Friday, March 28, 2008

Anime Hottie Vol. 1


I remember back in the day I was a proud a Sega Genesis gaming system. At that time was when I was really able to play the classic game Street fighter. Even though at the time I was still pretty young and not honest to myself about my homosexuality, I still could not help but find Ryu quite the sexy man. He had that tall, dark, handsome and mysterious look to him.
Even though he is wearing a standard karate outfit, for some reason his outfit is still pretty revealing. His shirt is sleeveless to show his muscular arms and this top is open pretty wide to show off his hot chest. Okay I think I am getting a little too excited about a character that is not even real. LOL

As the games titles and graphics advanced so
did how hot and sexy Ryu got. He damn sexy in the Street fighter movie! He was given a more "cute and younger" look for the Alpha series but he was still dang hot. Personally I prefer the more mature Ryu but I would never turn away the younger one. Hehehe

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite Street Fighter character is and why. I would be very interested to hear what people have to say.

Here is a video of some of Ryu's greatest animated moments. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I was Robbed!

As some of you might know I currently play Final Fantasy XI online. I have been playing this game off and on for about two years now. In early January I was logging on my account and my passwords did not work. I tried a number of times to log in but still was not successful. I planed on calling customer service but they are not open on weekends. (which is when all this was happening) On that following Monday I called the customer service line. What they told me was a total shock! They told me that my credit card number and password was changes. I of course did not do this my self by any means. I was not expecting for someone to have broken into my account.
After fileing fraud with the company and having to sign and get paper work notarized two months had passed. It was a longer process then I thought it would have been. Well it did not help that the first time I sent the paper work I forgot to put my player ID. So I had to send it again. Hehehe
When I was finally able to log back in I had about half of all my items and all of my money stolen and I was on a different server. I was super upset and very irritated on all the things I had to do just go get every thing back to normal. (it was a long process) After all the time I spent on fixing everything they were only able to give back half of the items that were stolen and non of my money.
If they were not able to retrieve any of my items I was going to give the game up and start playing World Of Warcraft. If any of you play online games like this you know how much time it takes to progress in the game and get items and money. To lose all of that would make the game pointless to pick back up. I did not play for two years to start back at square one.
Well since I was able to get some of my things back, I decided to keep playing the game. I had to post a blog and rant about my problems. I feel much better now. LOL


Mark requested to see the full image of Sentury. So here it is! Enjoy Mark!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Buy this CD!!!!
Janet Jackson has been the second most famous female singer of all time, right behind Madonna of course. Even though she has had many hit albums lately it seems that she is not having much of a impact on the music scene as she used to. Owning all her albums I have no idea why this has happened. I personally think every one of her albums is great. Perhaps it was the whole super bowl "controversy" that turned some people off. I still to this day do not know why it was such a big deal. Accidents happen to all people, even celebrities.
Well all that is besides the point that this CD just rocks! If you are a Janet fan you will defiantly tell there is a very different sounds and feel to this CD. I am guessing that is because she worked with all new people on this album. Even though it is quite different Janet's style still shine through. This CD is very upbeat and danceable, which I love. The ballads are okay but not really as good as her ballads from previous Cd's. Even though you might not own any Janet albums I do recommend this one for any one that likes good pop music. I am sure you will have troubles not wanting to dance while you listen to this CD.
Recommended Tracks:
1. Feedback
2. Luv
3. Rollercoaster
4. Rock With You
5. 2Nite
6. So Much Betta
Here is the the music video for Feedback. It has a slow start but it gets better toward the end. Janet looks so hot in her red outfit!