Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Works Of DracheaRannak

I have three major websites that I post my art work. One of them being DeviantArt.Com. This is where I post my non-hentai works. I wanted to take some time to write a blog about some of the amazing artists I have found on the site. Of course I want to talk about the artists that are more Yaoi/Bara friendly. One of these artists goes by the name of DracheaRannak. I am not quite sure if this is a male or female artists as sometimes people to not express their gender. I am pretty sure that this artists is a male.

Mr. Drachea is a exceptional artists! He has a great eye for color. His work is always so bright and fluid and very soft and clean. His style of characters is also very pleasing to the eye. They are quite pretty....even the male characters are pretty. He defiantly has a more shoujo style to his work. That is a good thing!!! His art is very pleasing to the eye and quite beautiful. I love the one I posted above of Sailor Cosmos. It is just so gorgeous!!!

Oh and the fact that he is as big of a Sailor Moon fan as me is a definite plus! He does a lot of fan art for the series that only major Sailor Moon fans would recognize. I love the one of Saban Moon and Zoicite in drag as Sailor Moon. I need to re-watch that series... I love it so much. *Fangirl Squeal*

If you get a chance check out his gallery....and leave a comment if you like what you see. Oh and his Bara/Yaoi drawings are not bad either. *wink wink* (The guy loves to draw some sexy guys in their undies....yum.)
Here is the link to his gallery.

*note* He is male! I totally did not see that it was posted on his profile. Now I feel stupid. LOL


Benoit said...

Thank you for sharing this great artist with us...
I have to admit I was a little worried, after the Sailormoon reference, to see skinny-bony guys but seeing his baras & learning YOU were a Sailormoon fan yourself, I shouldn't have been :°(
You were right about the color comment too, have you seen his landscape & sceneries 'Crib', 'Judea' & 'Maria's Room'?
Oh yeah he did put his gender on his profile page, you were right!

FMX said...

Yeah I would think by his drawing style that he would do more of the girly type yaoi guys. I guess looks can be decieving. I assumed he was a man...women tend to draw the skinny yaoi guys. but glad you like his work.

Drachea Rannak said...

Well I am glad as well for this post and for Benoit words... you guys were too kind!
I am pleased you liked my works!