Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Real Life Bryson

Ok so I know I have been posting a lot of these lately instead of art, but I get really excited when I find someone that looks like one of my characters. I have found a few guys that represent Bryson really well and this is defiantly one of them. Now this was the only pic of this guy I found and from this angle he so looks like Bryson. He is showing off his ass which is Bryson's best assest. (pun intended) He also has the same exact hair style and color. He is muscualr but not super big. I have changed Brysons build over the years and decided on giving him a smaller frame compared to some of my other characters. I can't tell for sure if he is tall or not from the pic but Bryson is not a very tall guy. Other then that I think he is spot on! If any one knows who this guys is or has more pics of him let me know! I would love to see more and compare.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DemonRed9 Look-A-like

It has been a while since my last post and since I have not finished any actual bara artwork I decided to update with another look a like. So this is no better time then to show a look a like for one of my favorite characters DemonRed9. Now I have been quite picky about the person I pick to represent this character and because of that I was not finding many images to my liking. While browsing some blogs I ran across this stud named Aaron Santiago.
There are a few chractristics that DemonRed needed to have. First off he is suppose to be hispanic looking. He is also kind of younger looking. Even though he is about 400 years old his phisical age is some where around 23. Now this model is not buff enough to be DemonRed but he does have a good face for him. I am sure in a couple of years the model will be much beefier. This guy does have the right type of hair and the shape of his eye brows is spot on. So for the most part I think I found a good choice. What do you think??
Oh and excuse the crappy modifications I did to the top image. Changing a persons hair color always come out crappy. I did like how his eyes turned out thought.

Enjoy more sexy images below!!!