Monday, July 28, 2008

Wacom Bamboo Fun?

It has been close to five or maybe even more since I bought my Wacom Graphier tablet. It still works just fine but to be honest it has seen better days. I have been looking up reviews on other tablets and most of them have said positive things. I have read a good amount of positive feedback for the Bamboo. I don't really know if the feedback is from other artist or just normal people that like to use a tablet. I hear that the higher level of tablets are better but when they cost $300 or more, that seems to be too much for me to spend on a new tablet. My Graphire never gave me any problems.

One of the selling points that makes me want to get a Bamboo is the face that the service is textured to give more of the feel that you are drawing on paper. I hate the feeling of drawing on a plastic surface. That has always been on the problems when coloring on the computer.

If any one has a Bamboo or has any advise on a new tablet, I would appreciate it!

p.s. Art updates will be coming soon. Maybe even a sneak peak at my art book. *wink* Wink*

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2008 The Year of the DIVAS!

So I was excited when I found out that Madonna was going to bring her Sticky and Sweet tour here to Colorado. I don't know if she has ever done a show here but if she has it sure has been a long long time. It has to have been close to 20 years or so. I was lucky enough to get presale tickets and its a good thing that I did because her show sold out in about an hour so less. It sold out so fast that she added a second show and that one is sold out as well! I spent a good amount of for decent seats. They are not the best but they are pretty good. I know they will be worth ever penny though! This is my very first time ever getting to see Madonna in concert....I am so excited!!!! Her Confessions tour rocked when I saw it on TV and on the DVD. I know I shall not be disapointed.

This is just to much to handle in one year but in September I am off to see Miss Janet Jackson in Las Vegas for her Rock witchu tour! I missed out on her All for You tour back years ago. I guess now I can make up for my mistake. My Janet tickets were about half the price of Madonna's but of course I have to pay for the plane ride and my stay in Vegas for the weekend. So over all I am paying way more to see Janet. Its ok though I love Las Vegas. I went there for the first time in less then six months and I am already going back. LOL

Well now that I am on the topic of Las Vegas I must tell you all that after I go see Janet I will also be going to see Cher perform! I did not gt to see her farewell tour even though it came to Colorado twice. I am so excited! Three of the most famous gay icons in the world all in the matter of months! The title explains it all....2008 is the year of the DIVAS!!!