Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Commissions Now Available!
I have begun to take commissions. Please visit the link on the top right-hand tool bar for more info.
Thanks For The Donations!
Thanks are due for a couple of people that were so kind to make a donation to me. It made me very happy when a week ago I was looking at my paypal account and saw someone made a donation to me. It was made in October but I had no idea until recently that someone donated. I want to give a big thanks to Robert Jackson for being the first person to make a donation! I am sorry I did not give you thanks sooner.
I also want to thank Reinard Krohn of for his kind donation as well. I am very pleased to have you to reading my blog and following my work. As a thanks I did this sketch for you two. Hope you like!

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Baby Got Hurt!

I got my first new car in June or so of this year. This was my first actual new car that I have ever owned. My old car was a 1974 Ford Bronco that was constantly breaking down. My old car had no AC and no working radio system. I always drove around with my ipod earphones in. In the summer when it got around 100 degrees was the worst. I would step out of my car with my back all wet with sweat. (Pretty gross)

My new car is the one of the most adorable cars ever made. It's a 2007 Toyota Yaris! It is great on gas and had a working radio system and a AC!!!! That made this summer so much easier to live through.

Well on the weekend before Halloween I did something stupid. I was driving back home from the club all dressed up in my Halloween costume. As I was pulling into my spot in front of my old Bronco and I guess I pulled in too close and the bumper or my Bronco grabbed the metal by my passenger door and pretty much ripped it. I seriously was about to cry when I saw the damages! The sad thing was that I was not even drunk! Not even a little bit!

The estimate to fix my car was close to $3000! I am lucky that my insurance is paying for most of it. My deductible is sadly $750! I might have to save up for a bit to fix my little baby. If anyone is feeling giving lately....*wink wink* (points to donation button to the top right)