Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Black Stallion - Redo

A few posts back I posted some concept sketches for a black character I wanted to add into my "In Love This Way" series. I had not drawn out many images of him so far and I was not sure about his persona so nothing was really set in stone. So the other day I came up with a new revamped version of him. I knew I wanted to keep the idea of him always wearing some sort of hat or bandanna that covers his eye brows. I just think this is a cute idea for him to have.
I revamped him to be a collage jock. Since he does not come into the storyline until Bryson is on college, this works out perfectly. I am thinking of making him a line backer. I want him to have a thicker more bulky, but muscular build. I am going to work on a full body view....a clothed one and a nude one for sure. So stay tuned to the chocolate goodness! LOL

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Any one else this Brian Pumper is A hottie?

I came across this str8 chocolate stud a few years ago. I think he is pretty damn hot. He has himself a nice set of lips and a nice smile. I love his thick muscular body. He has a nice package as well If i must say. Not to mention that ghetto butt of his. He is not into guys...that I know of, but he does do a good amount of sex sense with another guy. He also likes to be rimmed by the female co stars. Way sexy! So I just thought I would share some pics of him for you all that do not yet know of this stud. Enjoy!

My Trip To Disney World

I just got back yesterday from the most wonderful trip I have ever had to opportunity to take. i had been to Disney Land back when I was twelve, but this is my first time to go to Disney world. Florida was also the farthest east I have ever been. It seems sad that at my age I have not been to may places.
The hotel I stayed at was rather nice but before we got there I was a bit worried cause I saw some images online of the rooms...and well they were hideous! They had furniture painted lime green and yellow. (Gross) When we first saw our rooms we were relived to see that they were completely remodeled. Nice updated, dark wood furniture. Thanks god! LOL
We got to visit all the four parks and one of the water parks. We did not get to spend too much time at the water park and Animal Kingdom. My favorite rides have to be the Everest coaster and the Tower of Terror. But there were a lot of cool rides and attractions.
We got to see a lot in the five days we spent there. I know that we still missed a lot though. There is just so much to see and not enough time and energy to do so. I have never been so sweaty and gross before. The temperature was close to 90 and in the sun and humidity I had a sweaty back the whole time. It was quite uncomfortable.
I saw a few mascots around throughout the whole trip but they were either surrounded by people when I cam across one. We got lucky and at 2am when Magic Kingdom was closing we ran across Pluto. It was way cool to take some pics with him. It was quite a way to end the evening.
I had quite the hook up for the whole trip. My hotel was 50% off and all of the theme parks were free for me and my three friends. I also got a good discount on merchandise and every so often on food. I took about $800 with me for spending money and I ended up only spending $350 dollars. So with that, my share of the hotel room and my plane tickets....well it was a really cheap trip! Got to love that employee discount! ^_^

So for any of you that has not been to Disney world I highly recommend it! It was a blast and I would love to go again!