Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drawing of Bryson & Darnell that shall never be

This drawing has been sitting on my computers hard drive for months now. Before I could finish it I got all wrapped up in doing art work for an anime convention. After that I was all worn out from doing art work. When I did sit down to finish this image I took one look an said, "ewww". I do not like this drawing any more. I see so many mistakes! For one Darnell's anatomy is all off. His for arm and hand are way too big. Bryson looks ok but I think I still could have drawn him better. I am not good at doing sex scenes and this is a good example of why. I won't give up though! Practice makes perfect.
I was not sure if I was going to post this image but I thought that it would be good to show what Darnell looks like naked and the diefference between the two in body size. Hopefully its a treat for all you that read my blog. (all five of you. LOL)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix saga

For a time now I felt a little out of the loop when it came to the anime fandom. It was quite some time since I have bought or gotten much interest into an anime titles. I just never knew what was good and worth my time to watch. I don't think Naturo and Bleach are gonna be what I am looking for, so I have been avoiding watching those series. Luckily I recently came across a pretty cool anime podcast, Anime World Order. The three hosts of this podcast are very knowledgeable and like to do reviews of older or obscure anime titles. All three are Osamu Tezuka fans and the often review his titles. (you know the guy who made Astro Boy)One of them being the Phoenix series.
The version I bought was the 13 episode TV series that was done in 2004. There were many different adaptations and a manga as well but they are much older and a lot of them have never been released in the states. The 2004 version is a great release! The box set is very high quality and it comes in very nice looking packaging.
The animation for this series is very good. You can tell for a TV series that it had quite a large budget. There are about four different self containing story lines with in the series. The art style changes a bit depending on what story line is taking place. They all still retain Tezuka's art style though. Each storyline has a lot of tragic things that happen to the characters. Sometime I would think to myself, "man that's fucked up"! I wont say much about this cause I don't want to spoil anything.
I am trying to buy more of Tezuka's stuff. I want to support his work so that more of it will be released in America. I think we need to support the "father of manga" and other artists like him. I think Naturo and Death Note are doing just fine and wont be hurt by deflecting some of the attention from them.
I am recommending this series to any and everyone! I think if you like anime, old school or new, that you will like this series. I do not think you can buy in stores any more but it is available online. Please buy this not download...that does not help the series get recognition when you do that. The full box set is really cheap to buy!!! It is $20 on and $22 on So for that price for a full TV can you go wrong????

So if I convinced any of you to try this series out please let me know what you thought about it.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Real life - Warrior King

Some of you might know or seen this hot guy known as Franky G. He is a small time actor and has only been in a few things. One was one of the Saw movie and he has a short lived show on Fox. Even though he has not gotten much exposure, he is defiantly still a hot item. The guy not only has a sexy face but a large hot body! Perfect for being one of my characters. I have not payed much attention to the Warrior king. I feel he needs a make over on his costume. Perhaps I should get around to that sometime.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Zeke - Fan Art

I was in the mood the other day and posted on Twitter I was in the mood to draw and did not have any idea who to draw. So I got a couple of people telling me to draw a Anti-Heroes character. I did a image of Zeke per the creators request. If you are not familiar with Anti-Heroes, there is a link to the blog on this site. There is not only a blog with tons of hot drawing but also a full website. I am sure anyone who reads this blog is well aware of the site but just in case you are not I recommend checking it out!
One of my weaknesses in drawing is that I have a hard time placing my character in a cool body position. This is something that I really need to work on. I think my drawing can look a bit stiff and the poses can be kind of boring. So that is why this one kind of sucks. I hope JC likes it though!!! Gomen!!!

More Bishonen the Bara

There have been a lot of my original characters of mine that I have extremely neglected to pay any attention to over the years. So the other day i decided to do some sketches of some of them. There are many of my male characters from my non-bara/hentai series that I have never drawn in the nude. So this was kind of fun. The character I drew is from a vampire series I came up with in high school. Yeah I know these days the vampire thing has been way over done.
This character is not gay at all but in the story line his twin brother is and has a gay relationship with another character in the series. He is not a totally bara type character as you can probably tell from the drawing. He is more of a bishonen but still a masculine one. No frail yaoi boys for me!!! LOL
Below is a old pic of him. My style keeps changing over the years!!!!