Monday, May 16, 2011

King Ignis

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 340lbs
Eyes: Yellow and Bright Red (completely black during full moon)
Hair: None
Penis Size: 14"
Sexual Position: Versatile

Note: This characters back story and bio has change quite a bit from previous posts

Present day:

King Ignis is the leader of an underground group that’s has been attempting for many years is to bring the race of Fire Dragons back to the way of their past glory before their lands had all burned away . King Ignis believes that the Fire Dragons have become monsters that live off of fear and destruction, and are no longer the proud, noble and strong race they were once before. He and others in the group have carefully coordinated every step to make sure that he became the king. They regrettably have to commits acts of deception and murder to make sure everything happened as planned. King Ignis himself had to murder his father and his other siblings to make sure that no one else would succeed the thrown. Although his actions went against his and the groups beliefs he had no other choice for his siblings and father did not share his views and would have continued to lead the Fire Dragons down the same destructive path.

The king keeps his true thought and intentions very secret. If any of the other Fire Dragons that did not share his view ever found out his true intent he would be dethroned and killed for sure. To his followers of the secret group he is a very intelligent, epithetic and kind ruler but to the other Fire Dragons he is a ruthless, heartless and violent king. Ignis knows deep down that he will not live to see the day that the Fire Dragons will return to their previous glory but he believes that if his successors follow his ideology that there is still hope.

Others in the group have been found out and many of them have been put to death because of it. King Ignis was able to save some before they were captured and he houses them in an underground lair beneath the city where they will have to live in secret for the rest for their lives.

The Past:

Ignis was considered the weakest member of his family. Even though he was far superior in intelligence compared to the rest of his family, that did not protect him from the constant ridicule and beatings that he endured from his siblings and father. When Ignis was a teenager, in relative dragon years, he ran away from home. He went to search for the Earth Dragons that he had heard about long ago. He hoped that he could be accepted among them since he was nothing like the other Fire Dragons. This was a very naïve notion on his part. He never realized the depths of hatred among both races.

Ignis came to a forest on the edge of the Earth Dragon’s kingdom. He watched and admired the Earth Dragons from afar. He was too frightened to ever make his presence known to them. One day he saw a lone Erath Dragon in the woods. He decided to this was the best opportunity to show himself. The lone Dragon was the young Raylgon. When Raylgon first met Ignis he was not fearful, even though everything he was taught about Fire Dragons should have made him so. He was more curious and that curiosity was shared with Ignis. The two eventually became close friends. Raylgon would sneek off into the woods and bring Ignis food, clothing and books about the other Dragon races and the Humans. The two became very close and eventually fell in love with each other. The two became sexual and lost their virginity with each other. The two spent as much time together as possible but one day Raylgon came and told Ignis that they could no he could no longer see him. Raylgon told Ignis that his father had passed away and he was to be crowned as the new king. He told Ignis that his people would never accept a Fire Dragon and that if they knew of their interaction they would never allow him to be king and would most likely have Ignis captured and executed. Ignis promised Raylgon that he would do everything in his power to stop the war among the Earth and Fire Dragons, so that one day they can be together again. The two never saw each other from that day on.

Prince Legacy’s Capture:

During Prince Legacy’s stay with the Earth Dragon, a Fire Dragon spy witnesses Legacy and Raylgon spending time alone in a secluded and abandoned part of the city that is surrounded by the woods.

The spy watched the two being romantically involved with each other and knows that Legacy is worth something in ransom if captured. Legacy ventures out to the abandoned area alone one day and that is when the spy captures him and takes him back to the city of the Fire Dragons. Prince Legacy is then presented as a gift to King Ignis.

Ignis decided that he would rather keep Legacy as a “pet”, then to use his for some sort of ransom. In front of the other Dragons Ignis treats Legacy badly. Legacy is kept fully naked for a “pet” does not wear clothing. He is not allowed to speak and is kept on a leash and collar is kept by King Ignis’s side at all times. King Ignis is often violent to Legacy, yanking on his collar and hitting him when he is not behaving the way that he is expected to. Behind closed doors Ignis acts very different to the prince. He gives him clothing, takes off his collar and allows him to speak. Ignis explains, as best as he can why he must treat Legacy so badly in front of the others. He tells Legacy of his secret and shows him the underground lair where he has hidden the other Fire Dragons that share his beliefs. Eventually Prince Legacy comes to trust the Fire Dragon King. Ignis Soon after Ignis finds out that Legacy is not just Raylgon’s human lover but the prince of the largest and most powerful human nation. Ignis dares not to let anyone else find out about this because if the other Dragons knew they would use the Prince to get whatever they wanted from the human nation and he would not be able to protect him.

The two eventually become sexual with each other but they never share true romantic feelings. The two share the same feelings for Raylgon. Ignis has still been in love with him since the day the two said goodbye.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Age: 72
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235lbs
Eyes: Golden Yellow (Ice Blue during full moon)
Hair: None
Penis Size: 11"
Sexual Position: Still a virgin but most likely a bottom

Kaildon is the young, bright eyed, energetic and often naive nephew of Raylgon. Kaildon is much like Legacy in that he is young, somewhat sheltered and very curious about the world. He is older in overall years compared to Legacy but in a Dragons life span he would be relativity sixteen years old. Much like Legacy he is very sexually frustrated teenager. He has never experienced anything remotely sexual and often fantasizes about his first sexual encounter.

Kailgon is very small for his age. Even though he would still seem pretty large for human standards he is a runt in comparison to other dragons his own age group. He is still anticipating for a growth spurt to happen any day. Sadly he has been waiting for this to happen for years now. Kailgon may be small but he is very fast. He is known in the kingdom as one of the fastest runners. No other dragons have yet to defeat him in a race.

Kailgon looks up to his uncle and almost idolizes him. He wishes for the day that he can be big, strong, brave and smart just like him. Kaildon is King Raylgon’s favorite nephew and has him in mind to select him to be the next in line for the thrown. Raylgon keeps him close and does his best to teach him the ways of a good king. Kailgon has unfortunately been a slow learner.

Kaildon shares his uncle’s fascination with the human race. When Legacy and his two knights first appear in their kingdom he is immediately intrigued with them. Kaildon is extremely boy crazy and gets a huge crush on all three of the new visitors. When Legacy and Raylgon begin to show affection for each other, he can’t help but get a little jealous. Like most teenagers his crushes don’t last long and he soon finds another boy to get attached to.


Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Golden Yellow (Ice blue during a full moon)

Soultera is very renowned among all of the Earth Dragons. She is a very powerful witch doctor and oracle. Although she cannot actually read the future she is very sensitive on detecting people true emotions and thoughts that will eventually determine their actions on future events. Although her appearance is deceiving she is the oldest living Earth Dragon. Her true age is unknown, but she was alive during the time of the Dark Wizards rule. Soultera was actually one of the Dark Wizard’s pupils. She was taught many of the secrets of harnessing black magic. She had even learned some of the first phases of creating a spell that granted eternal live. It is believed that she learned how to extend her life span and stop her body from physically ageing. She is not immortal and eventually she will die of old age even if her body remains young in appearance.

Soultera was a very powerful wizard herself. She was one of the high ranking pupils under the Dark Wizard. Soultera was never an evil person but rather a very curious and almost obsessive about learning everything about magic including the art of black magic. She had admired the Dark Wizard immensely but when she saw that he had a evil heart and only cared about using his magic for destruction and power she ran off into hiding. The Dark Wizard sent the rest of his pupils to find her and kill her but they we never successful. The Dark Wizard has no idea that she is still alive to this day. She never told him that she was able to successfully cast the spell that grated her an extended life.

When Soultera ran away she vowed never to use magic again. After that she taught herself to use herbs and remedies from the earth to help heal the sick. Now that the Dark Wizard had reappeared Soultera fears she once again call upon her skills in magic.