Monday, November 15, 2010

Commission for Busiris

Yes It took me over a month but I actually did a commission for someone that has been asking for one for quite some time now. Busiris is quite active within the yaoi/bara scene. He does not only have an active Y! gallery account but also a blog that is updated often. I will leave the link and the end of this post for anyone that is interested. I recommend it for anyone that likes to look at good art of a sexy character with green skin. (who wouldn't?)
This is Busiris's original character Bu. I had a fun time drawing him and it came rather easy to me. Usually I redraw the character about two or three times to my liking but this time he came out just he way I wanted him to the first time. What I had to redraw a couple of time was the background. I suck at drawing backgrounds and I always find it difficult. Hopefully this background was not too bad.
The image posted on here is a close up of Bu but if you want to see the full image, visit my Y!gallery page.

Burisis Blog: