Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I was in the mood for some Italian.

Like the title says, I was just in the mood. I have not done a drawing of my sexy Italian stallion Trevor. Yes I know that he is clothed and the best part of him is missing but sometimes its nice to draw some of my male characters and I don't have to hide from everyone. He does like to be naked a lot but he still wears cloths from time to time.
You can make out a bit of his belly but most of it is covered by his arms. Even though he has a belly is he not shy about it at all. :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Male Sailor Moon Concept

I have seen a few concepts for a male version of a sailor senshi floating around DA before. One thing I noticed but what did not make sense to me was some of them just wore regular sailor outfits that they have in the Marines. I mean isn't Sailor Moon a Japanese type super hero? Why would the senshi costume just be regular cloths?
So I thought of what American style male super heroes wore and I adjusted the SM costume to fit that. I took off the bows of course and replaced the skirt with pants to masculine the costume up. I added a belt to round the whole thing off. I made him have a molded chest plate that makes it look like he has pecs. Much like how Roman soldiers have the molded chest plates. So no that is not his real chest. As you can see from his arms he has a average build. I think it came out pretty well. Its a bit flamboyant but not too much more then what Superman wears.

*note* I am very aware sailor senshi can only be female. This is a idea of what Sailor Moon would look like if in a alternate universe all the senshi were male.

Some Zenocide Head Shots

I recently drawn some head shots of some of my characters. Some OC and some fan art. Here is the first ones I colored or my Draenei character Zenocide.

Sage - God of Earth

This is one of my original characters named Sage. I have not drawn him in years and years. In fact I have never drawn out his costume, so this is my first try on his clothing design.

In the story he is kind of controversial because he is the first god that is male that is competing to become the nest god of Earth. All previous ones have been female. This tends to be the bud of many jokes at Sage's expense.