Monday, June 22, 2009

Darnell - Look-A-Like

So i came across this hot chocolate stud and thought,,,,hey he kind of looks like Darnell. He very much has his build. Very big beefy and muscular. Although Darnell is a bit thicker in the waste region and does not have such chiseled abs. He also looks like he is a bit older then Darnell is but his over all look is very close. You have to imagine him with his hat or bandanna covering his eye brows and I think it would be pretty much a perfect match. What do you all think? Oh and by the way this studs name is Victor Martinez.

Male Boding

Just chilling with this shirt off

Show off them huge guns!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look-A-Like - Trevor

Well I could not help but use this guy as a look a like for the one Italian stallion, also known as Trevor. I had found a few images of this guy but he was all clean shaven. This one was the only one that he had some scruff on his face which totally helped him look like Trevor.
I did a really quick morph to the image. The guy was not quite the right build to be Trevor. I gave him some nice bulk to his body and a more fuller face and jaw line. I added an comparison of the old image to the morphed one. The changes are subtle but I think it helps a lot in the look.

New - Original

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look-A-Likes - The Blacksmith

Just thought it would be a cool idea to upload some images of guys who resemble my characters. First one I found was of this hot beefy guy that kind of looks like my blacksmith character. Note that not all the guys I find will look exact like my characters. Pay more attention to the face and over all look. This guy would look more like the blacksmith if he had the same hair. I still think he looks kind of like him though.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dante - Commission

Here is another commission I did a couple months back. This is suppose to be Dante from Devil May Cry. I know it does not look like him. I guess he would be more recognizable if a little color was added. I was suppose to have his cloths being ripped of by the tentacles but I forgot to draw cloths on him. Oh well. I don't really care for the way this image came out but I still wanted to share it with everyone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Commission - Dark Matter

I was thinking of stuff I could update my blog with and I forgot that a couple of months ago I took a couple of sketch commissions. Now that I look back at them I don't think they came out all that good. Well to give me some credit these were some of the first drawings I did directly on the computer. Usually I draw them on paper and scan them in. Guess practice will make perfect.
Oh this characters name is Dark Matter, just in case you are wondering.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hottie Alert!

I never heard of this comic series called "Iron and the Maiden". I looked up some more images from it when I first saw this massive bara hottie Michael Iron. I think it was love at first site! Love his tattoo that runs down his whole arm and chest. Just to sexy for words. So I wanted to share this stud with evey one.

Here it the link to the officaial website where you can see a few more images of this hunk.

(wow...just yummy)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sexy Greek Daddy

Here is a quick colored sketch I did for another one of Bryson's love affairs. I have sketch him a few times but have not finished anything worth showing. So here is a first look at this character and a bit of info about him. (I need to stop making up new characters and concentrate on doing more images of the ones I already have.)

Name: Undecided but he is Greek have to think about this one.
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 280
Penis size: 12" (yes biggest Bryson has ever seen)
Eyes: Hazel
Sexual Preference: Top

Well I will keep this one short since I tend to ramble about my characters. This stud used to be a professional bodybuilder when he was younger. He still has a huge built body but since he is no longer doing competitions he has gotten thick around the waist. He does not have a big belly like Trevor has though. When he was a bodybuilder he tried to go into the celebrity life but starring in some really bad "B" movies based on the Oddessy. His acting career did not pan out as planed. Instead he started up his own company for bodybuilding supplements. His company grew and now he is the CEO of one of the largest chains of gyms and bodybuilding supplements. He is pretty much a multy millionaire.
He got married when he was a teenager after he got his girlfriend at the time pregnant with their son. His son is a bit older then Bryson and actually attends the same college. This becomes part of the major drama that happens between Bryson and himself.
He has only had sexual relations with his wife and never dealt with his sexuality until he decided to get a divorce. Bryson is actually the first man he has ever had sex with.
He comes off as shy but is very eager to sexually explore. He defiantly gets into sex when it is happening. Tends to get a bit verbal abut never to aggressive...well sometimes he gets pretty aggressive. He likes to have Bryson call him "daddy" when they are having relations.

This is just a bit of his back story. Enjoy the pic! I hope to draw more of him soon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Darnell Williams - Profile

I came up with this sexy black character a while ago. He has gone through many changes but I never stuck with any of them until now. So now that his look is fleshed out I can go into his personality and background.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 279lbs
Eye color: Light brown
Hair: Dark brown
Penis size: 10 inch
Sexual preference: Top (for the most part)

Big rough and tough Darnell has not had the easiest time being open about his sexuality. He has been involved with football since he was a kid. His father is a retired quarter back from a professional team. His older brother is a current member of the same professional team that his father was a part of. So one can see how it would be difficult for him to be comfortable expressing his sexuality. He has been a star line backer ever since his high school years and now he places for the same university that Bryson attends.
He comes off very threatening to most people. He does not smile or talk much when around people. He defiantly keeps up the "tough boy" act when around his friends and team mates. Secretly, is quite different. He is a very laid back and fun loving person. He loves to laugh and has quite the sense of humor. He is very protective but still acts like a big teddy bear. He is a total jock on the outside but on the other side he is comfortable with him self. He is kind of a dork at time. He like video games and comic books. A big fan of Harry Potter and Twilight, but he does not tell many people that. his favorite singer is Brintey Spears and his favorite movie of all time is Steele Magnolias. Oh and he love the Sex & the City series. I guess he is quite gay behind closed doors. LOL

immediately catches Darnell and Bryson first meet when they are both in the same Sociology class. BrysonDarnell's eye. Darnell keeps staring at Bryson all during class. Bryson is quite scared cause Darnell is twice his seize and does not seem like the nicest guy. Later in the class they are teamed into pares for the classes first project. Bryson and Darnell are teamed up. During the week the two meet up to work on the project. Slowly Darnell lets his guard down and starts to be himself. Bryson starts to see the Darnell is not the big scary guy that he once thought. Bryson had been very attracted to Darnell the second he saw him but now he has developed quite a big crush.
before. Darnell was a senior when In the university's library, while they are working on their project, Bryson asks why he kept giving him the evil eye in class and Darnell said it was because they had met before. Turns out that Darnell is from the same county and his high school football team played against BrysonsBryson was a junior, so they only played against each others team once before Darnell graduated. Bryson was just the kicker for the team but Darnell remembers him quite well. Darnell slips up and says that he thought Bryson was the cutest guy he has ever seen. Bryson is cough off guard and very surprised to hear that coming from Darnell. He had no idea that he was gay! The two sit in quite for a minuet, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Darnell then asks Bryson if he would like to go to his apartment. (He is obviously asking him to go have sex but Bryson is quite innocent minded and does not think that.)
The two of course end up having sex and a relationship blooms between the two. Darnell has not had a huge amount of sexual partners so he has only been a top. Never has he has any ass play or rimming. Bryson pretty much takes Darnell's "anal virginity". Though Darnell is a top he ends up liking being rimmed and fucked a lot. Guess he becomes versatile.
The relationship ends up having some problems. Because of Darnell's situation he does not show any type of affection out of private toward Bryson. He pretty much ignores him when they are around people. He put back up his "tough" guy image. Bryson is hurt by this but accepts it because he cares deeply for Darnell.
does not go well at all. After a long and heated argument Darnell's dad does not accept the idea of his son being gay and tells him if he keeps up with this During Christmas break Darnell goes back home. He decides to tell his family that he is in a relationship with another man. He tells his siblings first and they totally accept him for it but tell him not to tell his dad. It will be a huge mistake. He does not listen and tells his dad any ways. Itnonsense he will disown Darnell and cut him off financially. Turns out that Darnell received a fully payed collage scholar ship for playing foot ball. Because Darnell did not do well academically in college he lost his scholarship. He still had good enough grades to stay on the team but he had no money to pay for his tuition. So his father has been supporting him. After his father threatens him with this he over whelmed by not being able to be a professional foot ball player and decided to take back everything he has said about being gay. He sadly goes back into the closet.
After Christmas break is over Bryson has not heard from Darnell for weeks. He sees in on campus and confronts him. Darnell tells him they can no longer be together and that he can not even talk to him. Darnell ignores Bryson from this point on and pretends that he wants nothing to do with him, but inside Darnell is dieing of a broken heart. Bryson is crushed and takes a long time to recover from his wounded heart. Poor Bryson has such problems when it come to men. *sob*