Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real Life Hottie Vol. 1
Brad Star

I came across a compilation of solo porn videos a while back. Most of the videos were not all that interesting because I did not find any of the guys staring in them all that cute. After looking and deleting all the other videos I notice one I missed. Luckily I did not delete it because it was hiding the hottie known as Brad Star. (I wonder where he gets the "star" part of his name from? hehehe)

I love Brad star cause he has looks like the boy next door. He would fit in any college campus in the country. He does not have a total ripped or built body but he still has a nice body by all means. I love his ass!! It is nice and big, round and it looks nice and soft and squishy. Did I forget to mention he had a nice dick and nice low hanging balls! No body hair on any of them. so sexy. (ok I am starting to sound really perverted.) LOL I love also love his hair...but lately he has been doing the shaggy look. It looks alright but I like his old hair better. I fits him better.
I think he looks a bit like Bryson....with his old hair. He had Bryson's ghetto booty for sure. Maybe that is why I like him so much.
I just wanted you all to know this hot star. Look up some of his videos some time. You will not be disappointed.