Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Future Husband Robert Burneika

Just thought I would share this hot muscle stud with everyone. I honestly can't believe I just noticed this guy in the last year. Some of you might recognize him from a photo modification I did a while ago. HERE
All I got to say is what a Greek god! Big, massive sexy body and a good looking face. I have no problem he has no hair, he actually pulls it ff extremely well. I love how he is not too tall. Being 5'8" myself he is perfect. It's kind of nice having a guy be eye level with you. I recommend to check out some of his images on the web. I included some videos below to you can all see him in action. His accent is kind of cute. :)

(Check out Robert's big meaty hands as he is weighing himself. I always had a thing for nice manly hands. LOL )

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