Friday, April 24, 2009

My Interview

My pal Adam G has posted an interview I did for his blog. He also has interviewed other great artists that you might recognize. So go and check out his blog and read up on all the awesomeness.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zenocide - The Hunter

I don't know what took me so long to upload some images of Zenocide. It seems like ages ago I uploaded ones of Sentury. Well He are some of this blue hunk and also a little info on his background.

Zenocide is a well renown hunter among the other Draenei. He come from a long line of highly honored hunters. He has been trained all his life on tracking and taming of beast. He is one of the best cross bow shooters around.
Although he is exceptional on all this he is against violence. He does not take the life of any animal unless it is necessary. He often likes to tame many different animals and keeps them as pets. His main and favorite pet is a brown bear name "Cuddles". He had found Cuddles alone sleeping nest to his dead mother that was slaughtered by member of the Horde. Since that day Cuddles has never been far from Zeno and is always very protective of him from strangers.

Zenocide meets Sentury for the first time when he rescues him from a group of Humans. He takes him to his country home and mends his wounds. Zenocide immediately is drawn to Sentury. He has only met Night Elves and never even seen a Blood Elf. He finds Sentury to be the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
During the time that Zeno is taking care of Sentury's injury's, Sen repeatedly tries to run away. Though because of his injury's he does not get far. Sentury is quite frightened of Zeno at first. He has never seen such a large creature. Sentury has quite a temper and when Zeno tries to stop him from running away he gets physical and calls Zeno harsh words such as "monster". Zeno is quite sensitive and hearing this from Sen crushes him and breaks his heart. Sen eventually warms up to Zeno and realises the bad things he has done to a person who has only shown him kindness. The two end up falling for each other and start their relationship....which eventually leads to a marriage....???

Little thing to know about Sentury is that he is a gentile giant. He is very king and tends to be soft spoken. He is also very calm and very intelligent. While Sentury is a lot more implosive and a bit hot headed.
Zeno also has quite the foot fetish. Oh yes he is extremely attracted to Sentury's feet. This is because Zeno and all Draenei don't have feet...they have hooves. So why wouldn't' he not like feet? LOL

*Dosen't Zeno have such a sexy back? Yummy*

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Introducing - The Fire Dragons

In my Renaissance story line I have had a group of villains thought out but I have not drawn any of them out. This guy above is the first concept of the "High Master" , in other words the king of the race of dragons referred to as the Fire Dragons.
There are three different races of dragons. The main race and the most known to humans in the Earth Dragons. The Earth Dragons are the race that my character the Dragon King is the leader of. The Earth Dragons come in mostly greenish coloring. Sometimes some dragons will have a bit more brown to them.
The other race and one that is not known to human other then old tails are the Sea Dragons. The Sea Dragons live far into the ocean and rarely come to land. That is most likely why humans know very little of them. They have a teal or blueish coloring. Their skin has more of a smooth and translucent look to it. They look quite different from the Earth Dragons.
Last of the three races is the feared Fire Dragons. The Fire Dragon have red skin tones and live in the Volcanic Fields. That would be most likely how they got their name. Fire Dragons and ruthless and very hungry for violence. They are complete carnivores and they have quite a taste for human flesh. They also are known for being cannibals . They will eat a Earth Dragon they can capture and kill but they occasionally eat other Fire Dragons. They are also very sexual and do not have a problem of rapping their victims before they devour them.

I have not plotted out everything, but so far what I have in mind is that the Fire Dragons abduct the prince from the Earth Dragons. The High Master of the Fire Dragons pretty much is the arch rival of the Dragon King. He finds out the prince is his lover and decides not to eat the prince as first planned. Instead he keeps him as a sex slave. The prince is referenced to as the "High Master's pet". He is ket in a leash and is chained to to the High Master at all times. The Prince is always kept compleatly nude. The reason is because the High Master believes that "pets never wear cloths". What happens after all this I am still contimplating. I guess stay tuned. LOL

Saturday, April 04, 2009

More DemonRed?

I did a simple sketch of DemonRed about 4 or 5 months ago to practice inking digitally. He got inked about half way before I got detracted by other projects. When I came back to this image I did not like the way the inking was going and I did not like the drawing that much any more. Don't get me wrong I still think he looks hot in this image. I like to do full body shots cause you can look at every part of his nekkid body all at once. I thought I should post this even though it's not going to be finished. Enjoy! LOL