Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Furry Christmas?

I came across this Youtube video on a blog that I often read, and I thought I would share it with you all. I know there are a number of you that are into the whole "furry" thing. I am not totally into furry stuff but it really does not bother me much. I have found some amazing Bara Furry artwork that I quite enjoy. I will freely admit that.

I find this video is on one hand very strange and a bit creepy but also very creative, sexy and visually appealing. His make-up is just awesome! I am not sure if he has make up allover his body or if he wears some sort of painted tights. Either way its pretty cool. Not to mention that he does have a nice body. Having this guy walking around only wearing a small thong is kind of sexy. This would be a crazy awesome Halloween costume! 1st place for sure!

Check out some more of his videos that appear on the side when you link to Youtube. I kind of like his Unicorn Samurai version. LOL

Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Future Husband Robert Burneika

Just thought I would share this hot muscle stud with everyone. I honestly can't believe I just noticed this guy in the last year. Some of you might recognize him from a photo modification I did a while ago. HERE
All I got to say is what a Greek god! Big, massive sexy body and a good looking face. I have no problem he has no hair, he actually pulls it ff extremely well. I love how he is not too tall. Being 5'8" myself he is perfect. It's kind of nice having a guy be eye level with you. I recommend to check out some of his images on the web. I included some videos below to you can all see him in action. His accent is kind of cute. :)

(Check out Robert's big meaty hands as he is weighing himself. I always had a thing for nice manly hands. LOL )