Thursday, June 30, 2011

Elixir of the Sagaria

Dragons in general are much larger than humans in body size and in penis size. When humans and dragons lived side by side there were many occasions of cross species relationships. The fact that the male Dragons genitals could be too large for intercourse to be comfortable for a human was a common problem. The Dragons had an Elixir that would help with such things.
The Elixir of the Sagaria is made from the nectar from the very rare Sagaria flower. These flowers only grow on the tops of the nearby mountain peaks. Because of the altitude and weather, these flowers only bloom for a few short weeks during the middle of the summer. The only way to access the tops of these mountains is very dangerous and many have lost their lives on the journey.
The Elixir is an oily type liquid that is used as a pain remedy, a very different kind of pain remedy. It does not numb or subdue the pain. What it actually does is that it makes the pain feel “pleasurable”. A broken bone, cut, burn treated with the elixir would actually feel pleasurable rather than painful. This elixir could also be used to help the pain of child birth, or in the case of Dragons, when they laid their eggs. Because of its oily texture it can be used as a lubricant during sex. Just a few drops would be sufficient for a human to feel the utmost pleasure instead of pain when taking such a large penis inside of them.
The elixir can also be a very dangerous. The feeling that the elixir gives when relieving pain, can be very addicting. There are many stories of Dragons that have gotten so addicted to the elixir that they would cause themselves injuries just so they can feel the ecstasy that the elixir gives to them. It’s been known for the most severely addicted dragons to cut themselves, break bones on purpose and in extreme cases cut off fingers, toes, whole arms and legs, their tails and even castration.
Because of its addictive nature it is looked down to ever use it unless absolutely necessary.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Emperor Okeanos

Height: 7"
Weight: 365lbs
Eyes: Aqua Blue (glows when in deeper dark waters)
Hair: None
Penis Size: 14"
Sexual Position: Unknown

Not much is known about Emperor Okeanos or about the Sea Dragons in general. He does not care much for Earth Dragons, despises Fire Dragons and is revolted by humans. He believes that the Sea Dragons are far superior to the other Dragons and the humans and that there is no need for any of them to have interaction with each other. King Raylgon has only had the opportunity to meet a Sea Dragon when he was first crowned king. Even though the two races do not enjoy each others company, it is tradition for any newly crowned leader of either race to get their blessings from each other. This was once done by all three of the Dragon races, but after the Fire Dragons were lost from grace, the tradition was shared only by the Sea and Earth Dragons.

King Raylgon does not care for the Emperor and his peoples view on the Earth Dragons and humans. He finds the Emperor to be quite arrogant and ignorant. He is glad that their interactions with each other were limited.

King Raylgon requests the Emperors presence on the ocean’s edge that lies just past the city. No matter how much the two races do not get along, when they are called upon they must oblige. Prince legacy and his two knights along with many other Earth Dragon officials accompany the king during this meeting. Prince Legacy has heard very little about the Sea Dragons in folk lore and he is exceptionally exited to meet one. When the Sea Dragons first emerge from the waters onto the land, he is shocked to see that with the exception of some jewelry made from sea shells and coral, that all of the Sea Dragons are completely nude. Upon more thought the Prince realizes that it would be pointless to wear cloths underwater. The Sea Dragons turn out to look quite different from the Earth Dragons that the prince had become accustomed to. The Sea Dragons are quite beautiful and are still as large and muscular as the Earth Dragons. The prince is immediately drawn to Emperor Okeanos, who is the most eye catching of them all. He can’t help but think what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with one of them.

When Emperor Okeanos come to greet Raylgon he notices that among the other Earth Dragons that there are a few humans. He is immediately enraged. Legacy notices that the Sea Dragons do not speak using any type of words to communicate but rather noses that sounds much like that of a whale. Both the Sea Dragons and Earth Dragons have translators that recite in their own tongue what is being said. Neither translator has the ability to speak the others language but both can fully understand. Even though Legacy does not understand what the emperor is saying he can tell that he is very infuriated with his presence.

Raylgon tells the emperor of the situation with the Dark Wizard and that the Earth Dragons have joined forces with the humans to fight against the Wizard. He tells him that this is of great importance and that they need for the Sea Dragons to join in the efforts of stopping the Dark Wizard. Emperor Okeanos refuses to ever assist any of the humans and tells Raylgon that he is greatly insulted to ever be called upon for such a matter. He tells Raylgon that the Sea Dragons know of the Dark Wizard’s history and it did not concern them in the past and it does not concern them now. What happened among the inhabitants of the land is their own problem. Emperor Okeanos returns to the sea without saying another word.

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Height: 6'11"
Weight: 349lbs
Eyes: Yellow and Bright Red (completely black during full moon)
Hair: None
Penis Size: 15.5"
Sexual Position: Top

Diabolus is the type of Fire Dragon that one should fear the most. He has no regard for life, lives off of fear and conquest and rebels against authority as much as he can get away with. He will only abide by King Ignis’s command, even though he despises doing so. He is violent, war hungry, hot tempered individual who looks for any accuse to get into a physical altercation. He makes sure that everyone around him knows how dominate he really is. Diabolus takes pride in being the alpha male and likes to control others that he finds weaker then him. He indulges in hunting and killing not only Earth Dragons but also humans. He finds humans most appealing because they are easier to over power. The younger ones are more desirable. He does not just like to kill humans but to keep them as sexual slaves until he eventually becomes bored with them and decides to make them his next meal. Next to the king, Diabolus is the highest ranking Fire Dragons and is the most feared of all, even among his own kind.

Diabolus is the leading general of the Fire Dragon army. His ranking is just below that of King Ignis. Because the king has no offspring or living family, he is next in line to take the thrown. King Ignis main concern is Diabolus. He knows that he represents the exact opposite of what he is trying to accomplish. If Diabolus ever became ruler he knows that there is no hope for the Fire Dragons to ever become anything other than monsters. King Ignis fears Diabolus more than anything but he makes certain that he can never find about his true intentions.

Diabolus has no desire for the responsibilities of being king but his lust for power has kept the idea of being a ruler in the back of his mind. Diabolus has never liked King Ignis and has always been suspicious of him even though he had never witnessed proof of any wrong doing. When King ignis is presented with Legacy he becomes even more suspicious when the king decides to make the boy his pet rather than to use him against King Raylgon.

Diabolus is immediately intrigued by Legacy when first laying eyes on him. He has had many humans but he has never seen one with such a hair color. His uniqueness is not the only reason why Diabolus lusts over the boy but for other reason that he can’t figure out just yet. There is something about the boy’s aura that is different from any other human he has seen and this makes him crave for the boy even more. Whenever that chance arises when Diablous can speak to Legacy with no one over hearing, he tells him all the horrible things he wants to do to him. Legacy is absolutely petrified whenever Diablous is around.

The Dark Wizards Seduction:

The Dark Wizard has lost track of Prince Legacy for a while now, but eventually he comes to learn that he is in possession by the Fire Dragons. The Dark Wizard manipulates Diabolus to do his bidding. He tells him that if he helps bring Legacy to him that he will revive their lands and cities to their former glory. He will also make the Fire Dragons rule over all other dragons and humans and that Diabolus will be the utmost powerful king of them all. He also reveals that Ignis’s new pet is not an ordinary human but the Prince of the greatest nation of the humans and that Ignis is protecting him and is plotting against Diabolus and the other Fire Dragons. Diablous agrees to assist the Dark Wizard, but he plans on having a bit of fun with the Prince before he hands him over.