Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What A Horrible Month!!!
Well besides all the personal problems I have been having with school, my relationship and my car, things always seem to turn for the worst....even more so. Well the first thing that happened was that my virus protection charged me $39 on a checking account that only had $8 in it. Lucky for me I was able to get a refund and get all the over draft charges reversed. Of course I am very forgetful and I did not renew my virus subscription., so stupid me got a virus that kept me from loading windows.
After being on the phone with customer service for two hours and after practically taking my computer apart I was told that I should re-install Windows. Of course the one disk I was missing was my Windows disk. So I have to fork out $35 for one to be sent.
After waiting 5 days for me disk I called Tech Support again to help so that I did not erase my personal files. Sadly I had no choice and most of my files were lost. Some of them were backed up but most were not. I lost a lot of my files that I was working on for my internship too. When I was rebooting my computer I found my Windows Disk!!! It was hidden in a pile of Cd's! I spent $35 on a disk I already had!!!
I spent all day reinstalling all my programs and getting my computer back to its normal self. I am finally able to get back on. So far 2007 has been a horrible year....and its just started.