Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Black Stallion - Redo

A few posts back I posted some concept sketches for a black character I wanted to add into my "In Love This Way" series. I had not drawn out many images of him so far and I was not sure about his persona so nothing was really set in stone. So the other day I came up with a new revamped version of him. I knew I wanted to keep the idea of him always wearing some sort of hat or bandanna that covers his eye brows. I just think this is a cute idea for him to have.
I revamped him to be a collage jock. Since he does not come into the storyline until Bryson is on college, this works out perfectly. I am thinking of making him a line backer. I want him to have a thicker more bulky, but muscular build. I am going to work on a full body view....a clothed one and a nude one for sure. So stay tuned to the chocolate goodness! LOL


michaellinn said...

not bad, can't wait to see the full body image, OH and i found an old disk the other day, it has a fair few of your old images on it :p

JC said...

very cute. I love your coloring & linework here. very detailed. And his face-- so cute. His nose and lips are perfect! I like that you are not like typical anime-inspired artists who's answer to drawing a black character is to just change the skin from peach to brown-- haha.

great job!

FMX said...

@ Michael
Wow I bet my old work looks horrible. Every time I look at my old stuff my eyes bleed. LOL

@ JC

Thanks for liking him! Yeah I had noticed that about anime. Sometimes it hard to tell if a character is black or just dark skinned. They often look like they are from India instead. I made his nose a bit more rounder and of course gave him D.S.L's. I think it makes him look more like his race rather then a dark complected anime character.