Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Demon King - Old And Never Seen

So I was looking through a large binder that has a ton of my old drawings I have kept. I mostly keep all these old drawings for reference and to see how my drawing ability has progressed over the years. Oh and some of these drawings are just horrible to look at.
Actually all of these drawings are hard to look at. I had a problem with making peoples chins too freaking big!!!!
Here is a drawing of the Demon King from my "Age of Revelations" series. This was a concept of his more formal comments. This is probably the most cloths that he ever wears. This drawing is actually one if not the last one I inked by hand. I have got quite used to inking my drawings in Flash. I never did get around to coloring this one. I think his costume is OK but there are some changes I would like to make to it.

So hope the whole five of you that read this blog get some enjoyment from my older work. To be honest its hard for me to post some of these drawings. :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More More More Barbarian Stud!

I every so often go looking through my sketch books to see if there is anything I was drawing that is worth sharing. Since about 75% of my work never gets to completely finished, for one reason or another. Looking around I dug up some more images of my unnamed barbarian. The top image is more recent and boy can you tell the difference in quality from the bottom drawings! ( The naked one of him is kind of....blah)

The top drawing is a concept of him in his battle cloths. complete with war face paint. I kind of like the over all design. perhaps someday I will do a full colored image of this guy. He is kind of one of my favorites.

Old image here. This was done before I decided to draw him with some facial hair. Not a good image but at least you get a nice shot of his dick. *wink wink*