.

Now here is where all the crazy "soap-opera" stuff starts to happen!!!

Trevor...trying to be the best boyfriend he can, decides to confront Bryson's dad and try to reason with him about how he is treating his son. Trevor goes to a local bar where Bryson's dad has had one to many drinks. To make a long story short Trevor and Bryson's dad end up having sex!!! (I told you this was drama). Well Trevor and Bryson's dad end up telling Bryson....after fucking many many times. (Trevor took Daddy's Man-virginity) LOL. Well as you can expect Bryson was not very happy! Poor thing he always gets his heart broken.

Well sorry to drag this on but I never really get to talk much about my plot lines. Oh and if anyone has a good name to give to Bryson's dad please let me know. I am drawing a blank on name ideas.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Absolutebleu Has a Blog!
Good news everyone, Absolutebleu has just opened a new blog!!! I am pretty excited about this one. I am not sure if he opened one of his own free will or if everyone took my advice and heckled him to open one. Either way I am glad that he has decided to start one! Oh and there is a new very hot drawing he has posted. Go check it out!!! http://www.bleuboys.blogspot.com/