Monday, January 24, 2011

Prince Legacy

Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Notable Characteristics: Facial Freckles
Penis Size: 7.5
Sexual Position: Bottom

Prince Legacy has lived a quite a lonesome and sheltered life in his short 18 years. With a very distant but yet over protecting father, he has not experienced much of the world outside of his castle walls. His father has never been close to him for as long as he can remember. King Legion often spoils the prince with material things to compensate for his absence in the princes life and often turns a blind eye to any wrong doing the prince might do. Because of this the prince has tendency to act spoiled, arrogant and snobbish. The prince does not have any real friends. The only interactions with people around his age are the children of the castles servants. The servants children keep there distance from the prince because of his less than desirable attitude and because they fear that angering the prince will have precautions against their parents. The prince knows that people are not willing to befriend him and this causes the prince to lash out with his bad behavior. Even though he does not show it he is a very sad and lonely boy.
The only true person that is close to the prince is his guardian Andirs. Andris is a barbarian that has been given the life long task of being the princes guardian. The prince as seen Andirs as his only friend and father figure for a long as he can remember. The prince even refers to Andris as his father time to time, much to Andris's disliking.
Prince Legacy has not only been sheltered from the outside world but also anything concerning sex. Like most young men the prince as learned about his sexuality on his own but has never experienced even a kiss in his 18 years. It is proper for royalty, male or female, to remain a virgin until married. Or so the king has said time and time again. Now that the prince is 18 he will soon need to find a husband. He has known for a while that he is gay, which is completely normal and accepted in his kingdom. His father as set up many meeting with other higher class men, men from wealthy or noble households, from all around his kingdom as possible suitors but the prince has had any remote interest in any of them.
As he grew into an adult he found that his attraction not only physical but emotional has grown for his guardian Andris. So much so that there is no other explanation for this other then that fact that the prince has fallen in love with him. The prince is very conflicted with these strong emotions he feels for Andres. Even though he is not blood related to him, he has regarded him as his own father for so long that he feels that there is something wrong with him and he must suppress and hide his true feelings at all costs. He tries his best to do so in Andres's presence but he spends his nights before sleep fantasizing to himself of the possibility that Andreas will come into his room and confess his love for the prince. He would then demand the prince to take off all his cloths so that he can take the princes virginity. The prince, of course, never hold up a fight. The two would then spend the rest of the night making love until the sun rose. Andres would then take the prince away from the kingdom to see the rest of the world and spend the rest of there lives together. Prince Legacy knows deep down that no matter how much he dreams of such things they will never come into rendition...or will it.

For a while now I have been receiving request to hear more about the streamlines that involve my characters. I never have never really tried to write out my story lines, and for good reason because I am not very good at writing at all. Maybe its one of those things that gets better over time. I would rather draw then write any day so I am not sure how much practice I will be getting.
I am going to give the basics of my story-line's and a bit about each character. It will not be super detailed information but it will give you all a good taste of what kind of ideas I always have swimming around in my head.
I am going to start off with my fantasy storyline Renaissance. Please note that names of characters, places, series and over all plot lines might change over time. I tend to change my mind about thing very often. I hope you all enjoy learning more about the many characters I have created.


For many generations a tale has been told about the long forgotten age of magic. A thousand years ago humans where able to harness the mystical powers of magic. The gift of magic was not capable by all but only by a select handful that were born with such a gift. These people were known as Wizards and they were held in higher regard than even royalty. The most powerful Wizards of all were looked up to the level of gods. Magic was used for many things such as building great city's and monuments to alerting weather so crops would grow in abundance and even to heal the sick and injured. This was knows as the "gift of white magic". Over time some of the wizards became power hungry and yearned to use their powers for more than just to service the needs of the people. A group of wizards branded together to harness there magic in new ways. Over time they were able to created spells of destruction, to manipulate fire and other elements. They learned how to control peoples minds and control them to do there bidding. They learned the ways of transforming their physical appearances to any other person or living thing. They also learned how to create sickness and even spells that will cause death. This new power was known as the "curse of black magic".
A small group of wizards were the only ones to know of the ways of black magic. They made sure to kept their secret amongst each other at all costs. The leader of this secret society of dark magic was known for being the most powerful wizard of all times. Tales tell of this particular wizard that powers were so grand that he himself could raise one from the dead. It was never for certain if this story was true or just rumor. This wizard craved nothing more but to master the art of black magic and the be more powerful then all the rest. This wizard lied to his fellow society members and one by one stole all their magical spells and secrets before he murdered them all. This wizards true name was long forgotten, all he is known as is the "Dark Wizard".
The Dark Wizard soon cast his furry across the land. People and other Wizards were helpless in stopping him from making himself the only ruler. No Wizard was a match against the Dark Wizards power. How could any Wizard face the Dark one when they have no knowledge of how to control or defend ones self against this unknown brand of dark magic.
Many years past under the Dark Wizard's rule. The Dark Wizard had grown old with age. No matter how much power he held he could not control his own mortality. The Dark Wizard grew desperate on finding a way to cheat death but he was to no avail. His enemies knew of the Dark wizards loss of strength due to his withering body. The rebel army raided the Dark Wizards fortress and over powered him and gave him the ultimate punishment of death by decapitating him. When the general of the army overlooked the now diseased wizard and found his hand gripping a piece of paper. On the paper was written the spell of "eternal life". Knowing that the wizard had created such a spell the general could not be certain if the wizard was able to cast the spell before his demise and if so if the spell actually worked. The general looked at the spell and immediately destroyed it. He instructed the wizards body to be burned until not even a bone was left, only ash.
The general informed the royals and head of power of the remaining kingdoms of the secrets of the Dark Wizards final spell. It is has never been known on what was written in the spell but after the royals learned of what the spell was compatible of they placed a rule across the land. From that point on all magic, in any form, was completely outlawed. All current wizards, and those of one day being capable to becoming a wizard, must be registered and whereabouts know by kingdom officials at all times. No person of magical ability's is or will ever be allowed to bare biological children as not to pass any magical ability's to there offspring. Failure to obey any of these new laws will be punished by execution. After the law was passed many wizards either fought the new founded law or went into hiding to never be seen again.
As time past and many wizards were executed and the rest we forced into submission. The ways of magic soon began to fade from people minds and became a tale of fantasy. The age of magic had become no more then a fairy tale in peoples minds and written on the pages of storybooks. All memories of the horrors Dark Wizards reign were forgotten.
A thousands years has passed and the world had changed greatly. Rumors have been whispered around the masses that the Dark Wizard had been reborn and that a new age of magic had begun.

to be continued.....