Friday, November 04, 2011

At The End

This was just a small outline of some of the main points and backgrounds of the characters of the overall story. There are more characters but most of them are minor to the storyline. In the future I may flesh out those characters as well. There are some characters that I added into the storyline that I am not sure I am going to keep intact at the moment. All the characters I have shown are defiantly going to be in the storyline even though some details about them may change.

Some of you might notice that there are many holes in the plot. Well of course there are. I do not want to give out everything about the storyline otherwise if this does get written out there will be no surprises. Also there are some aspects of the story I may alter in some way. Overall the story I have plotted out will not change much, just some of smaller details will.

This storyline is the most complex one I have made so far. That’s why it has taken me a while to get through all the characters. These are just the main characters. There are many more that I have not shown but they are not as important to the overall plot.
Renaissance is a gay erotic story but I want it to be more than just that. I want the plot to be more than just about sex and the characters to be more then sexual objects. There is more than sex exchanged between characters. There is love, heartache and friendship. If I was to take all the sexual aspects of this story or to even make all the characters female or even mixed genders, I would hope the plot to still work and be entertaining. No worries that will not happen. The men will all stay men and there will still be sex all throughout it!

Overall I would like the story to not be mainly about sex. My goal is to tell a story that is placed in a fantasy setting that when it comes down to it is a story of a boy who transitions to a man. Who experiences love and heartache and becomes a stronger and more mature person because if it.

Thank you for those you read and enjoyed some of this. I am not much of a writer so putting all my ideas into words was no easy task for me. I am going take a break on this and concentrate more on my art work. Thanks for visiting my blog!

The Dark Wizard

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220lbs

Eyes: Red with yellow rim

Hair: Black

Penis Size: 8.5"

Sexual Possition: Unknown

For most of the storyline, the Dark Wizard is shown as a shadowy figure whose face is concealed under the dark hood of his robe. No one knows of his true form for he has the ability to change it at will. When his face is revealed, in the later part of the storyline, it is of a young man no older than his mid twenties. Because is still living a thousand years after his first rein his exterior does not reflect his true age.

The Wizard’s powers are strong and nothing to scoff at by any means. Even so his powers are only a fraction of what they used to be a thousand years ago during his reign of the land. He is desperate to have Prince Legacy brought to him at any cost, for reasons only know to him. He is driven to have this prince to almost to the point of madness. For some reason his powers seem very limited when it comes to the prince. He cannot find the prince himself, let alone go anywhere near him or into the city walls where the prince’s castle lays. It is unknown to any of the wizard’s followers why this is, and no one would ever question it in fear of the wrath. Because of this the wizard uses his minions to do his bidding. He has requited not only humans but the Fire Dragons and monsters from the ancient world that have been long forgotten.

The minions are very careful when in the presence of the Dark Wizard. They are not only afraid of him only because of his ability to use magic, but also because his personality changes often and no one known for sure how he will react. Sometimes the Dark Wizard can be soft spoken and reserved but he can also become witty and sarcastic. He can change from being very hot headed, aggressive and loud to almost a child like playfulness. It is almost as if he has many people living inside him at any given time. Even so, his demeanor is always sinister and frightening underneath, no matter what personality trait he currently expresses. His smile and laughter can me more bone chilling then any time he is displeased.

Throughout the story, only folklore and rumors about the Dark Wizard are talked about. His past and his true motivations on why he desperately needs Prince Legacy are not reveled till toward the end of the storyline.