Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hades - On His Thrown

I was in the mood to draw one day and I found a nice reference image to practice with. I have troubles drawing an image with a more dramatic angle. The reference image was show from below looking up. Looking at this drawing I don't think I quite captured the upward angle. I was pretty much just practicing. I do not think this image will go any farther then a sketch but I am sure I will try and tackle this problem again sometime.

The Real Dragon King?

I was having a little fun one day.I Have been lusting after this sexy bodybuilder for a while.( I completely forgot his name though. ) I though that he kind of resembles a few of my characters. Hades, the Barbarian and the dragon King. Maybe its just because all three of them have a bald head. :)
I played around for a bit in Photoshop to try and make him resemble the Dragon King. I think it came out OK for a first try. I had problems making his ears to look right. His scales were also difficult to make look realistic rather then them painted on. I do like how the eyes in my edits come out though.
I have posted the original image below. What do you all think?

*This sexy stud looks really big in his pictures. Well he is massive! He is just not as tall as he looks. He is about 5'8" - 5'9", which is adorable but the Dragon King is close to 7 feet tall. So he does not compare in that manner. (: