Monday, March 28, 2011

The Royal Knights (in training)


Age: 27
Height: 6'4"
: 190lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Penis Size: 9"
Sexual Position: Versatile

Donovan is to youngest child of a family that has had a long history of being apart of the kingdom's military. His father and three older brothers have all been knighted by the king for their great service for the kigdom. His family is well known and held in hi
gh regard all around the kingdom. His father and three older brothers are all quite large, strong and strapping men. Donovan himself has always been the runt of the family. Even though he is as tall as his siblings he has been much thinner and smaller in build in comparison. He has always tried his best to compete with his siblings but has always had a hard time just keeping up. Donovan joined the military the moment that he was old enough to be recruited. . His dream was to be knighted the same as his father and brothers and to continue to carry his family's legacy.
Donovan is a very stubborn and determined man. He never says no to any challenge. He takes everything in life very seriously. There is no time for play and jokes when there is a goal to be achieved. Donovan has a bit of a temper and can get frustrated very easily when things are not going as he planed. He thinks that his ideas and thoughts are always the correct one and never admits he is wrong. Even though it turns out he is often on in the wrong. He does not like to apologize or admit to his mistakes. He will of
ten find any excuse to make any mistake someone else fault and not his own.
On the exterior he shows a very determined, strong, independent, confident person. On the inside he is a self-conscious, lonely person that is scared that he will never be good enough to become a Knight and be a failure on living up to his family's legacy.


Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Penis Size: 7.5"
Sexual Position: Versatile/Bottom

Grayson joined the military for one reason and one reason only, and that is because military pays it's soldiers pretty well. Grayson Was the eldest child of four. He is the only boy of the family as well. His father left his mom when he was twelve years old for another woman. From that day on Grayson had to step in and take over the role of his father and provide for his family. He worked many odd jobs but the he could never make enough money to support his family as well as he wanted to. When he turned 16, he joined the kingdoms military. The money he was paid was three times more then he had ever made before. Grayson turned out to be quite a good soldier even though he never took the position all that serious.
Even though Grayson has had a lot of hardships in his life he always keep a upbeat and cheerful disposition. He always has a smile on his face even when times gets rough. He loves to joke and make people and himself laugh. He is a hard worker and is very determined to become an official Knight. He knows that if he is Knighted he will never have to worry about not being able to support his family ever again.

Grayson & Donovan's Relationship:

Grayson and Donovan both enrolled into the military at the same time. The two started off being the the lowest ranking of their class. The two became very good friends over the years and with each others support they both excelled to the very top of their class. The two seemed to be destined to become great knights.
The two have very opposite personality's and often get into many arguments. There are many times where the two will be so angry that they will not even speak to each other for months. Like most best friends their negative emotions toward each other soon pass and they are back to being as close as they have ever been.
Grayson and Donovan both hide the fact that they have more romantic feelings for each other. The two never let their true feelings slip out in fear that the other one does not share the same emotions and they both fear the truth will sabotage their friendship.

The Mission

One day the two knights in training are suddenly requested to be seen by the king and his council. When the two meet the king they are surprised to find out that they were both selected to help on a very important and very secret mission. The two must accompany the prince and his barbarian guardian to travel to the surrounding kingdoms so that Prince Legacy can request their involvement on crating an army that will fight again the Dark Wizard and his minions. The two are told to guard the prince at all costs for the Dark Wizard has his minions looking to abduct the prince. He gives direct instructions that the prince or his barbarian guardian must know what the Dark Wizard's true intentions.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Queen Cyrene

Age: 21 (diseased)
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Notable Characteristics: Light freckles

Cyrene was the eldest daughter out of six other siblings. She lived in a relatively unknown farming village on the very edge of the kingdoms borders. Cyrene was a very unusual girl in many aspects. Unlike the other girls in the village she was very bold, opinionated and independent. Even so she was still quite beautiful. The other boys in the village would still try to court her regardless of her less then ideal disposition.
People in the village knew that Cryene has show signs of being able to use the long forgotten art of magic wielding. She only showed these ability's when here emotions ran high. Now that she was a teenager her magical outbursts seemed to happen more often. The villagers praised the notion that one of their own was able to use magic but they made sure not to talk about it in the open and defiantly never speak to anyone else outside the village about it. Even though the village sometimes seemed like it was it was on its own, it was still under the kingdoms rule. Magic has, since any one could remember, strictly outlawed.
When the kingdoms guards came to the village looking for the girl with the red hair, they all feared that somehow the royal court had learned of her magical ability's. The guards turned out to have no knowledge of such things. They were there to tell the girl that she has been requested by the king himself to become his new bride. Cyrene and her family knew that tradition was for the members of the royal family to have the same red hair that Cyrene had. Regardless of tradition, Cryene still refused to be taken away for a scum of a man that would send guards to kidnap young girls for brides, even if he was the king. The guards had no choice but to threaten the girls family and village for her cooperation. Cyrene reluctantly surrendered herself to the guards.
Cryene had never been too far away from her village before. She was over whelmed by how large the city and castle were. She had never seen so many people grouped into one place before. when she was presented to the king she saw that his hair was the same color as her own hair. He was dressed in the finest cloths she had ever seen. He was extremely handsome and quite dashing in his own way. Although handsome as he was he was very arrogant, selfish and entitled. Cyrene had nothing but feelings of disgust toward the king.
After the two were married Cyrene did tried her best to avoid her new husband. She would hide away in her own room and only meet and talk with the king when absolutely necessary. she knew it was only a matter of time before her husband came to her and demanded she bare him a child.
Around a year had passed and the two began to interact with each other more often. The king began to show a different side then Cyrnen had shown in the past. She saw that deep down her husband was a good man and that his arrogance was something that began to pass as he grew older. The two eventually started to fall in love with each other. After a couple of years of being married Cryene was pregnant with their first and only child.

King Legion

Age: 44
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Notable Characteristics: Streak of white hair on temples
Penis size: 8.0"
Sexual Position: Heterosexual

King Legion is a proud and stubborn man. He is the type of man that never likes to show any of his true emotions. That is a trait that he learned form his won father. He is a strong and smart leader and one of the best kings that has ever been ruler. But he was not always this way.
Legion became king at the age of sixteen when his father passed away. He was the only child of five that was still alive. Because of his age Legion was a very immature and selfish ruler. He would use his power and money to get whatever he desired, use any one the way he wish to and to take male female lovers. After many years of his reckless behavior the citizens began to revolt against his ruler-ship. In fear of being over thrown and for his life the king took the advice of his council and took a wife. In royal tradition only a person with red colored hair could become a spouse and only the children born with that same hair color could ever be considered an heir to the thrown. With such a limited time the only woman they could find baring the same hair color was a wild and difficult girl from a far village at the end of the kingdoms borders. She, at first refused to marry the king but after threats were made against her family and village she reluctantly agreed to the proposal.
When the two wed the king was twenty-five years of age and the new queen was only the young age of sixteen. The two despised each other even though they were newlyweds. At the beginning the two barely talked or even saw each other. After time had past and the two began to open up to each other their feeling began to change. The two eventually fell in love and after two years of being married the couple had their first and only child, Prince Legacy.