Thursday, June 21, 2012

Opps...Cum shot!!!

Well no surprise that I drew another image of big chested Benkei. His big bubble chest still looks good even with a mystery man's cum dripping down it. Some might even say that he looks better all messy.
I may take a break drawing Benkei for a while so that I can focus on drawing some of my other characters that have not been given much attention lately. I may not be able to do many naughty drawings this summer due to the fact that I have to get ready for the big anime con this September. I need to start working on my art for the show. I want to try and do some watercolor paintings which might take a big chunk of my time. 
After going to this for con 15 years I am gonna try and host my first panels. I have a few ideas but not one 100% certain. (one panel idea is to be about Bara and how it differs from Yaoi). Wish me luck on panels...I am not the best at speaking in front of crowds.  I will have to practice before hand. 
Any how enjoy the new pic!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trevor Sketch

It seems like Mr. Benkei has been getting all my attention lately and so many of my older characters have been getting quite lonely. So after sketching a ton of Benkei images I decided to sketch out Mr. Muscle Belly Trevor himself. I actually drew this a few months ago and completely for forgot about it. Poor Trevor! At least he can now get some attention from this posting. :)