Monday, February 13, 2012

Saito Benkei
part 4

Benkei’s Sexuality:

When kids his age around him grew up and began experimenting with sexual and romantic relationships, Benkei was sadly left behind. Before he was a teenager he was already over 6feet tall. With his size and rumors that he was part ogre made it impossible to find anyone interested in him sexually or romantically. He knew since he was young that he had no interest in women, but that did not make a difference for the other boys were just as scared of him. Benkei remained a virgin until he was in his early 20’s. At that time is when he left his town to see the rest of the world. On his travels he found that many people still were frightened of him but occasionally he would meet another man that found his size very appealing. Even though these men were very physically attracted to him, it was very hard for Benkei to get close to them. He could not shake off his issues about his size from childhood and he feared that the men were only pretending to like him to make fun of him. This is an issue that he has never been able to resolve and it keeps him from ever getting to romantically involved with others.

Benkei is for the most part a top. He usually only is a bottom when it is forced upon him or when he is in the mood to have something up his ass. He does not shy away from someone playing with or rimming his ass. He also loves to rim another man’s ass as well. Benkei very much loves to please the other man and on occasion would rather get the other guy off then getting himself off.

Benkei’s G-spot would be his massive chest and nipples. When a man rubs, touches or licks his chest and nipples it makes Benkei go crazy. When he is a bit cold and his nipples harden he can get turned on by his nipples rubbing up against his cloths. He will occasionally tape his nipples down to avoid getting a erection in front of others. Benkei’s penis is quite large, so hiding his erection would not be an easy thing to do. Benkei loves for a guy to cum all over his bulging chest so he can rub it all over.

Benkei other main turn on is for a guy to worship his muscles. For a man to touch and kiss and love his muscles and mass is an ultimate turn on. He also loves to flex to show off his large muscles. Benkei can actually make himself cum buy just flexing and posing in front of another man. Of course to get to a climax he has to play with his own nipples.

There is going be more images of Benkei down the road. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Saito Benkei
part 3

Benkei’s self-conscious issues:

Benkei was always much larger than everyone else around him. As a baby he was so big that he almost killed his mother during birth. Not much is known about his father, so many people made rumors that because of his size that his father must have been an ogre. His nick name throughout his entire childhood was “Oniwaka”, which means “ogre child”. Benkei always hated that he was so much bigger than everyone else. Other children would either make fun of him for being half ogre and the others were very fearful toward him even though he was never violent unless someone pushed him too far.

Benkei lived a lonely childhood with no true friends. He became very self-conscious of his size and wished he could be normal like the other children. Not until he started to become an adult did he feel any self-worth. Benkei was not only large but he was also incredibly strong, so people all over would ask for his assistance in any type of farming or construction work that a normal person would struggle with. People he worked for praised him and his strength and this gave him a sense of pride he had been lacking for such a long time.

More images and info on Benkei's sexuality to come next!!!