Friday, December 26, 2008

A Look at the new Sentury

Here is a screen capture of the new Sentury. I took off all his cloths, for one reason being he looks hot naked and also because he is still a low level and I have yet to get any cool looking costumes.
At the moment he is a level 15 Paladin.

I often make a back story for my online characters. I don't know if anyone else does this or I am just a bigger dork then I first thought. Since this Sentury is on a different game from the original one I had to pretty much remake his back story and personality. Here is a little insight to this sexy Blood Elf.

Sentury is quite the free spirit compared to a lot of his fellow Blood Elves. He is often getting in trouble with his elders and does not follow rules well. He has been studying to become a great Paladin and has great amount of natural talent to become a strong warrior but Sentury is quite lazy and he would rather eat and sleep under a tree then train. Sentury tends to come off as an over confidant and cocky guy. But behind close doors he is very self conscious and lonely. He often feels like a black sheep among the other elves.

One day after having enough of the other Blood Elves rules and criticism, Sentury decides to leave SilverMoon to explore the rest of the lands. Being as naive as he tends to be he ignores the warning of dangers from the other elves and goes on alone. Sometime after his journey begins he is ambushed by a group of humans. He was no match for them and was severely injured and almost killed. Luckily at the last minuet he was saved and rescued by the Hunter Draenei Zenocide.(info on his coming soon.)

Zenocide hides Sentury and tends him back to health. Sentury resents Zeno because he is for sure he is an enemy because of his association to the Alliance. He often tries to attack Zeno and runaway. But because of Zeno's size and strength and Sen's injury's he fails miserably.

After being nursed to health Sen starts to realize his miss conceptions of Zeno and the Draenei. He starts to realise Zeno's kindness. The two decide to travel together and not soon after Sen finally realises that he has fallen in love with Zeno.

Isn't that just so sweet. The two become a couple, ignoring the obstacles that their races and war with the Alliance and Horde has set between them.

(Bootie Shot!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GymGuy - 1
I have been tyring my best to be more healthy the last year so I have been going to gym in attempts to look better. After going for this time I have seen quite a few good looking if not absolutely hot guys. My gym is filled with so many of them. At any time of the day you are going to see at least 5-10 really hot guys...if not more. I must admit I am quite envious at times LOL
In the past few months there has been the absolutely hot muscle stud that has been working out the same time as me. He is extremely massive in build. One of his pec muscles could feed a family for Thanksgiving....if they were cannibals of course. He is bout in his 20's possibly early 30's. He has a cute face but not a total super model...which is good in a way. He is always quite tanned...which I hope is spray on cause I would not want him to get all old and leathery when he gets older. Even though he is tan he always has such Rosy cheeks. Just another cute thing about him. He totally shaves off his body hair cause he is smooth all over...even his legs. (Way hot!) The boy loves to not wear too much when he works out. I love it when he wears his skimpy loose muscle shirt when his pecs bulge out. His shorts are rather tight and kind of...well short. Almost to his mid-thigh. Got to love his legs. He sometimes walks into the gym in scrubs....which probably means he works in the health care industry. A nurse? That would be cute.
Okay that is enough for now. i am starting to sound like and old pervert. Enjoy the drawing I did of the hot gym guy. More to come!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dragon Ball Evolution = Crap!

I ran across this movie trailer earlier today and I was shocked. My jaw was on the floor as I watched the preview. Now this was NOT a good thing. I could not believe that they are making a live action Dragon Ball movie. I am not really a fan of the series....I did at one time like to draw the characters in bara style but that was about it. I tried to watch the anime but I just could not get into it. I guess it is not my cup of tea.

I personally don't think it's a bad idea to make live action movies based on anime but this one looks horrible! Usually the trailer is suppose to show some of the best scenes to draw people to go see the movie but this one fails to do anything like that. It looks just so DUMB!

What do you all think?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Hades - First Line Art
At work I mostly use Adobe Illustrator and Flash to draw out art work. I have gotten so sure to these programs that when I come home and do some of my own art work I forget how to use photoshop. It takes me a few tries to remember the hot keys and such. I never liked the idea of doing the ink work on the computer....I always would rather do it by hand. In a lot of ways I still like to do it that way. I never have done this extensive of an ink job at work. Most of the characters are more simplified and have the same line weight. Doing the line art for this image of Hades took a bit of time. I am sure there might be a better way of inking that is faster but I will have to find that info someplace.
What I like about inking this way is that I have much more control. I can go and edit the lines and erase any mistakes. The lines are so much more cleaner and that help out slot when I add color. It just takes a bit too long....oh well you got to give time to get quality.
Oh and I am realizing more and more how much of a sexy beast Hades is. He was not created to be a Bara/yaoi character. He is an actual villain in one of me non-hentai series....still he is a nice piece of hotness. I love how his chest came out in this pic. Yummy.