Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am an artist not a writer...Get over it!
I just wanted to let my fans or anyone else that reads my blog to excuse all my spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Sadly I am talented in art not in writing and for the most part I am glad for that. Of course I get people to read over any writings that I have to turn in and show off. The thing is not many people have a proof reader for their personal blogs. I am letting people know you better expect errors because I am not writing my blog to impress my old English teachers.
I appreciate offers to help out on my grammar but not when they are left in such rude contexts. YES I SPEAK ENGLISH....It is my native and only language I can speak. Yes I am bad at writing but like I said I am not a writer or will I ever want to be. I am fine with the talnets I already have.
I came to know Absolutbleu a few years back when I was still posting art on GYAM. The two of us actually did an art trade. (Don't ask to see what I drew for him cause I think it sucks now) Absolutbleu's drawing ability's have grown so much since then. I love how he over exaggerates his muscles, how he makes his characters nipples so nice and noticeable and the way he colors his characters to look so soft and smooth. Oh not to mention he draws is penis "Pretty". I am a sucker for a pretty penis....LOL.
If you want to see more of Absolutbleu's great art then just go to his profile on...
Oh and did I mention how I love that Absolutbleu gives his guys hot big ghetto booties! I love a guys with a nice round bubble but. Hehehe