Monday, June 22, 2009

Darnell - Look-A-Like

So i came across this hot chocolate stud and thought,,,,hey he kind of looks like Darnell. He very much has his build. Very big beefy and muscular. Although Darnell is a bit thicker in the waste region and does not have such chiseled abs. He also looks like he is a bit older then Darnell is but his over all look is very close. You have to imagine him with his hat or bandanna covering his eye brows and I think it would be pretty much a perfect match. What do you all think? Oh and by the way this studs name is Victor Martinez.

Male Boding

Just chilling with this shirt off

Show off them huge guns!


Michael Linn said...'ll have to do that naked image before we can really judge the abs :p

But yes, i can see a resemblence there.

JC said...

that's a lotta... beef on that one. Darnell is waaay hotter. This Victor dude looks like Vin Diesel. I wanna see someone browner...

Or maybe Im responding to the fact that he doesnt have a cap on... I might be better able to visualize with the cap...